1. Thomason and Noel came in at 6:39

  2. Sixers Face Towering Dilemma

  3. Video: Nerlens Goes Behind-the-Back, Slams It Home

  4. Watch: Whiteside's Huge Block on Noel Dunk Attempt

  5. 76ers Considering Positions Swap for Noel, Okafor

  6. I said it before and I'll say it again - forget Noel trying to shoot 15-18 footers.

  7. You can still see that knee and wrist are bothering Noel. He's not as active as he normally is.

  8. It appears that Noel is not getting his normal lift on defense. Jefferson just shot the ball over him with ease.

  9. Are Those the 76ers or the Globetrotters?

  10. Are ThOse the 76ers or the Globetrotters?

  11. Ranking NBA's Most Dangerous 1-2 Punches Under 25

  12. Okafor coming in now. Noel will be on Kaminsky, probably

  13. Great lob there by Pressey to Noel

  14. Noel with the alley-oop #Sixers down 21-11

  15. Sixers Insiders: Tank, Year 3

  16. Noel Sitting Due to Sore Wrist

  17. 76ers Convert Steal and Alley-Oop Late in 1st Quarter

  18. Spencer Hawes comes in and gets stripped. It leads to Noel's second dunk

  19. Noel is shooting 3-for-4 and leads the Sixers with 6 points to go with 2 rebounds. #Hornets lead 30-19 after 1 quarter

  20. Noel with another dunk. Forget about what I said about the PF looking injured. He has 8 points

  21. McConnell, Noel Forming 'Special Connection'

  22. Nerlens No-WELP: 76ers Fast Break Goes Awry

  23. Noel Beats Love Backdoor for 2-Handed Jam

  24. Noel with 8 points and 5 boards in 11 minutes so far. Canaan FTs make it 38-28 Hornets.

  25. Noel leads #Sixers with 8 points, Okafor has 7 and Canaan has 6

  26. Bad news is Sixers gave up 62 points on 54 percent shooting. Good news? They only have 8 turnovers. Okafor with 9, Noel with 8 and 6 boards

  27. Report: 76ers Pick Up Embiid, Noel Options

  28. Noel Rocks Backboard with Huge Putback Dunk

  29. Noel 'Feeling Good' About Jumpshot

  30. Brett Brown says the decision to bring Noel off the bench was due to matchups. Then again, it's the 2nd game in a row he's cited that.

  31. Stauskas hits a 3. He has 5 points. #Sixers trail 69-46 after Noel basket,

  32. Noel and the 76ers Identity Crises

  33. Watch: Okafor Throws a Perfect Lob to Noel

  34. Great feed from McConnell to Noel for dunk. Noel did bobble the throw but didn't hurt him.

  35. Noel with 14 points on 7-for-9 shooting to go with 7 rebounds. #Hornets lead 78-63 with 3:46 left in third.

  36. Noel Developing Mid-Range Game Within Flow of Offense

  37. Brett Brown: Nerlens Desperately Wants to Be Like KG

  38. Sixers win that quarter by 29-23. They hit 5-of-11 from three. Noel with 14 and Stauskas 11. 85-70

  39. Noel up to 15 points and eight rebounds. #Sixers are down 92-76 with 8:01 left

  40. Listen: Okafor, 'Trusting the Process' & Dating the 76ers

  41. Noel Proving He's Worth Keeping on a Team That Gives Everyone Away

  42. Noel one rebound shy of a double-double. He has 16 points and nine rebounds. #Hornets up 98-83 w/ 5:50 left

  43. I wonder if Noel comes back in for a chance to get the double-double. There's 4 minutes left

  44. Nerlens Noel Rebuilding His Jump Shot in Rhode Island

  45. Players Who Will Impact 76ers Wins Next Year

  46. #Sixers coach Brett Brown considers having @NerlensNoel3 and @JahlilOkafor switch positions. https://t.co/JnfWvEAxVm

  47. Brett Brown brings Nerlens Noel off the bench, but #sixers fall to 0-13. Thoughts from last night's game: https://t.co/HsOBOnC0kK

  48. ICYMI:#Sixers coach Brett Brown considering having @NerlensNoel3 and @JahlilOkafor swap positions. https://t.co/JnfWvEAxVm

  49. Really tough matchup for Okafor to score against. Really tough matchup for Noel defensively. Really tough matchup for all #sixers guards.


  51. Wow! Nerlens with a steal and around-the-back drive and dunk.

  52. I still don't understand Grant in a line up with Noel-Okafor.

  53. OUCH! Whiteside blocks Noel's dunk attempt ... But Stauskas hits a three

  54. Point Nerlens https://t.co/JoBzBKIxp2

  55. Going into tonight, #Sixers Noel was shooting 23.6 percent (17-for-72) this season from 3 feet and beyond. #NBA

  56. Canaan shoos off Noel and promptly turns over the ball. #Sixers

  57. Legitimate gripe: If starting line up struggles so mightily, WHY ON EARTH IS JERAMI GRANT PLAYING 3 WITH OKAFOR-NOEL?

  58. I want to believe that it's Covington's health that's keeping him from the starting lineup at the moment. Grant-Noel-Okafor won't work.

  59. Noel just made a long jumper. WOW.

  60. #Sixers up 11 after Noel dunk

  61. #Sixers miss their final 11 shots after @NerlensNoel3 gave them a 87-76 lead with 7:16 left

  62. CORRECTION; #Sixers missed their next 11 shots after Noel gave them a 11-point cushion. Covington scored a layup with 3.1 seconds left

  63. When Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel are on the court together, the Sixers have an offensive rating of just 80.7 points per 100 possessions,