1. Heisman Candidate Ameer Abdullah Makes Nebraska a Potential Playoff Crasher

    Think Nebraska doesn't have a shot at the playoffs? As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast, my friend." With Heisman candidate Ameer Abdullah leading the way, the Huskers can't be counted out just yet...

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  2. Ameer Abdullah vs. Rutgers: Stat Line, Heisman Impact and Reaction

    Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah put on a record-setting, all-purpose show in the Cornhuskers' 42-24 win over Rutgers on Saturday. His dominant display will almost surely put his name back in contention for the Heisman Trophy...

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  3. Rutgers vs. Nebraska: Game Grades, Analysis for the Cornhuskers

    After nearly a month away from home, Bo Pelini and No. 16 University of Nebraska (7-1) returned to Memorial Stadium and treated their fans to a 42-24 demolition of Rutgers University (5-3) Saturday afternoon...

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  4. Watch: Bell Becomes Huskers' All-Time Rec Leader

    Congrats to Kenny Bell on becoming the @Huskers all-time leader in receptions. Brought to you by @Buick. .....

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  5. Nebraska Football: Huskers Are Back in Black, but Plenty of Work Left to Do

    The Blackshirts are back at Nebraska. After a dominant performance against Northwestern, the Huskers coaching staff decided it was time to put members of the defense in the coveted black jerseys...

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  6. Pelini Says There's No Perfect Time to Give out Blackshirts

    Two days after 16 Huskers received Blackshirts, Bo Pelini said he "felt it was the right time," but also noted the decision wasn't solely based off an impressive second-half showing against Northwestern...

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  7. Determined Backups Aim to Show D-Line Depth Better Than Thought

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  8. McKewon: Huskers Revved Up, Ready for 2016 Recruiting Class

    LINCOLN — If Nebraska football recruiting were a race car, it rubbed the wall a few times in the early days of the Bo Pelini era and faced a tight turn in 2011, when the Huskers entered the Big Ten...

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  9. Bell's Comments About Armstrong Are Telling

    We learned a bit more this week about Nebraska's overall leadership dynamic, particularly as it applies to Husker sophomore quarterback Tommy Armstrong......

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  10. On Verge of History, Osborne Wears out Remote Control

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  11. Nebraska Football: Huskers Must Continue Reshuffling Offensive Line

    It seems a little wrong to call them backups now. After a strong showing against Northwestern, right tackle Givens Price, right guard Chongo Kondolo and center ...

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  12. Bo Pelini Is Wrong in Questioning ESPN's Relationship with the SEC

    It's a good time to be an SEC team. Then again, it was a good time to be in the SEC last year, and the year before that and the year before that, and so on...

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  13. Backups Emerge on Nebraska O-Line

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  14. Bell Finds QB's Approach Refreshing

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  15. Blackshirts Are out in Lincoln

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  16. Indian Center Makes Alcohol Ban Permanent

    The Indian Center's board of directors voted 4-3 Monday night to permanently ban alcohol on its grounds football tailgates...

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  17. Nebraska Football: Will the Cornhuskers Suffer an Upset Before Wisconsin?

    Nebraska football fans were relieved to leave Evanston, Illinois, on Saturday with a 38-17 win over Northwestern and could be forgiven for sneaking a peek at Wisconsin...

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  18. Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Rutgers Scarlet Knights Complete Game Preview

    It's been a month since the Nebraska Cornhuskers' last home game. Back home, the Huskers face Big Ten newcomer Rutgers. 1920 was the last time the two saw each other, and Nebraska won 28-0...

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  19. Nebraska Football: Why Cornhusker Fans Should Be Excited

    The Nebraska Cornhuskers are 6-1 and riding a bit of momentum heading into a cross-divisional showdown with Rutgers in Lincoln on Saturday morning...

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  20. Pelini Happy to See Day Game

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  21. Abdullah Keeps the Focus on Wins, Not Personal Milestones

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  22. McKewon: Second-Half Dominance Gives Huskers Momentum

    SITTING AT THE GATE (AGAIN) AT O'HARE AIRPORT — You really haven't lived until you've put in a token 15 minutes of waiting in a small, packed plane at a giant domestic airport...

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  23. Husker Defense Finds Another Building Block from Second-Half Performance

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  24. Top 10 Plays of CFB Season's First Half

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  25. No Joke: Pierson-El Continues to Make Mark

    EVANSTON, Ill. — Red-clad fans crowded around the Ryan Field exit to the Nebraska football team's locker room, prepared to let loose with their “FEAR AM-EER” chant...

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