1. #Repost @therock #ThePeoplesChamp We appreciate having this man on our #BALLERS set today. A friend, a business man and the NFL's most fearsome and nasty teddy bear @ndamukong_suh. Very cool for my character to be a financial advisor and mentor to my clients who are some of the most talented and ambitious athletes on the planet. #LifeImitatesArt #OnSet #BALLERS #Season2 #Miami #BrotherSuhIsOneBigBoy 

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  5. Suh to Bring NikeTown to Lincoln

  6. Campbell on Romo's return: We need to find a way to build momentum early. He needs to feel Suh in his face early in the game #Dolphins

  7. Campbell on the Suh vs marting matchup: "I'll put my money on Suh every day."

  8. Campbell on Suh vs Martin: I'll put my money on Suh any day. Lot of respect for Martin but my money's on Suh any day, anytime #Dolphins

  9. Report: Suh 'Freelanced' at Times, Confused D

  10. NFL: Suh Didn't Kick Morris

  11. #Dolphins' Campbell on Suh-Martin matchup: 'I'll put my money on Suh' https://t.co/mVyJUfI6fP

  12. Dolphins' Dan Campbell on Ndamukong Suh-Zack Martin matchup: 'I'll put my money on Suh' https://t.co/CC3EZP55oU

  13. Interesting explanation to @LRiddickESPN observation on Suh success https://t.co/02RcrcyVMs

  14. Welcome home, @NdamukongSuh. #StrongerTogether https://t.co/sijihBy7sx

  15. #Dolphins' coach Dan Campbell on Suh-Martin matchup: 'I'll put my money on Suh' https://t.co/frJjVGUBE0

  16. He's not wrong because of how much power Suh plays with but they are a light group - it's the scheme. https://t.co/yM3Z44BdYP

  17. Suh greets some familiar faces before heading into lockerroom https://t.co/m4B4vnWsTL

  18. Bob Sturm's Dolphins scouting report: Here are three impact players not named Suh https://t.co/bxtxYbzcN7 https://t.co/RHAKs6NH0G

  19. #FishTips 7) Will #Dolphins vove Suh around? Move him from #Cowboys Martin to rookie La'el Collins? @1053thefan

  20. Wow. Appeared Suh tossed Martin aside on that one. Nice job.

  21. Suh v. Zack Martin...Suh gets bit of dub-team, but then it's him vs. Martin. A standoff

  22. Of course the 2-yard gain went thru Suh's hole, I think

  23. Interesting move. Suh goes to Wake's old spot, Shelby plays inside at Suh's spot

  24. Suh at LDE, away from Martin

  25. Nice move to put Suh at LDE. Gets him away from Zack Martin

  26. Appears Grimes shadowing Dez Bryant. Will check more closely. Obsessed with Suh

  27. Gerald McCoy just slipped by Matt Tobin on that 3rd-down sack. 2010 NFL draft: 1) Bradford; 2) Suh; 3) McCoy. All 3 on this field in 2 wks

  28. 3 matchups I'll watch today: Suh v. Martin, Grimes v. Dez, Albert v. Hardy

  29. Not sure Martin has blocked Suh effectively so far

  30. Suh nice job on that play

  31. Five DL on field for Fins--Shelby, Suh, Mitchell, Phillips, OV

  32. thought suh was held...oh, well...

  33. Be interesting to see how much Suh and Hardy influence this game. They might be the biggest factors so far.

  34. Dolphins moving Suh away from Martin, Cowboys moving Hardy away from Albert

  35. Suh time? Turn it on big man!

  36. Nice play by Suh...4-yard loss. Been saying that a lot in past month or so.

  37. Appeared Suh had Martin by throat on that play. Great matchup to watch!!

  38. Appeared Suh ran right past that play

  39. Suh throws Martin around a bit, then blasts Tony Romo!!

  40. Suh with big hit on Romo's formerly broken collarbone

  41. Zack Martin holding...likely vs. Suh.

  42. That Suh hit on Romo -- expecting it to sting for Romo tomorrow

  43. Campbell has 'take ownership' session with players and, reportedly, so does Suh #Dolphins https://t.co/EB9A1IZU1b

  44. He drew Suh majority of game 1on1. Couldn't asked for a better game. Physical thou out. https://t.co/Os1cocKnZ5

  45. Say what u want about whether Suh is worth $114 million...he's the best player on the field today.