1. Julius Randle Is Dreaming Big About the Lakers and Their Young Talent

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  2. Byron Scott Says Kobe Bryant Could Play Power Forward in 2015-16 Season

    Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has been the NBA 's pre-eminent shooting guard for much of his career, but a change could be in store for the future Hall of Famer in 2015-16...

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  3. Report: Budenholzer Enters Not Guilty Plea for 2013 DUI

    Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer has entered a plea of not guilty in his driving under the influence case, according to his attorney...

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  4. Rosenthal: Phil Jackson's Transparency Is Mixed Blessing

    Phil Jackson does not care. He'll say whatever. It's fun, and kinda fascinating. Jackson's inscrutable comments and his office's bizarre leaks totally baffled reporters (and us!) during the draft and free agency...

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  5. Lowe: The Hornets and Sliding Scale of NBA Mediocrity

    No team knows how hard it is to draft a star with the ninth pick better than the Charlotte Hornets. That's why the draft slot that produced D.J...

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  6. Could Batum Be Interested in Playing for Raptors?

    Nicolas Batum has interest in playing for the Toronto Raptors when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2016...

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  7. Kobe Calls Out Twitter Users for Trying to Troll Soccer Star

    Kobe Bryant is a BIG fan of the U.S. Women's National Team. He was very vocal about it during the 2015 World Cup and, as you can see in the photo above, he got his entire family involved, too...

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  8. Byron Scott Says Kobe Could Play Power Forward

    With an infusion of mostly young talent like No. 2 overall pick D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson and the addition of Lou Williams, the Lakers used their summer league pairings to start experimenting with their lineup...

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  9. Dragic Not Expected to Play for Slovenia at EuroBasket

    MIAMI -- Goran Dragic of the Miami Heat is not expected to play for Slovenia in the EuroBasket tournament in September...

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  10. Who Says No in a Kevin Love-for-Carmelo Anthony Trade?

    The NBA has transformed the combo forward position. These hybrid players, more commonly known as stretch 4s, possess a unique skill set that makes them a nightmare to defend...

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  11. NBA Rumors: Examining Speculation on Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant and More

    After working overtime earlier in the summer, the NBA rumor mill has slowed down a bit. Most teams have completed whatever deals they had on the table and are shifting their focus toward the preseason...

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  12. Bulpett: Dave Cowens a Big Fan of New Celtic Amir Johnson

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  13. Patient Boston Celtics Hoping They're Another Step Closer

    When the Boston Celtics acquired Jae Crowder in December in a swap that delivered Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks , many believed Boston was cleaning house and accepting a fate of rebuilding through the draft...

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  14. Boston Celtics Finalize Five Moves; Have 17 Guaranteed Deals

    The Boston Celtics finalized five transactions on Monday, completing two trades, signing two rookies and inking the team's largest signing of the summer...

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  15. Larry Brown Says Gregg Popovich Nearly Retired After November Heart Surgery

    San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has indicated that his career is far from over, but health issues may have given the five-time NBA champion some pause last season...

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  16. Popovich Missed Games Last Nov. Due to Heart Procedure

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  17. Kevin Durant's Return Is Just What the NBA Needs in 2015-16

    After displaying the depth of its young talent last season, the NBA will get a boost from the return of the sport's second-best player, Kevin Durant ...

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  18. Jeremy Lamb Must Win Defined Role on Charlotte Hornets Next Season

    When the worst-shooting team in the NBA acquires a potentially impactful marksman with high upside for cents on the dollar, fans cannot be anything but pleased...

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  19. Why It Makes Sense for Brooklyn Nets to Retain Joe Johnson Now

    The infamous Joe Johnson contract is almost over, and it appears it will end with the Brooklyn Nets . The Brooklyn wing has been the subject of trade rumors for much of this ...

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  20. San Antonio Spurs' Latest Long-Term Project Could Really Pay Off

    The San Antonio Spurs are no strangers to long-term projects, and 2015 second-round pick Cady Lalanne could become the franchise's next success story...

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  21. Photo: Winslow and Famous Jameis Are Hanging

    Justise Winslow and Jameis Winston are both very talented at their respective sports. They were also both drafted by professional franchises in Florida...

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  22. Which Fallen NBA Point Guard Has Best Shot at Redemption in 2015-16?

    Stardom is a fluid concept in the NBA . It is seldom forever. Retaining the label becomes harder, for most, with age. When it's lost, it's difficult to regain...

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  23. Los Angeles Lakers Have Pieces in Place to Secure Their Next Superstar

    As the late, great Aaliyah once sang, "If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again." The Los Angeles Lakers appear to have taken that repurposed adage to heart...

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  24. Dallas Mavericks Need a Fully Invested Deron Williams Most of All

    After striking out on DeAndre Jordan, the Dallas Mavericks slightly salvaged their offseason by picking up Deron Williams . The Mavs' new starting point guard might be past his prime, but the team's success will still partially ride on his shoulders.

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  25. Don't Expect Valanciunas to Get 4th Qtr Minutes

    Jonas Valanciunas and his inability to garner consistent fourth-quarter minutes has been an ongoing debate throughout his entire career in Toronto ...

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