1. Wes Matthews Can't Be All There Is to Dallas Mavericks' 2015 NBA Free-Agency Run

    Wesley Matthews needs to be the beginning of something for the Dallas Mavericks . Not one hour into Day 3 of the NBA 's free-agency frenzy, the 28-year-old shooting guard reached ...

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  2. NBA Trade Rumors: Latest Rumblings Surrounding Monta Ellis, Roy Hibbert and More

    With the draft recently completed and free agency just getting underway, the NBA is in the midst of a very busy time of year. Actually, that's a bit of an understatement—things are crazy right now...

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  3. Silence Tells Us Plenty About Kanter Free Agency Situation

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  4. Shumpert Switches Up Hairdo for the Summer

    Shumpert is/was a free agent this summer, but reportedly reached a deal with the Cavs to the tune of four years and $40 million. So, it is understandable he's living it up a little bit this summer and decided why not change the hairdo, too...

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  5. Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on LaMarcus Aldridge, Amar'e Stoudemire and More

    Following yet another disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the offseason looking to right the ship. Things began well, as the team was awarded the second pick in the 2015 NBA draft and came away with promising guard D'Angelo Russell.

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  6. NBA Free Agents 2015: Rumors and Predictions for Top Players on the Move

    NBA free agency is in full swing as rumors are flying around some of the game's biggest players. Plenty of pros have had contracts settled on Thursday, including Dwyane Wade staying in Miami, per ESPN...

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  7. NBA Rumors: Latest on Potential Roy Hibbert Trade and Other Free-Agent Rumblings

    What would NBA free agency be without a little trade-induced fun? As the summer signing period rolls on, teams are looking for creative ways to clear cap space and making instant-impact ...

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  8. The NBA Players Who Most Deserve Signature Shoes

    Over the past year, we've seen new sneaker collaborations from players such as Stephen Curry , Damian Lillard and John Wall ...

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  9. Okafor: 'I'm Just Going to Try to Dominate'

    Jahlil Okafor was the center of attention Thursday, which is nothing new for the former Duke star. But this marked his first day of mincamp with the 76ers , who made Okafor the No...

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  10. NBA Free Agency 2015: Rounding Up Latest Signings and Hottest Rumors

    We're only entering Day 3 of the 2015 NBA free-agency period, and there's been no shortage of early activity...

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  11. Enes Kanter Not Worth Reported Asking Price For Oklahoma City Thunder

    The Oklahoma City Thunder would be making a costly mistake if they give in to the reported contract demands of restricted free agent Enes Kanter ...

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  12. Wesley Matthews to Mavericks: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction

    The Dallas Mavericks took one of the bigger gambles this free-agency season, reaching a deal with Wesley Matthews. NBA.com's David Aldridge reported Friday the two parties agreed to a four-year contract...

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  13. Everything You Need to Know from Day 2 of 2015 NBA Free Agency

    Day 1 of the NBA 's free-agency period was utter chaos, with deals flying left and right. Trades were made, billions of dollars were spent and the basketball world struggled to keep up with the breakneck pace...

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  14. Realistic Expectations for Trey Lyles' Rookie Season with Utah Jazz

    The Utah Jazz jumped on Kentucky's one-and-done bandwagon, selecting Wildcat freshman forward Trey Lyles with the No. 12 pick in the 2015 NBA draft...

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  15. While Spurs Sit and Wait for LaMarcus Aldridge, Plan B Is Becoming Less Clear

    LaMarcus Aldridge is Plan A for the San Antonio Spurs , and following a pair of eye-opening moves, he's officially a realistic target. But the franchise is running out of options for Plan B...

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  16. Jeanie Buss Comments on Brother Jim's Role in Lakers' Rebuilding Effort

    If the Los Angeles Lakers don't turn their fortunes around inside three years, then heads will roll in the front office. More specifically, Jim Buss, part-owner and president of basketball operations, may be out of a job...

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  17. Imagining LaMarcus Aldridge's Yelp Review After Dinner with the Miami Heat

    LaMarcus Aldridge has been getting a lot of free dinners since July 1, the start of free agency, as he's one of the most coveted players in this year's class...

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  18. Jeanie Buss: Brother Will Resign If Rebuilding Deadline Not Met

    Los Angeles Lakers team president Jeanie Buss has said before that the team is rebuilding under a deadline...

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  19. Report: West Expected to Sign with Spurs or Wizards

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  20. Warriors Announce Changes Within Operations Staff

    The Golden State Warriors announced today changes within the team's basketball operations staff, including the promotion of Larry Harris to director of player personnel, and the hiring ...

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  21. Report: Kings Offer Matthews Deal Close to $45M

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  22. Dwyane Wade's New Contract Is Perfect Scenario for Both Star SG and Miami Heat

    Sometimes, compromise is better than consensus. The former requires more fuss and more muss, but seemingly ugly processes can (and often do) reveal a lot about both parties while yielding better business...

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  23. Dwyane Wade Got His $20 Million Deal, Painted His Toe Nails, and Sipped His Tea

    Heading into the offseason, uncertainty loomed large over Dwyane Wade 's head. He was aging, his contract had ran out, and no one was quite sure where he'd land. He said that he'd really like to see $20 million in the coming year and oh, how we laughed..

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  24. Why Anthony Brown Can Help Fill Los Angeles Lakers Glaring Need at Small Forward

    As the Los Angeles Lakers continue their so-far fruitless free-agent quest, they may already have an answer at the small forward position—Anthony Brown. The Stanford graduate was selected by L...

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  25. Report: Pacers to Re-Sign Lavoy Allen

    The Pacers and free agent Lavoy Allen have reached an agreement on a multiyear deal, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports (Twitter link)...

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