1. Report: Barnes, Draymond Added to Select Team

    Does Harrison Barnes or Draymond Green hold more trade value? Barnes, a hyped recruit who left North Carolina after two seasons, was the No. 7 pick in the 2012 NBA draft...

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  2. Ray McCallum Wins Las Vegas NBA Summer League 2014 Championship MVP Award

    Unlike so many others, Ray McCallum is departing from Las Vegas as a winner. The Sacramento Kings topped the Houston Rockets, 77-68, in Monday night's Las Vegas Summer ...

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  3. NBA Summer League 2014: Championship Day Results, Scores, Highlights and Stats

    At the beginning of tournament play, it didn't seem likely for the No. 8 Sacramento Kings to face the No. 14 Houston Rockets in the 2014 NBA Summer League championship, but that's exactly how it played out...

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  4. NBA Summer League 2014 Championship: Rockets vs Kings Score and Twitter Reaction

    The 2014 NBA Summer League title game on Monday saw the Sacramento Kings defeat the Houston Rockets, 77-68, at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada...

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  5. Why Minnesota Timberwolves' Zach LaVine Will Be a Stud

    In the 2014 NBA draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves took Zach LaVine with the 13th overall selection. It may seem premature, but LaVine is sure to be a stud...

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  6. Best Potential Veteran Minimum Free-Agent Options for Miami Heat

    The Miami Heat have already put together their core for the 2014-15 season; however, there is still work for Pat Riley and Co. to do. Unfortunately for them, Miami's financial flexibility is basically non-existent at this juncture...

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  7. Kings Beat Rockets to Win LV Summer League Title

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  8. Report: 2nd-Rounder Dinwiddie Signs for 3 Years

    Unlike Cameron Bairstow, Spencer Dinwiddie didn't have to earn a contract in the summer league after being drafted in the second round...

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  9. Report: Hummel Re-Signs for 1-Year with 'Wolves

    That was unexpected. Robbie Hummel is apparently re-signing with the Timberwolves , according to Priority Sports' Twitter account...

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  10. Nick Johnson Gets Up to Throw Down Reverse Dunk off Alley-Oop

    Nick Johnson is making a habit of throwing down high-flying dunks. During the first half of the NBA Summer League title game between Johnson's Houston Rockets and the Sacramento ...

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  11. Video: Johnson Gets Up for Reverse Alley-Oop

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  12. NBA Free Agency 2014: Best Destinations for Top Players Remaining

    The 2014 NBA free-agency period is no longer the round-the-clock spectacle it was when LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were busy making their highly anticipated decisions...

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  13. Report: Hummel Re-Signs for 1-Year Deal with 'Wolves

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  14. Who Steps into Vacated Roles for Houston Rockets Next Season?

    The Houston Rockets have had an eventful offseason. Whether their moves have been for the better or worse is a loaded, lengthy debate—but one thing’s obvious...

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  15. NBA Free Agents 2014: Latest Rumors Surrounding Top Available Players

    While the biggest names in NBA free agency this offseason have already signed with their respective teams, there are still a few available free agents generating a good amount of buzz...

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  16. Why Jason Kidd Is the Ideal Coach for New Bucks Point Guard Kendall Marshall

    McDonald’s All-American; North Carolina’s all-time single-season assist leader; second-team AP All-American; a floor general near-unrivaled in his sense of pace, space and vision; 13th pick in the 2012 draft...

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  17. Report: 2nd Rounder Dinwiddie Signs for 3 Years

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  18. Kevin Durant Talks Pressure, LeBron James and Being Nice with an Edge

    Kevin Durant wants you to know he's as fierce a competitor as you'll find on the hardwood, but he's just as comfortable admitting he's also a good dude...

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  19. LeBron James' Future Better Tied to Andrew Wiggins Than Kevin Love

    LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers preaching responsibility, waxing patience and selling uncertain visions that made, and continue to make, more sense when bound to rookie Andrew Wiggins instead of Kevin Love...

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  20. Report: Sterling, Ballmer Meet for 1st Time Since Sale

    Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling met with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles to discuss the pending $2 billion sale of the franchise, sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN...

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  21. Why Anthony Davis Is the Perfect Power Forward for the Modern-Day NBA

    Think of all the power forwards in the league. It's an eclectic bunch. A lot of different skill sets and sizes, superstars and specialists alike. It's one of the league's deepest positions, trailing only point guard...

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  22. Will Bruno Caboclo Be the Latest Long-Term Prospect to Speed Up Development?

    Pretend we can all see the motion, and raise your hand if you'd heard of Bruno Caboclo before Masai Ujiri made him the Toronto Raptors ' first-round pick in the loaded 2014 NBA draft...

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  23. Isaiah Thomas Says He Felt Wanted in Phoenix, That's Why He Signed There

    Isaiah Thomas needed to feel wanted. That's why this week he returned to the area he was born and played his college ball, where he is still a beloved star — Washington — and while there swung by the Seattle Pro-Am and dropped 47...

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  24. Ryan Kelly Officially Re-Signs with Lakers

    The Lakers officially signed second-year forward Ryan Kelly on Monday. The team had made Kelly a restricted free agent with a $1-million qualifying offer. The contract he signed is for two years; financial terms have not been released...

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  25. Pat Riley's Rapid Rebuild of Miami Heat an Instant Success

    Take away a solar system’s central star, and it’s impossible to keep the planets in place. Sooner or later, they’ll all trend toward some other orbit. Losing LeBron James should’ ve had a similar impact on the Miami Heat ...

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