1. Gerald Henderson Thwarts Udonis Haslem Dunk Attempt with Big-Time Block

    The Charlotte Bobcats may be outgunned against the Miami Heat , but they aren't going down without a fight. And no play better exemplifies Charlotte's never-say-die attitude than this amazing block from Gerald Henderson...

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  2. LeBron James Beats Bobcats Defense for Monstrous Breakaway Dunk

    Late in the first half against the Charlotte Bobcats , LeBron James grabbed a loose ball that he took all the way for a soaring dunk in transition: As is often the case, ...

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  3. Video: Henderson Rejects Haslem's Jam Attempt

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  4. NBA Fines for Technicals, Flagrants, Suspensions Skyrocket from 2012 to 2014

    Fighting, criticizing referees, getting caught for flopping multiple times, getting hit with technical and flagrant fouls—all of the above will earn you a fine in today’s NBA ...

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  5. Video: LeBron's Breakaway Jam in Game 2

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  6. Watch: Birdman's Monster Jam vs. Bobcats

    Here's the replay of the awesome dunk from Birdman during the Miami HEAT's Game 2 game vs the Charlotte Bobcats . Poor Luke Ridnour.....

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  7. Watch: Pinwheel Empire's Game 1 Recap

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  8. Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle Calls Gregg Popovich 'Coach of the Century'

    Fresh off being named NBA Coach of the Year, Gregg Popovich received some very high praise from the man who won the award in 2002...

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  9. Win or Lose, Frank Vogel Should Not Be on Indiana Pacers' Hot Seat

    The slide the Indiana Pacers are on has been inexplicable. Because of that, there may be a rush to find a scapegoat if the Pacers don't turn things around dramatically...

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  10. Phil to Check on Kerr's 'Desire to Coach'

    Phil Jackson said he will meet with Steve Kerr in the next week to gauge his interest in coaching the Knicks after his fiancée, Jeanie Buss, failed in recent days to convince Jackson to coach...

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  11. Trail Blazers vs. Rockets Game 2: Live Score, Highlights and Reaction

    The Portland Trail Blazers haven't won a playoff series since 2000. They aren’t taking this opportunity lightly...

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  12. Kawakami: Iguodala Has to Step Up

    OAKLAND— Andre Iguodala is wry, he's dry, and he just isn't the kind of guy to drum his chest and announce that he's taking over now...

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  13. Is Frank Vogel Coaching for His Job?

    The Indiana Pacers have been experiencing some serious issues in their locker room that have translated onto the court. Even though they secured the No...

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  14. Paul George's Heroics Won't Solve Indiana Pacers' Bigger Problems

    Like most NBA stars, Paul George is a terrific eraser. On the strength of his own brilliant play, he can temporarily make critics forget their gripes about his team's numerous shortcomings...

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  15. Heat Near Deal to Stay in Miami Through 2040 Season

    There will be players taking their talents to South Beach for years to come. Just before the Miami Heat tipped off a Game 2 battle against the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday, ...

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  16. NBA Refs to Curry: You're No Superstar

    OAKLAND – There are five requirements to certify an active NBA superstar, and Stephen Curry has met four...

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  17. Locker Room Credibility an Issue for Pacers

    So this is what veteran coaches around the NBA have been grousing about. Pacers coach Frank Vogel appears to have lost control of his team's locker room, and there are some who would have predicted that would happen...

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  18. Heat Agree to Stay in Miami Through 2040

    As the Miami HEAT embarks on its historical quest for a fourth straight appearance in the NBA Finals and our third consecutive NBA Championship, I am happy to announce that we have ...

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  19. Clippers Color Analyst's Ballot Gaffe Throws Wrench in NBA MVP and MIP Voting

    With Most Improved Player candidates like Anthony Davis, Lance Stephenson, Kyle Lowry, Gerald Green, DeAndre Jordan and others—including Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic, ...

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  20. Is Lance Stephenson the Common Denominator in Indiana Pacers' Problems?

    Thirty-nine times an NBA team passed on Lance Stephenson —the Brooklyn basketball prodigy with a checkered name to match the street-sharp game—in the 2010 NBA draft...

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  21. Dragic: Proving People Wrong Is My Pleasure

    Goran Dragic is a cheerful guy. He's a star without the ego, complete with a half-glass-full attitude while never getting irritated by long interview sessions or surprise autograph requests...

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  22. Lance Stephenson's Spat with Evan Turner Shouldn't Concern Pacers

    Players' imperfections tend to be magnified during times of turmoil. For the Indiana Pacers , it doesn't get much more, uh, turmoil-y than right now...

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  23. Toronto Raptors Shutting Down Paul Pierce Key to First-Round Series Win

    In Game 1, Paul Pierce scored nine of his 15 points in the final three minutes, looking every bit the clutch performer that carried the Boston Celtics when tight games were on the line...

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  24. Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs: Live Score and Analysis

    The Mavericks lead the Spurs 24-23 after one. Monta Ellis has eight points. Keep it right here as Bleacher Report provides you with live coverage throughout the game...

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  25. Instagram: Blazers Ready for Game 2 in Houston

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