1. Who Does Miami Heat Target to Replace LeBron James?

    The Miami Heat saw their best player and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James leave for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday afternoon. From there, the Heat had two options. Option No...

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  2. Kerr Wins Coaching Debut in Summer League

    LAS VEGAS – Making his coaching debut Friday, Steve Kerr proved to be as calm with his bench responsibilities as he was with shots in crunch time during his playing days...

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  3. Cavs' Wiggins Beats Bucks in Summer League

    Andrew Wiggins, the number one overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft, led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 70-68 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks in the third game of the night at the Samsung NBA Summer League 2014 on the campus of UNLV...

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  4. Rockets Burned After Bosh Stays with Heat

    The word all along had been that when LeBron James made his decision, the rest of the dominoes would start to fall...

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  5. Skylar Grey Remixes Her Song 'Coming Home' to Welcome LeBron James to Cleveland

    With LeBron James coming home to Ohio and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Skylar Grey's "Coming Home" has been the welcome-back song heard on many promotions and videos...

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  6. NBA Free Agents 2015: Game-Changers Who Will Headline Next Year's Offseason

    So your team missed out on the LeBron James sweepstakes. Now what? Well, if you're a fan of the New York Knicks or Chicago Bulls, you're probably still wondering where Carmelo Anthony will be playing his home games next season...

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  7. Hornets Fall to Warriors 70-58 in Summer League

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  8. Report: Hawks, Bazemore Agree to 2-Year Deal

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  9. Cavaliers Season Tickets Reportedly Sell out Following LeBron James' Return

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are already feeling the effect of LeBron James . Just hours after the four-time MVP announced he would sign with the Cavaliers in free agency, the organization ...

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  10. Carmelo Anthony's Decision Will Determine Eastern Conference Hierarchy

    LeBron James might be going home, via Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated , but Carmelo Anthony still has the biggest say on which team is the favorite to win the Eastern Conference...

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  11. Blatt: Chance to Coach LeBron 'Is a Blessing'

    LAS VEGAS (AP) -- LAS VEGAS (AP) David Blatt was running a summer league practice with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday morning, and the sound of someone shrieking suddenly filled the gym...

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  12. Report: Cavs Sell out Season Tickets

    Cleveland embraced the return of the "King" as expected, as the Cavaliers had all but sold out of season tickets less than eight hours after LeBron James announced he would come back to accomplish some unfinished business...

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  13. Giannis Antetokounmpo Goes from Opposite 3-Point Line to Dunk in 2 Dribbles

    Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo , aka The Greek Freak, showed off his incredible strides in games before, but it never ceases to be amazing...

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  14. Video: Giannis Easily Covers Court for Dunk

    Bucks Video: Giannis Antetokounmpo Takes 2 Dribbles over 3/4 Court to Finish 1-Handed Jam in Summer League vs...

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  15. LeBron James Takes Control of Career Narrative Like Few Have in Move to Cavs

    It's the emotions we remember most—the images of flame-engulfed jerseys and shredded "Witness" placards, the faces of anguish and rage. LeBron James decides, and the world reacts with fury...

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  16. Fan Wears Tattered LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey to Baseball Game

    LeBron James' return to Cleveland means a few fans who were bitter about his departure to Miami four years ago have to find their old jerseys...

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  17. How Will Rest of Free-Agency Dominoes Fall After LeBron James' Decision?

    LeBron James' latest spin around the NBA 's free-agency carousel is over , per Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated , which means that everyone else's can either begin or resume...

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  18. Cavaliers' Anthony Bennett Throws Down Powerful 2-Handed Dunk in Summer League

    The Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Bennett seriously underwhelmed as a No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft, but he looked very comfortable on a dunk at his 2014 NBA Summer League debut...

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  19. Video: Bennett's Emphatic 2-Handed Jam

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  20. Lamar Odom Released by Knicks: Latest Analysis, Details and Reaction

    Although the New York Knicks appeared ready to give Lamar Odom a chance at making a comeback, this plan has not worked out as planned...

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  21. Knicks Officially Waive Lamar Odom

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  22. Can Chris Bosh-Led Heat Still Contend with Eastern Conference Heavyweights?

    In a move almost as surprising as LeBron James' decision to return to Cleveland, former teammate Chris Bosh has reportedly opted to remain with the Miami Heat ...

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  23. Raptors Beat Lakers 89-78 in Summer League

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  24. Cleveland Cavaliers: Breaking Down Reactions to LeBron James' Return

    LeBron James posted a photo via Instagram Friday declaring he was no longer a free agent, and it set the media world abuzz with the revelation that he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers ...

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  25. Grantland: What's Next Now After Decision 2.0?

    The discourse around LeBron James has never been all that rational. It was stupid four years ago to build a one-hour television show around one sentence, and it revealed a baffling ...

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