1. Donald Trump Says He's 'rapidly' Becoming a Mavs Fan

    Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been very open recently on Republican presidential candidate (and frenemy?) Donald Trump.....

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  2. Joerger: Grizz Going to Be 'Nasty'

    The Memphis Grizzlies held a press conference on Tuesday morning to introduce the once-hated-now-loved Matt Barnes to the city...

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  3. What If Pelicans Had Lost in Davis Lottery?

    Aside from a relocation or a rebrand to Angels, the worst case glad-that-didn't-happen scenario for Crescent City basketball fans is that we didn't get Anthony Davis. The good news is that Davis is here, in New Orleans , playing for the Pelicans...

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  4. Diaw Planting Seeds for NBA in Senegal

    I traveled back to my father's homeland, Senegal, for the first time in a few years to visit my family and also to host a clinic at the SEED Academy...

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  5. Aldridge Could Turn Parker into a Star Again

    The arrival of LaMarcus Aldridge is expected to improve the Spurs ' offense, for obvious reasons. Aldridge is a legitimate first option, someone who can create for himself in the half court and move the ball if he draws the attention of the defense...

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  6. Lawson and Rockets' Worst Case Scenario

    texted Ethan a couple days ago and asked him if there needed to be some presentation on the site of the possible worst-case scenario, post- Ty Lawson trade. He responded and said, "Our coverage hasn't exactly been measured...

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  7. Are Rockets Now a Legitimate Contender?

    Looking to build on the momentum of last year's Western Conference Finals appearance, the Houston Rockets needed to get better to keep pace with teams like Golden State and San Antonio ...

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  8. The Biggest Question Mark for the Houston Rockets Entering Next Season

    The Houston Rockets surprised many skeptics when they advanced to the 2015 Western Conference Finals. This offseason, the Rockets traded for explosive point guard Ty Lawson . Lawson gives the Rockets another superb ball-handler and facilitator...

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  9. Cuban to New Mav John Jenkins: Just Get Buckets

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  10. Explaining Mavs' Cap, Semi-Guaranteed Deals

    Dallas has been busy in the final phase of their offseason, culminating in a handful of contracts being given out to players you mostly have never heard of before it's tweeted out...

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  11. Spurs Are Finally Getting Younger

    With the latest edition to the San Antonio Spurs roster, it is looking like the squad will be a young team. This may be Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili's last year and if that is the case, the Spurs are starting to become a young team on paper...

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  12. Spurs Continue to Value, Nurture D-League Team

    It was an innocuous piece of news passed along on a Monday afternoon in late July, a pebble in a pond compared to the tsunami that was the most active free agent period in Spurs history...

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  13. Spurs Need Their French Connection Back

    Tony Parker and Boris Diaw have known each other for a long time, and they're comfortable with each other's style of play. This upcoming season, the San Antonio Spurs once again need the French Connection to showcase that chemistry...

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  14. Can Kawhi Rediscover His 2014 Magic?

    Remember how Kawhi Leanord utterly dominated the 2014 NBA Finals en route to winning Finals MVP at the slender age of 22, the third youngest of all-time? That year Leonard emerged as ...

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  15. Dwight Powell Is Going to Get His Shot with the Dallas Mavericks This Season

    Dwight Powell was a mere throw-in when the Dallas Mavericks swung a trade for Rajon Rondo last season. Now the sophomore could get an opportunity to be a key cog in head coach Rick Carlisle's rotation next year...

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  16. Pondexter Postponed MRI to Play in Playoffs

    When the New Orleans Pelicans made their playoff push last season, Quincy Pondexter wanted to be counted on to help...

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  17. How K.J. McDaniels Can Get Noticed by the Houston Rockets in 2015-16

    On July 19, the same day the Houston Rockets traded for point guard Ty Lawson , they also agreed to re-sign the highlight machine known as K.J. McDaniels to a three-year, $10 million contract, solidifying their already deep bench...

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  18. Larry Brown Says Gregg Popovich Nearly Retired After November Heart Surgery

    San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich has indicated that his career is far from over, but health issues may have given the five-time NBA champion some pause last season...

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  19. Popovich Missed Games Last Nov. Due to Heart Procedure

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  20. San Antonio Spurs' Latest Long-Term Project Could Really Pay Off

    The San Antonio Spurs are no strangers to long-term projects, and 2015 second-round pick Cady Lalanne could become the franchise's next success story...

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  21. Dallas Mavericks Need a Fully Invested Deron Williams Most of All

    After striking out on DeAndre Jordan, the Dallas Mavericks slightly salvaged their offseason by picking up Deron Williams . The Mavs' new starting point guard might be past his prime, but the team's success will still partially ride on his shoulders.

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  22. Cowlishaw: Since the Mavs Aren't Tanking, Where Do They Fit in the West?

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  23. Anthony Davis on Board with Alvin Gentry's Changes

    New Orleans Pelicans superstar forward Anthony Davis is excited to play for incoming head coach Alvin Gentry...

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  24. Are Houston Rockets Ready for the Even-Better Western Conference?

    The good news for the Houston Rockets is they got better in the offseason. The bad news is their rivals did too...

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  25. Reports: Mavs Add Samuel Dalembert, Might Still Want JaVale McGee

    Since the Dallas Mavericks lost out on DeAndre Jordan, they've been trying to figure out their frontcourt. The latest piece of the puzzle is center Samuel Dalembert, who has agreed to a one-year, $1...

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