1. Byron Scott Wants Kobe Bryant to Play Beyond His Current Contract

    Los Angeles Lakers coach Byron Scott Kobe Bryant to keep playing -- and he's willing to do whatever it takes to keep the star on the court.....

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  2. Golden State Warriors Players Making Strongest Case for More Minutes

    Currently riding a 10-game winning streak, the Golden State Warriors are 15-2 and sit atop the Western Conference standings...

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  3. The Importance of J.J. Redick to the Los Angeles Clippers' Offense

    The first step in running a successful offense is forcing a defense to move. Few players push movement like J.J. Redick . Start shifting within a defense, and players are more likely to be caught out of position...

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  4. Clippers Win Sixth Consecutive Game, Destroying the Orlando Magic 114-86

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  5. Clippers Secure 6th Straight Win in Blowout

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  6. Lakers' Pratfall at Final Curtain Results in Loss to Wizards

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – When the game starts to look like a Three Stages routine, you know the Lakers are in trouble. Once, Kobe Bryant backpedaled into Jeremy Lin, who was on the ground after missing a shot...

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  7. Wizards Finish with a Flurry to Defeat the Lakers, 111-95

    The Lakers ' unbeaten streak against Eastern Conference teams came to an end on Wednesday as the team fell to the Wizards by 10 points in Washington...

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  8. Sacramento Kings Power Rankings: Gauging Full Roster After First 6 Weeks

    The Sacramento Kings have been one of the NBA 's biggest surprises this season. Not many people had the Kings sitting at 9-9 after their first 18 games...

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  9. Stephen Curry Named NBA Western Conference Player of the Month

    Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has been named the NBA Western Conference Player of the Month for games played in October/November, the NBA announced today...

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  10. How Goran Dragic Is Raising His Game

    Change is disruptive. So is time off. Goran Dragic has fought through both in the first month of the season. His practice time with the Slovenian.....

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  11. Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Praises Blake Griffin's Passing Skills

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  12. Curry Shows His Magic in Win Against the Magic

    Sports are stupid sometimes. The Warriors had no business winning this game. Coming off a perfect five-game road trip, the team looked sluggish, one step slow and outgunned for most of the game...

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  13. Plumlee Is Adding a Perimeter Shot

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  14. For Warriors' Klay Thompson, Time with Dog Is Time Well Spent

    The Warriors were crossing t's and dotting i's on Klay Thompson's $70 million contract extension last month when the 24-year-old hit general manager Bob Myers with a peculiar question...

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  15. Lakers News: Latest on Steve Nash, Wayne Ellington and More

    It took 18 games, but the Los Angeles Lakers have win No. 5 on the season. Granted, four of those five have come against the downtrodden Eastern Conference, but that is neither ...

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  16. Images: The Evolution of the Kings' Jerseys

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  17. How Long Will Golden State Warriors' Win Streak Last?

    It's been a standard-setting year for the Golden State Warriors , who are rolling toward another franchise record...

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  18. Warriors Looking to Match Longest Winning Streak in Franchise History

    Coming off 10 consecutive victories, the Golden State Warriors enter Thursday's game against the New Orleans Pelicans looking to match the franchise record for longest winning streak, per ESPN Stats & Info ...

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  19. Kevin Ding's 2016 Los Angeles Lakers Free-Agent Dream Team

    The wait is on for the 2016 free-agent class, which is deep with superstar talent. Between now and then, there is potential for a lot of movement in the league, for stars to align and teams to load up on talent...

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  20. Kobe Bryant Chases Only a Brighter Future with the Lakers

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  21. How the Clippers' Chris Paul-Blake Griffin Pick-and-Roll Has Dominated the NBA

    Blake Griffin can't help himself. It's a typical Clippers practice, and Doc Rivers wants all five of his players in motion, so he has his team run a half-court exercise where they can't set any pick-and-rolls...

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  22. Los Angeles Lakers in Danger of Repeating History with Kobe Bryant

    At age 36, Kobe Bryant is averaging 36 minutes per game and shouldering a heavy burden for a team with a 5-13 record. Sometimes the end seems to justify the means, such as an overtime win against the Toronto Raptors , 129-122 on Nov...

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  23. Watch Stephen Curry Hit Game-Winning 3-Pointer vs. Orlando Magic

    Point guard Stephen Curry extended the Golden State Warriors ' winning streak to 10 games by draining a go-ahead three-pointer with just 2.2 seconds remaining in the team's 98-97 victory over the Orlando Magic Tuesday night in Oakland...

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  24. Watch: Curry Nails Go-Ahead 3 to Give Dubs Win

    Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is dribbling the ball up floor with a two-point deficit and eight seconds left in the ball game...

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  25. Dragic on Big Game: Rim Looked 'Bigger and Bigger'

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