1. Warriors, Cavs Favored in Vegas to Win Title

    The Golden State Warriors are the Las Vegas favorites to win the NBA championship, but LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers still have the sportsbooks' attention...

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  2. Snoop Dogg Recruiting Russell Westbrook Back Home to the L.A. Lakers

    The Long Beach, California native Snoop Dogg, is recruiting Russell Westbrook back home to play for the Los Angeles Lakers .....

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  3. Lakers Rumors: Buzz from LA on Goran Dragic and More as Trade Deadline Nears

    The NBA trade deadline just wasn’t made for teams like this season’s Los Angeles Lakers . For one, they are far from contenders and won’t be mortgaging the long-term future to land a complementary piece such as Arron Afflalo ...

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  4. Grading Steph Curry and Klay Thompson's Performance at 2015 All-Star Weekend

    Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors embraced the atmosphere of the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend by getting involved in a variety of ways during both days of competition...

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  5. Can Los Angeles Clippers Recover from Failed Spencer Hawes Experiment?

    Spencer Hawes entered this season as the plug to the Los Angeles Clippers ' perpetual hole at the third big man spot. Unfortunately, he hasn't done much more than his predecessors...

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  6. Jeremy Lin Playing His Way Out of Los Angeles Lakers' Future

    Jeremy Lin 's time with the Los Angeles Lakers hasn't gone well, but the good news — for him anyway — is that it's probably almost over...

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  7. Los Angeles Lakers: Ranking the Five Worst Trades in Team History

    The Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of a full-fledged rebuilding stage, and they will have little room for error as they try to compile talent in the upcoming years...

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  8. Kobe Seeking Career 'Rebirth' Next Season with Lakers

    For the third consecutive year, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant had his season cut short because of an injury...

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  9. Lakers Trade Rumors: L.A. Must Wait Until Summer to Make Push for Goran Dragic

    The Los Angeles Lakers aren't in an ideal position to swing a trade at the moment and should wait to chase a reportedly coveted target in Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic in free agency this summer...

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  10. Scott, Lin View His Struggles Differently

    Outside the locker room, Lakers coach Byron Scott talked with authority surrounding one of the team's greatest riddles...

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  11. Lakers News: Rounding Up Buzz Surrounding Potential Goran Dragic Trade

    Not much has gone right for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. The team can't seem to shake the injury bug, as Steve Nash, Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant have been lost for the ...

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  12. Charles Barkley Was Traded to the Lakers (briefly) in 1992

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  13. Could the End Be Near for Kobe Bryant? Revealing TV Interview Makes It Seem so

    LOS ANGELES — The days of complaining about Kobe are over. Ball hog. Taking an All-Star spot away from someone more deserving. Shoots too much. Shaq. Dwight...

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  14. Stephen Curry Goes Behind the Back, Scores Ridiculous Scoop Shot at ASG

    The NBA All-Star Game had its usual crop of belief-suspending moments Sunday. Russell Westbrook rubbed his head on the backboard, Dirk Nowitzki dunked (!) and LeBron James reminded the world he's a muscular pterodactyl...

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  15. Lakers Rumors: Buzz Surrounding Goran Dragic, Possible No. 1 Draft Choice

    The Los Angeles Lakers have been the talk of the NBA since the calendar changed to February. Despite a 13-40 record, the Lakers have clogged up the rumor mill with both trade and free-agent news just days ahead of the Feb...

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  16. Kobe on Filling Injury Void: 'A Lion Has to Eat.'

    Hunt or be hunted has always been my mentality. I don't hide the aggressiveness of competition behind All-Star parties, sponsored events, and the idea that the weekend game is a well deserved break...

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  17. Chris Paul Impresses with Double Double in All-Star Game as West Wins

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  18. Cousins Scores 14 as the West All-Stars Win 163-158

    DeMarcus Cousins had 14 points and seven rebounds on 6-7 shooting that included nine fourth quarter points to help the Western All-Stars prevail...

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  19. Curry Provides Highlights in NBA All-Star Game

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  20. Watch: Curry Flips Ball High off Glass for Basket

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  21. Video: Curry Uses Handles, Throws Lob to Harden

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  22. Best Potential Trade Packages, Scenarios and Landing Spots for Isaiah Thomas

    The Phoenix Suns ' preference to trade Isaiah Thomas so they can restore Goran Dragic 's major role in the rotation, as reported by ESPN's Marc Stein , indicates one of two things...

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  23. Bringing Back Ed Davis Next Season Is an Easy Decision for Los Angeles Lakers

    There’s nothing particularly fancy about Ed Davis ’s game, but bringing the 25-year-old big man back next season in free agency should be the easiest decision the Los Angeles Lakers have to make this offseason...

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  24. Curry's Future as Bright as NYC Lights

    NEW YORK -- Of all the items on LeBron James' ridiculously packed All-Star Weekend agenda, two things that happened Friday illustrated where he is in the basketball universe.....

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  25. Lakers Trade Rumors: Examining Cons of Reported Goran Dragic Pursuit

    A star's name has come up on the NBA trade market, which can only mean one thing: The Los Angeles Lakers are throwing their hat into the ring. ESPN...

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