1. Harrison Barnes Among NBA's Most Intriguing Early Contract-Extension Candidates

    The Golden State Warriors don't have to look far to see the urgency surrounding Harrison Barnes ' potential contract extension this summer. They inked Klay Thompson to an 11th-hour deal ahead of the Oct...

    Grant Hughes Written by Grant Hughes about 11 days ago 33,250 reads 67 comments

  2. Nash Pleased to See 7SOL Style in Warriors

    Steve Nash couldn't watch every game — life got in the way, as it does — but oh, he wanted to. He wanted to see every part of the Golden State Warriors versus LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA final...

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  3. Ranking Phoenix Suns' Biggest Needs for 2015 NBA Offseason

    The Phoenix Suns took a step backward last season, dropping from 48 to 39 wins while trading away a pair of integral rotation pieces in Goran Dragic and Isaiah Thomas...

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  4. Lakers News: Latest on LA's 2015 NBA Draft Plans, Free Agents and More

    The present-future tightrope teams must teeter on each year defines the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason. Like last year, general manager Mitch Kupchak and the front office clutch a top-five pick in the upcoming draft...

    Chris  Roling Written by Chris Roling about 11 days ago 5,662 reads 1 comments

  5. Warriors News: Mark Jackson Lied to Team About Festus Ezeli

    It's good to be a fan of the Warriors right now. The Dubs are the world champions after 40 years of suffering. It had not been easy to root for the Warriors in the past, but all that has changed for the better...

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  6. Watch: Crawford Embarrasses Olynyk During Seattle Game

    Confirmed: At 35 years old, Jamal Crawford's still got it, at least when it comes to the defense-averse charity game circuit...

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  7. Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Draft Trade, Jimmy Butler and More

    The Los Angeles Lakers will begin preparations for the 2015-16 NBA season later this week when the team picks second in the draft. The Lakers went 21-61 this past year, the fourth-worst record in the entire league...

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  8. Iguodala's Son Knew Warriors Would Win, Made Finals Trophy in April

    Before the start of the 2010-2011 regular season, Jason Terry was so confident that the Dallas Mavericks would win the championship that he got a tattoo of the Larry O'Brien trophy on his right arm...

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  9. Warriors Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Draymond Green, David Lee Trade

    Coming off of a 2015 NBA Finals victory, the next task for the Golden State Warriors will be assembling a roster capable of repeating for the 2015-16 season...

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  10. Why Wayne Ellington Should Return to Los Angeles Lakers Next Season

    It may have gone largely unnoticed during a generally miserable year, but Wayne Ellington heads into summer free agency on the heels of his best NBA season...

    David  Murphy Written by David Murphy about 12 days ago 19,374 reads 65 comments

  11. Crawford Puts on a Show at Washington Tourney

    During Memorial Day weekend last month, Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas hosted a basketball tournament in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington ...

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  12. Los Angeles Clippers Can Offer Paul Pierce Storybook Ending to His NBA Career

    The legacy is pretty much set: a championship in 2008, 10 All-Star appearances and a well-deserved reputation as one of the game's most cold-blooded closers...

    Stephen Babb Written by Stephen Babb about 12 days ago 21,203 reads 65 comments

  13. Vlade Divac Takes Center Stage

    Vlade Divac is about to be tested and he knows it. The draft is just days away and the kitchen sink is about to be tossed in his direction from every opposing GM in the league...

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  14. Clippers coach Rivers' mother dies

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  15. Lakers Will Try to Buck a Trend with No. 2 Pick

    Listeners of the Lakers ' flagship radio station in recent weeks have likely heard a promotion that captures the lofty expectations that come with having the No. 2 pick in Thursday's NBA draft...

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  16. Jamal Crawford on Basketball and Fatherhood

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  17. Steph Curry Carries out Andre Ward's Title Belt

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  18. Los Angeles Lakers Have Obvious Choice at No. 2 Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft

    Forget analytics for just a minute and think about intangibles. The Los Angeles Lakers have an obvious choice in Thursday’s NBA draft with the second overall pick, and it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what that is...

    Howard Ruben Written by Howard Ruben about 13 days ago 83,598 reads 467 comments

  19. Draymond to Have 2nd Parade in Michigan

    Draymond Green loves parades. In fact, based on his (awesome) behavior at the Golden State Warriors championship parade on Friday, I argued that he should be in parades all the time...

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  20. Report: Davis Seeking $7-10M Per Year in Free Agency

    Ed Davis was a bargain for the Los Angeles Lakers this past season, and he's going to be a free agent in July. The big man signed a crazy-cheap deal last summer, and he will get a raise after opting out of his $1...

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  21. Hilary Clinton Joins #DubNation

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  22. NBA Finals 2015: Warriors Trophy Celebration Highlights, Comments and More

    A NBA championship 40 years in the making finally came to the Bay Area on Tuesday, and the celebration that ensued at the Golden State Warriors ' parade on Friday was fittingly one for the ages...

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  23. 5 Realistic Targets for Los Angeles Lakers to Chase During 2015 Offseason

    Summertime sparks the imagination of NBA fans everywhere, as they creatively transform their favorite team's ho-hum roster into a star-studded juggernaut...

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  24. Ed Davis 'Definitely' Wants Return to LA

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  25. Could Los Angeles Lakers' Other Draft Picks Be Key to Quick Turnaround?

    Armed with the No. 2 overall draft pick, Mitch Kupchak's Los Angeles Lakers have a golden opportunity to enhance the roster on their quest to reclaim NBA glory. But their other draft picks might the real key to resurgence...

    Daniel O'Brien Written by Daniel O'Brien about 14 days ago 29,533 reads 118 comments