1. Chris Paul Stresses Clippers' Need for Blake Griffin After Loss to Warriors

    LOS ANGELES — Blake Griffin and Chris Paul exited the shower at separate times, each wearing similarly special and snazzy red and blue Jordan Brand slippers...

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  2. Griffin Has Great Seat to Watch Game 1 Loss

    LOS ANGELES – The Golden State Warriors captured a surprising and entertaining Game 1 victory against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday. Clippers forward Blake Griffin had a great seat to watch most of it...

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  3. Kawakami: Dubs Prevail with Chip on Shoulder

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  4. Report: Jim Buss Offered to Step Down If Lakers Don't Recover in 'A Few Years'

    Well, the rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers might not be as patient as we thought. Part-owner and executive vice president of basketball operations Jim Buss gave himself a couple ...

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  5. In the Era of the over-Involved Owner, Mark Jackson Survives

    Stuff happened in Game 1 of the Warriors - Clippers series on Saturday. Lots of stuff, like Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala fouling out .....

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  6. Warriors Find Rhythm in a Game 1 Without Any Flow, Beat Clippers

    This game was nearly ruined by officiating. One team didn't win or lose because of the officiating. Instead, everyone involved and watching came close to losing in what should have been a fun, free-flowing game Saturday afternoon...

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  7. Five Things to Take from Clippers' 109-105 Game 1 Loss to Warriors

    Below are five things to take from the Clippers ' 109-105 Game 1 loss to the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center...

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  8. Mark Jackson Says He'd Pick LA Clippers Against His Team, Then Beats Them

    It's a good thing Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson isn't a betting man. If he was, he'd find himself in the red thanks to his team's 109-105 win in Game 1 of Golden State's opening-round series with the Los Angeles Clippers ...

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  9. Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Postgame Grades and Analysis

    Game 1 of the first-round series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers delivered, as the Warriors won what turned into a battle by a final score of NBA 109-105 ...

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  10. Doc: 'Hype' of Series Impacted Officiating

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  11. Klay Has 'No Regrets' over Blake Comments

    LOS ANGELES -- Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson said he didn't regret his now-famous "bull in the china shop" quotes regarding Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin on a San Francisco radio station this week...

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  12. Watch: Draymond Injures Knee in 1st Half

    Warriors forward Draymond Green suffered a knee injury in the second quarter of Game 1 vs. the Clippers on a fast break play. Green tried to plant and it wasn't immediately apparent if he slipped or if his knee just gave out, but he came up gingerly..

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  13. Video: Crawford Hits Halfcourt Shot at Buzzer

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  14. Watch: Iguodala Jams off Full-Court Feed from Curry

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  15. Jackson: Clippers 'Clearly the Favorite' in Series

    LOS ANGELES– Warriors - Clippers chapel update: Mark Jackson, Steve Blake, Chris Paul and a few other Clippers were all in the pregame group chapel today...

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  16. Final Regular Season Grades for Every Phoenix Suns Player

    Despite missing out on the playoffs in the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns finished their Cinderella season with 48 wins—23 more than they won in 2012-13 and dozens more than most thought they win this year...

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  17. How Steph's Jumper Compares with Ray Allen

    Stephen Curry finished the regular season with 261 three-pointers, becoming the first player in NBA history to record back-to-back seasons with at least 250 threes...

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  18. Watch: McLemore, McCallum Pranked by Kings

    Hazing. It comes with the territory of being an NBA rookie. Every first year player goes through it because there's no escaping the league's initiation process. After all, the NBA is one of the most exclusive fraternities in all of professional sports..

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  19. Suns GM: Preference Now to 'Trade for a Star'

    With 48 wins under their belts this season, the Phoenix Suns have already moved beyond the 'get as young as possible' phase of the rebuilding process. From now on, it is about acquiring top-end talent rather than stockpiling rookies...

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  20. Why Chris Kaman Will Be a Steal in 2014 Free-Agency Market

    Chris Kaman still has something left in the tank. The question is, who’s going to pay for it and how much? The big man with the soft shooting touch played just 39 games during the Los Angeles Lakers ’ snakebitten campaign...

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  21. Final Regular-Season Grades for Every LA Lakers Player

    Collectively, the Los Angeles Lakers produced their worst season in franchise history. Individually, the players all get passing grades accompanied by a cloudy future...

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  22. Final Regular-Season Grades for Every Sacramento Kings Player

    Despite finishing with the identical 28-54 record they posted in 2012-13, there were some positive developments for the Sacramento Kings this season. Most notably, players such as DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas took big steps forward...

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  23. Jermaine O'Neal Must Be More Than Vocal Leader for Warriors to Survive

    OAKLAND—Jermaine O'Neal 's job description just expanded. All season, the 35-year-old vet has functioned as the Golden State Warriors ' emotional center, the most respected ...

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  24. Lakers Mum on D'Antoni's Future as Coach

    LOS ANGELES – Mitch Kupchak talked in-depth about Kobe Bryant 's early vacation, Steve Nash's poor health, Pau Gasol 's free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers ' high draft pick on Friday...

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  25. Does Chris Paul's Legacy Ride on Clippers' Playoff Success?

    The Los Angeles Clippers have been working their way toward a deep playoff run for several seasons now, and even though they seem to be better than ever, there's one player in particular who is under the most pressure...

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