1. 5 Steps to Get Slumping Blazers Forward Nicolas Batum Back on Track

    Portland Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum hasn't looked like himself throughout the 2014-15 NBA season. His 8.6 points-per-game average is the lowest since his rookie campaign, and his Personal Efficiency Rating (PER) of 11...

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  2. Biggest Surprises and Disappointments for Utah Jazz

    It's no surprise that a team with an average age of 24.3, in just the second year of a complete rebuilding project, is off to a rough start. Without that context, the 2014-15 Utah Jazz could be classified as a disappointment in many ways...

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  3. Thunder vs. Hornets

    While Russell Westbrook is helping Oklahoma City stay afloat without Kevin Durant , Kemba Walker has Charlotte riding high without underachieving Lance Stephenson.....

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  4. Aldridge and Kaman Both Sit vs. 76ers

    LaMarcus Aldridge is out with illness. Chris Kaman's wife has gone into labor and he won't play. Nicolas Batum will play...

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  5. Trail Blazers Defense Key to Becoming Contender

    As of yesterday afternoon, the Portland Trail Blazers were ranked sixth in the league in offense, and third(!) in the league in defense. You read that right – currently the Trail Blazers are a better defensive team than offensive team...

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  6. Portland Trail Blazers vs. Philadelphia 76ers Preview

    The Blazers return from the holiday break and a successful four-game road trip tonight to host the Philadelphia 76ers .....

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  7. Sidelined KD: Let Westbrook Play His Game

    Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant rejected recent criticism directed at teammate Russell Westbrook 's late-game management during the Thunder's two recent losses in Durant's absence...

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  8. Biggest Surprises and Disappointments for Minnesota Timberwolves

    The Minnesota Timberwolves (5-22), last place in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference, have had their fair share of disappointments this season, but they've also had a few pleasant surprises...

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  9. Russell Westbrook Beginning to Redefine His Point Guard Reputation

    The refrains were common, and they were loud. Russell Westbrook doesn't pass. Russell Westbrook is a ball hog. Russell Westbrook is too selfish down the stretch. Russell Westbrook doesn't play an efficient brand of ball...

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  10. Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook, Thunder Overpower Spurs

    SAN ANTONIO — Russell Westbrook wants you to understand something. His playing style, no matter how scrutinized, no matter how effective or erratic, will not change...

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  11. Aldridge 6th, Lillard 8th in First All-Star Vote Tally

    The NBA released the first round of All-Star voting results first thing Christmas morning, with Trail Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard making the Top 10 at their respective positions in the Western Conference...

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  12. Young: OKC to the Playoffs ... and Beyond?

    Kevin Durant returned three weeks ago after missing six weeks with a stress fracture in his right foot. One game later, so too did Russell Westbrook , who had missed four weeks with a fractured right hand...

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  13. OKC Thunder Finally Feeling Pinch of NBA's Stacked Western Conference

    Before the NBA 's Western Conference was a patented, contender-chocked bloodbath, the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder stood alone, together, both of equal prominence and promise...

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  14. Biggest Surprises and Disappointments for Oklahoma City Thunder

    This has been far from an ideal start to the season for the Oklahoma City Thunder , but things are starting to get back on track...

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  15. Damian Lillard Delivers in the Clutch Again as Trail Blazers Take Down Thunder

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  16. Steven Adams-Kendrick Perkins Duo Proving Formidable for Oklahoma City Thunder

    Steven Adams and Kendrick Perkins are the best center combination the Oklahoma City Thunder have had in years...

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  17. Thunder Lose Lillard, Focus in Final 90 Seconds

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  18. Russ Takes Blame for Late Tech, Collapse in 4th Qtr

    The lead stood at 10 with 1:39 remaining. And that's when the unthinkable happened and everything fell apart on the Thunder...

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  19. Wiggins Drops 27, Leaves Mark on Cleveland

    CLEVELAND – Cleveland star Kevin Love played six seasons in Minnesota before he met his former Timberwolves teammates for the first time Tuesday night at Quicken Loans Arena...

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  20. Blazers Rally Down 10 with 1:35 in Regulation

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  21. T-Rob on Lillard: 'He Was Raised by Ice'

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  22. Watch: Wiggins Throws Down Jam over Love

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  23. Biggest Surprises and Disappointments for Portland Trail Blazers

    The Portland Trail Blazers are off to a hot start once again but have still seen their fair share of highs and lows...

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  24. Flip's Comments About Fans Not Forgiving Kevin Love

    Flip Saunders is a minority owner, President of Basketball Operations and head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves . Before he was any of those things, though, he was a de facto Minnesotan...

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  25. Burks Emerging as Team's Best Perimeter Defender

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