1. Boston Celtics Owner Calls Rajon Rondo 'Stubborn' and Questions Coachability

    These couldn't have been the fireworks the Boston Celtics had in mind for this offseason. With the countdown creeping toward the start of the final season on franchise face ...

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  2. Grading Each Position Going into Boston Celtics 2014 Training Camp

    The closer the Boston Celtics get to training camp and the 2014-15 NBA season, the more apparent it is becoming that they will be starting the year with this roster...

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  3. The One Flaw in Tim Hardaway, Jr.'s Game That He Must Fix

    If his first season in the NBA was any indication, New York Knicks shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. is a gunner. During runs of hot shooting, the bunches of points he poured in sparked the Knicks offense and carried the team...

    Dylan Murphy Written by Dylan Murphy about 9 days ago 7,320 reads 26 comments

  4. Grading Each Position Going into NY Knicks' 2014 Training Camp

    The New York Knicks roster essentially consists of Carmelo Anthony, a bunch of guards and a trio of tall forwards who struggle on defense...

    Sean Hojnacki Written by Sean Hojnacki about 9 days ago 13,402 reads 35 comments

  5. Are Sam Hinkie, Philadelphia 76ers in Danger of Tanking Too Hard?

    Slippery is the slope general manager Sam Hinkie is walking. His Philadelphia 76ers are, by design, symbols of losing enthusiastically and can only hope their methods don't prove inescapably effective...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 9 days ago 8,590 reads 58 comments

  6. Grousbeck 'Absolutely' Wants Rondo Long-Term

    Celtics CEO, governor, and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck was a guest on WBZ-TV's “Sports Final Overtime” Sunday evening to discuss some of his charitable endeavors and, naturally, preview the upcoming basketball season...

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  7. King: Early Hints, Money Led to Pierce Leaving

    Prior to the first two seasons in Brooklyn, the Nets spent their summers creating large expectations and hype, whether formed by a player touting the championship potential, an owner ...

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  8. Caldwell Jones Dies at 64

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  9. 76ers Draftee Jordan McRae Impresses in Australian Debut

    During the NBA Summer League with the Philadelphia 76ers , the No. 58 overall pick in the 2014 draft showed his ability to light up a scoring sheet...

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  10. Tony Wroten Wants the Sixers to Wear Throwback Jerseys

    With two NBA titles to their name since moving to Philadelphia , along with multiple other NBA Finals appearances, the Sixers have history...

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  11. How Much Will New York Knicks Miss Tyson Chandler's Defense?

    Tyson Chandler 's defense will be missed by the New York Knicks . Scapegoats are to the Knicks' 2013-14 season what reality television is to impressionable minds: excessive, ...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 10 days ago 9,968 reads 53 comments

  12. Why Not Take a Chance on Evan Turner?

    Evan Turner hasn't exactly performed like a No. 2 overall pick in his first four NBA seasons, but is there still hope for him? If there's even a glimmer, the Celtics should give Turner a chance...

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  13. Players Confident in Stevens in Second Season

    There were so many moments Jared Sullinger would care to forget about last season for the Boston Celtics .....

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  14. Camp Battles: Who's on the Bubble of the Celtics Roster?

    The only player on the Celtics roster who should feel good about having the chance to log major minutes this season is Rajon Rondo.....

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  15. Ainge: Celtics Would Like to Keep Rondo, but Trade Is Possible

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  16. New York Knicks: Already Benefiting from Phil Jackson's Influence

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  17. Here Is Thanasis Antetokounmpo at the Coffee Shop from 'Friends'

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  18. Breaking Down Brooklyn Nets' Point Guard Position for 2014-15 Season

    Much like starting quarterbacks or shortstops in New York , point guards in The Big Apple receive boatloads of attention...

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  19. Predicting the Biggest Changes We'll See from the New York Knicks Next Season

    The shops at Madison Square Garden have a lot of new swag to manufacture before October. Jerseys distinguishing J.R. Smith from Jason Smith. Triangle bikinis honoring the new offense...

    Sara Peters Written by Sara Peters about 10 days ago 26,069 reads 62 comments

  20. Raptors Republic Previews Upcoming Season

    All the memes are true. The struggle is real for these here Raptors bloggers. We turned to the roundtable format on Friday in part one, where we discussed Amir vs. Patterson, most impactful offseason transaction and the battle at eighth-man...

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  21. 2014-15 All About Development for the Sixers

    It is difficult for a fan base to head into the start of a fresh season knowing that their team is not capable of contention...

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  22. Report: Blatche to Play in China; Can Opt out in March

    Free agent center Andray Blatche's deal in China will pay him nearly $2.5M net, source tells Yahoo. He can rejoin the NBA in March...

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  23. The Coolest Courts and Fields in Sports

    In sports, winning may matter most, but it’s nice to look cool too. Of course, teams of all sorts can celebrate their “coolness” in a number of ways and often use color schemes and uniform designs to do so...

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  24. Dolan Sets Kazoo Mark, Gives $100K for ALS

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  25. Green: Trying to Take Next Step as Leader

    BOSTON -- When Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green was asked about some extended summer stubble dangling from his chin, team president Rich Gotham playfully interjected that he must be going for a "Bill Russell look...

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