1. Report: Celtics-Timberwolves Have Discussed Deal Involving Anthony Bennett

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  2. How Justise Winslow's Versatility Could Help the Knicks

    The knock on 6-foot-6 Duke freshman Justise Winslow is his best work last season came late in the year, particularly in the NCAA Tournament, when he played power forward.....

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  3. Schmeelk: 3 Possible Scenarios for Knicks in Draft

    The New York Knicks might be sitting at the pivot point in Thursday night's draft. Depending who gets selected with pick Nos. 1-3, they could face a coin-flip between any number of players, or look to make a trade...

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  4. Delusional? Maybe. Weird? Definitely. but Phil Jackson Hasn't Been 'Great'

    Let's preface it this way: There is a chance that by the end of July, whatever doubts we may have about Phil Jackson's ability to drag the Knicks out of the abyss — a titanic ...

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  5. Thomas to Cousins: 'If They Don't Want You' ...

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  6. One Player Phil Jackson Is Considering Bringing Back to Knicks

    Knicks team president Phil Jackson will have $27 million in cap space on July 1 and may be willing to save a trifle of it for 7-foot free-agent center Jason Smith...

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  7. Philadelphia 76ers Rumors: Buying or Selling Gossip Ahead of 2015 NBA Draft

    Being a Philadelphia 76ers fan comes with an overload of nerves and excitement when figuring out if you should be buying or selling the 2015 NBA draft gossip. The Sixers are loaded heading into Thursday's event, as they have the No...

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  8. Legendary 76ers Stat Man Dies at 93

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  9. Celtics' Austin Ainge Offers Inside Window into Boston's Predraft Process

    BOSTON — NBA front offices generally work with the same body of work to evaluate future prospects—combine results, video breakdowns and anecdotal reports from scouts...

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  10. Phil: Not Sure Knicks Have Enough to Get Cousins

    New York Knicks president Phil Jackson says he's aware of the DeMarcus Cousins situation in Sacramento but suggested the Knicks don't have enough assets to make a trade happen...

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  11. 76ers Trade Rumors: Latest News, Speculation Surrounding 2015 NBA Draft

    As the Philadelphia 76ers continue to undergo the most blatant rebuilding project in NBA history, all eyes will be fixated on general manager Sam Hinkie's plan at the 2015 NBA draft...

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  12. Five Big Men the C's May Move Up for in NBA Draft

    With the NBA draft just a couple days away, the Boston Celtics will think long and hard about positioning themselves to land a big man who can provide the kind of rim-protecting, last line of defense that they were lacking this past season...

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  13. Danny Ainge Expecting 'A Lot of Movement on Draft Night'

    Most teams play their cards close to the chest in the days and weeks leading up to the NBA Draft, but with two days to go, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge was very forthcoming in his comments to the media on Tuesday morning...

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  14. New York Knicks Reportedly Interested in Taking Frank Kaminsky with No. 4 Pick

    Phil Jackson could make a big splash at Thursday's NBA Draft. But it might not be for making a major trade.....

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  15. Jackson Doesn't Think Knicks 'have Enough Stuff' to Get Cousins

    Phil Jackson stepped to a podium at the Knicks ' practice facility to speak with reporters two days ahead of Thursday's NBA Draft. He opened by saying he was "here to speak about nothing I can speak about, all unspeakable things...

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  16. Latest Draft Buzz: Who's the Best Fit for the New York Knicks at No. 4?

    The New York Knicks need a lot of help if they want to rebuild in 2015-16. Luckily, with the fourth pick in the draft, the Knicks will be able to land a top talent on June 25...

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  17. Report: NBPA Investigating 76ers for Possible Violations

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  18. Celtics Rumors: Trade Possibilities with Draft Approaching

    The Boston Celtics have been quiet in recent days with the NBA draft approaching. However, that doesn't mean they are content to sit quietly with the 16th and 28th picks and then go about their business...

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  19. Knicks Rumors: Latest on Tim Hardaway Jr. Trade Buzz and Draft Plans

    Most seemed to shout the demise of the New York Knicks from the nearest skyscraper after the rebuilding organization suffered a setback by landing the fourth pick in the upcoming draft...

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  20. Brooklyn Nets' Future Riding on Thaddeus Young-Brook Lopez Combination

    The Brooklyn Nets don't inspire a ton of hope for the future, which is all the more reason why they need to cling to the few positives they produced during a disappointing 2014-15...

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  21. Are New York Knicks Better off Trading or Keeping Their No. 4 Pick?

    The 2015 NBA Draft is approaching fast, and with just days until commissioner Adam Silver takes the podium, what the New York Knicks plan to do with the fourth overall pick is anybody's guess...

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  22. All Eyes Are on Sam Hinkie's Philadelphia 76ers Entering the 2015 NBA Draft

    What the Philadelphia 76ers lack in playoff hopes, they make up for in draft-day power. This isn't about the five second-round picks general manager Sam Hinkie has accumulated...

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  23. GM King 'Confident' Lopez, Young Will Return

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Although Thaddeus Young officially informed the Nets Monday that he's opting out of the final year of his contract and Brook Lopez could potentially be leaning in the same direction, Billy King's belief still hasn't changed much.

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  24. Austin Ainge Powers Celtics' Pre-Draft Process

    WALTHAM, Mass. -- Austin Ainge wasn't always certain he wanted to go into the basketball business, but sitting on the team bus before what would be his last game at Brigham Young University in 2007, the issue forced itself...

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  25. Kristaps Porzingis Has Private Workout with Knicks

    The Knicks held a private workout on Monday morning with Kristaps Porzingis, the Daily News has learned.....

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