1. Carmelo Anthony: 'I Have a Lot to Think About' During 2014 Offseason

    Offseason uncertainty is weighing on Carmelo Anthony like he's barreling toward free agency after the New York Knicks staged one of the most expensive choke jobs ever or something...

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  2. JR Believes Melo Will Re-Sign with Knicks

    Hopefully New York Knicks resident chucker J.R. Smith knows best. Unless you're into Saturday night raves, head-to-toe tattoos and obsessing over shoelaces the way Mr...

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  4. Brooklyn Nets: Then & Now

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  5. Tyson Chandler: 'I'm Not into Wasting Seasons'

    New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler is ready to put the disappointing 2013-14 NBA season behind him and never have to revisit it again. It sounds like he believes that's really his call to make...

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  6. Michael Carter-Williams: 'I'd Be a Little Disappointed' Sans Rookie of the Year

    Please forgive Philadelphia 76ers rookie Michael Carter-Williams, for he cannot tell a lie: He wants to be named the NBA 's Rookie of the Year...

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  7. Biggest Priorities for Boston Celtics to Achieve During 2014 Offseason

    A tricky thing to remember about the Boston Celtics ' 2014 offseason is that it isn't really about the 2014 offseason...

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  8. With Sixers, Henry Sims Has Proven His NBA Worth

    MIAMI -- When Henry Sims arrived in Philadelphia via a trade with the Cavaliers on Feb. 20, he had appeared in 22 NBA games over the course of two seasons and played 173 total minutes...

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  9. 76ers-Heat Preview

    The Miami Heat resigned themselves to finishing with the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Considering their recent busy schedule and dominance over their likely first-round opponent, that may not have been a bad idea...

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  10. Lowry Turns Corner: I Had to Admit I Needed to Change

    Nobody wanted to call him a “head case,” but the scouting report was still out there. Kyle Lowry has undeniable talent, a track record of putting teams on his shoulders ...

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  11. Worried After Nets' No-Show? Not the Kidd

    Since completing a four-game sweep of the two-time defending champion Miami Heat exactly a week ago, the Brooklyn Nets have looked like a team that could not care less about the rest of the regular season...

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  12. Shaun Livingston May Be Better Than the Original Model

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  13. Best Bars to Watch the Brooklyn Nets

    Are you a Brooklyn Nets fan that loves the team, but doesn't know where to watch the game? Look no further. Here's our list of the best bars to watch the Brooklyn Nets, both culled from The Brooklyn Game contributors and fans...

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  14. Celtics Jeff Green Has Had Inconsistent Results

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  15. Woodson: Knicks Could've Used Odom This Season

    Knicks coach Mike Woodson said he hasn't been kept abreast of the Lamar Odom negotiations, but wishes they had signed the forward for this season...

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  16. What's Brooklyn's Optimal 1st-Round Matchup, Chicago Bulls or Toronto Raptors?

    The Brooklyn Nets may have lost the battle for New York, but they won the war. Tuesday night's 109-98 loss to the New York Knicks sealed a 3-1 season-series victory for Brooklyn's crosstown rival...

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  17. Can Phil Jackson Get Lamar Odom's Career Back on Track with New York Knicks?

    Lamar Odom on the New York Knicks ? It almost makes too much sense. The 34-year-old forward seems almost custom-built for the MSG circus. He is a native New Yorker, born in Jamaica, Queens...

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  18. Andrei Kirilenko Dishes Behind-the-Back Dime to Mason Plumlee

    The Brooklyn Nets may be a bit short of point guards on Tuesday night, with Shaun Livingston sitting as his teammates take on the New York Knicks , but they by no means lack for playmakers...

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  19. Mike Woodson Says Carmelo Anthony Played Well Enough to Be in NBA Playoffs

    Earlier Tuesday, it was announced that New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony had suffered a partially torn labrum and would miss the final two games of the regular season...

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  20. Carmelo Anthony: 'Everything for Me Is Just Cloudy'

    The New York Knicks were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Saturday. Meaning Tuesday's intra-borough showdown with the Brooklyn Nets represents less a postseason tune-up than a sad formality...

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  21. New York Knicks vs. Brooklyn Nets: Live Score and Analysis

    The New York Knicks (36-45) trounced the Brooklyn Nets (44-37) 109-98 Tuesday night behind 16 points from Tim Hardaway Jr. With the win, the Knicks captured a 3-1 season series victory over the Nets...

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  22. Celtics, Lakers and Knicks All Miss Playoffs Together for the 1st Time

    With the NBA season coming to a close, some playoff positioning still needs sorting, but for the first time in league history, the Boston Celtics , Los Angeles Lakers and New ...

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  23. J.R. Weighs in on Melo: Hell Still Be Here

    NEW YORK -- J.R. Smith is one of Carmelo Anthony's closest friends in the NBA . The two have played together for seven seasons...

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  24. Nets Fail to Clinch No. 5 Seed After Loss

    The Nets had an opportunity for some clarity in their playoff mess, a chance to clinch the fifth seed against an eliminated Knicks squad without Carmelo Anthony...

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  25. Rollin' Knicks Claim Title as New York Wins NWBA Championship

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The New York Rollin' Knicks upended the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks ' quest for a four-peat with a 76-53 win at the 2014 National Wheelchair Basketball Association National Championships...

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