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Les Miles Makes Big Statement With LSU Recruiting Class

By Henry Ball (Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

As National Signing Day approached some Tiger fans were looking for something to hold on to.  After the fabled ‘Ole Miss Debacle’, LSU fans have been divided into two ardent and increasingly angry camps...



National Signing Day 2010: How Boise State's BCS Bowls Helped Their Recruiting

by D. Walker

Although the impact of this year's Fiesta Bowl appearance is yet to be felt, it is very clear that Boise State's 2007 Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma has had a positive effect on BSU's recruiting efforts...



Chase Daniel Gone, Who Starts At QB, Blaine Or Blaine?

by Michael Sipp

Now that Chase Daniel is no longer with us at Missouri, a big question looms, who will be starting at quarterback? I know, the first thing your mind tells you is Blaine Gabbert, a blue chip recruit from Parkway West, who will be a sophomore in 2009...



Tennessee Vols National Signing Day 2010: Who's In? Who's Out? Who's Thinking About It?

by Joel Barker

It's that time of year. Time when college football is proven to be a eight month sport rather than four. Time when fans, mostly men in the 22-40 age range, constantly surf the web for ...