1. Bleacher Report's MLB Experts Make Key 2015 Spring Training Predictions

    It's been a long, cold and dark winter for baseball fans. Well, that and pretty action-packed as well, which isn't so bad. Either way, though, it's coming to an end...

    Zachary D. Rymer Written by Zachary D. Rymer about 10 months ago 29,998 reads 29 comments

  2. Super Bowls Odds 2016: Early Handicapping for Next Year

    The 2014 NFL season is in the books, and the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions. They overcame a slow start to outlast the defending champion Seahawks in an incredible Super Bowl, claiming the franchise's fourth Lombardi Trophy...

    Nick Kostos Written by Nick Kostos about 10 months ago 214,663 reads 414 comments

  3. Ranking Top 5 NBA Stars at Every Position: Anthony Davis Blowing Away the Field

    Anthony Davis hasn't just arrived as a superstar for the New Orleans Pelicans. He's taken the league by storm during his third season in the NBA , asserting himself as one of the very best players, regardless of position...

    Adam Fromal Written by Adam Fromal about 10 months ago 74,357 reads 365 comments

  4. Predicting MLB's All-Bust Team for 2015

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but chances are that your favorite baseball team might have a bust—or two—sitting on its roster heading into the 2015 season...

    Rick Weiner Written by Rick Weiner about 10 months ago 36,625 reads 91 comments

  5. Projecting Every MLB Team's Starting Lineup 2 Weeks from Spring Training

    Pitching may win championships, but having a high-powered offense to back that pitching goes an awful long way as well...

    Joel Reuter Written by Joel Reuter about 10 months ago 201,840 reads 234 comments

  6. The 25 Best Individual Performances in Super Bowl History

    In advance of Super Bowl XLIX, we recently power-ranked all 48 Super Bowl MVPs . It was a lot of fun and, not surprisingly, sparked a lot of conversation among NFL fans...

    Russell S. Baxter Written by Russell S. Baxter about 10 months ago 45,577 reads 126 comments

  7. NBA All-Star Rosters 2015: Biggest Snubs and Surprises

    It's NBA nitpicking time! The league announced the reserves for the 2015 Eastern and Western Conference All-Star teams on Thursday night, and as per usual, there are selections to applaud and snubs to lament...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 10 months ago 217,231 reads 436 comments

  8. 2015 NBA Mock Draft: Predicting How 1st Round Shakes Out, Midseason Edition

    Our 2015 NBA mock draft board has seen a shake-up at the top. For the first time all season, we have a couple of new freshmen who've moved into the top three...

    Jonathan Wasserman Written by Jonathan Wasserman about 10 months ago 270,396 reads 328 comments

  9. Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Attack of the Zombie Quarterbacks

    The NFL is a copycat league. So when cable zombie programs started beating the NFL in the television ratings, it was only natural for coaches to begin turning to zombie quarterbacks for a competitive edge...

    Mike Tanier Written by Mike Tanier about 11 months ago 147,447 reads 69 comments

  10. Seahawks Back in NFC Driver's Seat, with Super Bowl Straight Ahead

    The Seattle Seahawks will return to the Super Bowl because they are so good. The Seahawks will return to the Super Bowl because the backup quarterbacks of the Arizona Cardinals are so bad...

    Mike Freeman Written by Mike Freeman about 11 months ago 90,015 reads 413 comments

  11. Amid Turmoil Surrounding Kings, Rudy Gay Emerging as Crucial Agent of Change

    SACRAMENTO — It wasn't an epiphany. That would imply an instantaneous realization, an aha moment. Rudy Gay 's awakening didn't happen all at once. It came gradually, through a series of jolts to his confidence and his psyche...

    Howard Beck Written by Howard Beck about 12 months ago 174,083 reads 88 comments

  12. Steelers Are Our Only Hope for Breaking the AFC's Patriots-Broncos Logjam

    We all know that AFC stands for American Football Conference. It might as well also stand for Another Foregone Conclusion...

    Mike Tanier Written by Mike Tanier about 12 months ago 153,916 reads 408 comments

  13. College Football Superlatives from Kramer's Korner: End-of-Year Awards

    It was just August; how exactly did we arrive here ? Each year, we tell ourselves to relish each and every moment of the college football season, knowing the silent void ahead...

    Adam Kramer Written by Adam Kramer about 12 months ago 34,710 reads 30 comments

  14. Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Hot Teams and Baby Animals

    In this week's Hangover: Manziel Mania! Johnny Fever! All-access, 360-degree, 10-speed, 20-story, single-malt Johnny Manzilla stomping through the pleasure centers of your brain! ...

    Mike Tanier Written by Mike Tanier about 12 months ago 96,368 reads 89 comments

  15. Oregon vs. Florida State in a Battle for the Soul of College Football

    Last year's Heisman winner vs. this season's (likely) Heisman winner. Longest winning streak in the nation against the hottest team. And also what many fans may choose to view as Good vs...

    Tom Weir Written by Tom Weir about 12 months ago 73,097 reads 978 comments

  16. From Jim Harbaugh to Chip Kelly, Early Coaching Gossip Is Getting Silly

    Coach shopping season, like holiday shopping season, arrives earlier every year. We have all complained about Christmas decorations in the mall on Labor Day, even you 20-somethings who harken back to the days when Christmas began right after Halloween.

    Mike Tanier Written by Mike Tanier about 12 months ago 69,189 reads 78 comments

  17. Duke Catches Fire to Down Wisconsin as Both CBB Heavyweights Live Up to the Hype

    Early-season games that get billed as "potential Final Four previews" often disappoint. But Duke and Wisconsin delivered in a big way Wednesday night, both looking like championship-caliber teams...

    Kerry Miller Written by Kerry Miller about 12 months ago 36,867 reads 57 comments

  18. Ray Rice's On-Field Form Playing Key Role in Keeping RB off the Field

    Football teams make football decisions. With former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice still on the free-agent market, it's important to keep things in perspective...

    Michael Schottey Written by Michael Schottey about 12 months ago 47,831 reads 89 comments

  19. Mike Tanier's Monday Morning Hangover: Cyber Monday Deals on QBs, Playoff Spots

    Happy Cyber Monday, football fans, and thanks for taking time out from your busy online shopping schedule to read Hangover! Cyber Monday is the ultimate American shopping holiday...

    Mike Tanier Written by Mike Tanier about 12 months ago 92,587 reads 101 comments

  20. Aaron Rodgers Takes Another Big Stride into Realm of NFL Quarterback Legends

    The legend-in-the-making got his hand stepped on. It looked to be a bloody mess. But a bleeding limb can't stop Aaron Rodgers . A truck might not. Maybe not even a nuke. The throws the legend-in-the-making made, despite a hurt hand, were uncanny..

    Mike Freeman Written by Mike Freeman about 1 year ago 268,954 reads 562 comments