1. South Korea Defeat China to Win 2017 Sudirman Cup

    South Korea shocked badminton giants China on Sunday in the final of the 2017 Sudirman Cup, ending the team's run of six straight titles with a 3-2 win...

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  2. Bottle-Flip Guy a Year Later: 'Planking Died Out but Planking Was Also Planking'

    A year ago, Mike Senatore just wanted to be in the Ardrey Kell High School talent show. He couldn't sing. He couldn't dance. He couldn't play an instrument. But none of this stopped his desire to participate...

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  3. Professional Dunker Jordan Kilganon Has Hops That Make NBA Stars Jealous

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  4. Inside a Conspiracy of Comfort: Why It's Time to Rethink What Coaches Wear

    A new B/R Mag 'investigation' reveals the REAL reason basketball bosses still rock suits on the sideline—plus an EXCLUSIVE look at the Bill Belichick of the NBA

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  5. Red Sox Ace Chris Sale Is MLB's New Strikeout King

    Chris Sale , the Red Sox pitcher out of Lakeland, Florida, is making huge waves in the MLB and disrupting batting averages across the league. Check out his latest milestones above...

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  6. Malaria and No Equipment Won't Stop This African Bodybuilder from Making Gains

    In this day and age, it seems that every bodybuilder is using the latest fitness technology and funny-smelling protein shakes to get an edge. For this bodybuilder, he's doing things his way...

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  7. #FittestDwarfOnEarth Mikey Swoosh Raises Awareness with Awesome CrossFit Skills

    Mikey "Swoosh" Witous is a dwarfism advocate and CrossFit athlete based out of Indiana. Swoosh uses his social profile to raise awareness of the condition and show off his skills...

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  8. LeBron James Gets into Argument with Fan After Cavaliers' Loss vs. Celtics

    As if losing Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals on a last-second three-pointer wasn't enough for Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James , he also dealt with a heckler after the game who was subsequently ejected...

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