Don't Play Cricket Wearing a Watch

By Mark Patterson (Photo: Screengrab)

Bowlers rough up batsmen all the time in cricket with short, vicious bowling, but usually the worst you'll have to show for it is a few bruises or even a fracture...



And The Ones That Dont Make It... According To International Cricket Captain.

by Russell Hughes

Well, ive done a slide show about all the future stars of SA cricket, so I thought that I would make one about the players that are currently regular features in the SA side, but for some reason the game doesn't rate...



How RSA Can Bamboozle Dhoni's Test Team?

by keerthi kanth

Media, Hardcore Indian cricket fans and former players all over the world might go gaga seeing dhoni's test team performance but its untested test team. True, they never lost any series in 2...