1. Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva and the Best Superfights in MMA History

    The notion of making dream MMA matchups come to fruition has long mesmerized fans, and unlike the current direction of boxing, MMA enthusiasts can expect superfights to materialize more regularly in the coming years...

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  2. Arlovski Admits That His 'Legs Trembled' in UFC Return

    While 'The Pitbull' had a bad performance on the octagon after six years away from the UFC, he said that Greg Jackson and him worked on his mistakes against Brendan Schaub...

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  3. UFC Lightweight Mark Bocek Announces His Retirement on Twitter

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  4. Ronda Rousey: 'I Want to Be the Highest-Grossing Actor in the World'

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  5. Ben Saunders vs. Jose Landi-Jons Titan FC Title Fight Set with Riddle Injured

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  6. Alexander Gustafsson: Jones-Cormier Media Brawl 'Ridiculous' and 'Childish'

    Alexander Gustafsson isn’t impressed with all of the media attention Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are receiving for their brief scrap in the MGM Grand lobby Monday...

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 23 days ago 15,226 reads 48 comments

  7. Chael Sonnen Camp Waiting on Any Response from Nevada Commission

    LAS VEGAS—A lawyer for Chael Sonnen has twice responded to an official letter from the Nevada State Athletic Commission that attempted to prevent Sonnen from competing on Saturday's Metamoris event in Los Angeles...

    Jeremy Botter Written by Jeremy Botter about 23 days ago 13,098 reads 45 comments

  8. UFC 178 Will Overshadow the Entire Month of August

    It's the month of August, and the mixed martial arts community is raving about the approaching UFC 178 card...

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  9. Paul Heyman: Ronda Rousey Is the Biggest Draw in the PPV Business

    Paul Heyman believes Ronda Rousey is a bigger long-term PPV draw than Floyd Mayweather and the biggest since draw since Mike Tyson.....

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  10. Why Is the UFC Ignoring Luke Rockhold?

    It's hard to ignore an overwhelming athlete and competitor like Luke Rockhold. But somehow, despite its well-known efforts to push divisional favorites to the front of the line, the UFC has ignored him...

    Dan Hiergesell Written by Dan Hiergesell about 24 days ago 25,650 reads 203 comments

  11. 3 Best Fighters in Every Weight Class Outside of UFC

    The UFC is home to some of the best fighters in the world. However, it does not possess all of the best talent in mixed martial arts. There are a number of top stars outside the UFC who could easily be in contention if they were in the company...

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  12. Jon Jones on Daniel Cormier at UFC 178 Q&A: 'I'm Going to Make Him My Wife'

    Well, that was awkward. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones joined title challenger Daniel Cormier onstage Tuesday evening in Los Angeles for a Q&A session prior to their Sept...

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  13. Report: Chael Sonnen Contacted Randy Couture as Possible Metamoris Replacement

    Former three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen is still supposed to headline Metamoris 4, an unsanctioned grappling event, on Saturday, but apparently he wanted to make sure promoter Ralek Gracie had a Plan B just in case...

    John Heinis Written by John Heinis about 24 days ago 15,021 reads 38 comments

  14. UFC, NSAC Investigating Jones-Cormier Scuffle to Decide Possible Punishment

    Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier could both face penalties following a fight that broke out in the MGM Grand lobby on Monday at a media event for UFC 178 ...

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 24 days ago 2,609 reads 42 comments

  15. Roger Gracie Calls the UFC a 'Monopoly'

    The many-time world BJJ champ and UFC veteran has some thoughts about Zuffa's business practices and explains why he left the organization...

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  16. Conor McGregor: 'Fear Has a Strong Stench, and It Turns Me On'

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  17. Ronda Rousey Documentary: Reviewing the ESPN 'Nine for IX' Production

    ESPN's 30 for 30 and Nine for IX series have been nothing short of exceptional. UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was the latest subject for the network's latter series...

    Nathan McCarter Written by Nathan McCarter about 24 days ago 6,756 reads 22 comments

  18. UFC Contender Alexander Gustafsson Wraps Up Knee Surgery in Sweden

    Light heavyweight contender Alexander Gustafsson was forced to withdraw from the UFC 178 main event against Jon Jones due to a knee injury. Today, he went under the knife for corrective surgery...

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  19. Anderson Silva Dying to Fight Again, Says He'll Be 100-Percent vs. Diaz

    Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is widely considered the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He's the Michael Jordan of MMA , or maybe Michael Jordan is the Anderson Silva of basketball...

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  20. 10 Sophomore UFC Fighters Who Will Break out in 2015

    With UFC greats calling it quits on a seemingly monthly basis recently, current MMA prospects have huge opportunities to fill big shoes. As the UFC expanded its schedule over the past several months, it brought in many promising young fighters...

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  21. Hughes to Jones and Cormier: 'What You've Done Is Bad for the Sport'

    Matt Hughes, the UFC VP of Athlete Development, says Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's brawl was 'bad for the sport'.....

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  22. Diaz vs. Silva: It's Going to Be Fun, but Will It Be Competitive?

    Fun fight. Superfight . Competitive fight? Since the fight gods sent their messenger down from the mountains to announce Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva last week, there's been plenty of postulating on how the bout could be categorized...

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  23. WSOF 12: What to Expect from Saturday's Card

    This Saturday, the World Series of Fighting returns to NBC Sports with its 12th card to date. Headlined by lightweights Luis Palomino and Lewis Gonzalez, the card is looking to entertain fans and further draw attention to the young promotion...

    Riley Kontek Written by Riley Kontek about 24 days ago 1,572 reads 4 comments

  24. Metamoris 4 Has Potential for Crossover Appeal with MMA Fans

    Metamoris 4 is poised to occur on Saturday, August 9 and this offering from the promotion has the possibility to be their biggest event yet...

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  25. Mark Hunt Released by the UFC? Dana White Says 'Hell No!'

    The sport of mixed martial arts carries a 24-hour news cycle, and there appears to be something brewing with Mark Hunt's current employment status with the UFC...

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