1. Conor McGregor's Actions at UFC 189 Press Conference Are Perfect Marketing Tool

    A mixed martial artist can only climb so high with the mainstream public when looking strictly at fighting ability. In order to move to the next level, one must possess something unique that people can latch on to in a positive or negative way...

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  2. Cyborg Posts Pic of Her Curves, Unsure of Making 135

    Cristiane Justino might not have scientific evidence that it's impossible for her to make 135 pounds, but she's offering up some visual evidence if you're interested in giving her the eyeball test...

    Alex Tam Written by Alex Tam about 20 days ago 1,027 reads 2 comments

  3. The Question: Is UFC 189's McGregor vs. Aldo the Best-Promoted MMA Fight Ever?

    Breaking the UFC 189 World Tour down by the numbers yields some fairly interesting results. 13,142 nautical miles. Two fighters. Eight cities. One sentient toilet. And a seemingly endless supply of both staredowns and luxury hotel rooms...

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  4. Bader: I Want to KO Cormier, Get Title Shot

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  5. Watch: WWE Raw Crowd Chants for Ronda Rousey

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  6. Jose Aldo Should've Punched Conor McGregor for UFC Belt Stunt, Says Chad Mendes

    The vast majority of us were stunned into silence when Conor McGregor snatched Jose Aldo’s UFC featherweight title belt and raised it aloft at their recent Dublin press conference...

    Matt Jones Written by Matt Jones about 20 days ago 25,574 reads 249 comments

  7. Status of Every Bellator MMA Champion

    With the UFC holding events nearly every week and scooping up almost all the top talent in MMA , even larger secondary promotions like Bellator MMA have not been receiving the attention they once did...

    Sean Smith Written by Sean Smith about 20 days ago 8,271 reads 10 comments

  8. UFC Fight Night 63: Preliminary Card Predictions

    On Saturday, the UFC returns from a weekend off with a matinee card, as UFC Fight 63 touches down in Virginia. Headlined by Chad Mendes vs...

    Riley Kontek Written by Riley Kontek about 20 days ago 3,506 reads 7 comments

  9. UFC Lawsuit Against New York MMA Ban Dismissed, Appeal Considered

    A judge has dismissed claims surrounding the ambiguity of laws banning professional MMA in the state of New York amid suggestions the rules are too vague. Speaking at a ruling in the U...

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  10. MMA in New York: Assembling the Perfect Madison Square Garden UFC Card

    Mixed martial arts is currently roasting in New York's proverbial oven. Cooking at optimal temperature, the combat casserole has been taking form before our very own eyes...

    Dan Hiergesell Written by Dan Hiergesell about 20 days ago 7,874 reads 40 comments

  11. CM Punk's UFC Switch Impresses WWE Legend Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Rowdy Roddy Piper has praised CM Punk for making the move from the WWE to the UFC, insisting it takes a lot of heart to make such a seismic shift from your comfort zone...

    Matt Jones Written by Matt Jones about 20 days ago 25,342 reads 37 comments

  12. New York Strikes Down UFC Lawsuit; Appeal Considered

    A federal lawsuit filed four years ago by the UFC and industry veterans to break New York's ban on professional MMA was dismissed today, prompting a terse response from the industry leader...

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  13. The 5 Must-See MMA Fights to See in April

    Clear your calendars, ladies and gents. There's a full schedule of mixed martial arts on deck for the month of April...

    Kristian Ibarra Written by Kristian Ibarra about 20 days ago 8,917 reads 28 comments

  14. UFC Fight Night 63: A Complete Guide to the Full Fight Card

    Will the slipper fit? With March Madness at its apex, there's a lot of fairy godmother dust in the air right now at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Get your Claritin ready, because it is downright lousy with magic dust...

    Scott Harris Written by Scott Harris about 20 days ago 17,442 reads 31 comments

  15. UFC 189 Gets Featherweight Contenders Dennis Bermudez and Jeremy Stephens

    Headlined by a highly anticipated 145-pound title bout between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, UFC 189 has now added another featherweight contest including Dennis Bermudez and Jeremy Stephens...

    Sean Smith Written by Sean Smith about 20 days ago 2,006 reads 14 comments

  16. 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper on CM Punk's UFC Jump: 'That's What a Man's Made out Of'

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  17. Chad Mendes Talks Ricardo Lamas, Aldo vs. McGregor and the Great Outdoors

    Chad Mendes ' heart is racing, and he can't control his breathing. Sweaty palms. Dry mouth. Nervousness has taken over. He goes on autopilot, relying on the motions he's practiced over and over to prepare for this moment, and the deed is done.

    Hunter Homistek Written by Hunter Homistek about 21 days ago 7,238 reads 34 comments

  18. Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice Will Have to Pass out-of-Competition Drug Tests...

    A fight between Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice was scheduled for seven years ago and didn't happen. For it to go down this time, there will be some hurdles...

    Drew Morita Written by Drew Morita about 21 days ago 1,086 reads 1 comments

  19. Dustin Poirier: A Lot of Fighters Are Cutting Way Too Much Weight

    Just over four years ago, Dustin Poirier made the same decision so many fighters make when trying to gain a competitive advantage over potential opponents...

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  20. Khabib Nurmagomedov Twitter Trolls Donald Cerrone on His Birthday

    Khabib Nurmagomedov has been flexing his Twitter game as of late...

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  21. Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor Nearly Come to Blows at Press Conference in Dublin

    UFC featherweight contender Conor McGregor gave Irish fans quite a treat on the final leg of a 10-city world tour to promote his upcoming fight with champion Jose Aldo at UFC 189 ...

    Steven Rondina Written by Steven Rondina about 21 days ago 77,021 reads 352 comments

  22. Will Conor McGregor's Antics Bring Out the Best or Worst in Jose Aldo?

    UFC 189 ’s promotional “world tour” wrapped up in Dublin on Tuesday, with Jose Aldo , Conor McGregor and the excitement for their featherweight title fight all still alive and well...

    Chad Dundas Written by Chad Dundas about 21 days ago 22,473 reads 175 comments

  23. Ronda Rousey's WWE Run Cements Her as Biggest Star in UFC History

    If there were any doubts that Ronda Jean Rousey is the Ultimate Fighting Championship's biggest star (and perhaps its biggest-ever star), those notions were dispelled on Sunday...

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  24. Video: McGregor, Aldo Have Confrontation

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  25. Why Ronda Should Quit UFC and Join WWE

    Ronda Rousey is the most dominant female athlete on the planet, and after defending her UFC bantamweight title with a stunning 14-second victory over Cat Zingano and improving her record inside the octagon to 11-0, Rousey has nothing left to prove...

    Alex Tam Written by Alex Tam about 21 days ago 6,869 reads 8 comments