1. Hector Lombard: Who Makes the Most Sense for His Return to Action?

    Hector Lombard was on the rise in the UFC's welterweight division before an injury forced him to the sidelines earlier this year. The fighter, now known as “ Showeather ,” is prepping for a return to the Octagon...

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  2. Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes Have Heated Staredown, Aldo Shoves Mendes at Media Day

    Apparently, shoving your opponent during a staredown is the new trend among UFC fighters. Less than one month after Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier's infamous brawl at the UFC ...

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  3. Amateur MMA Fighter Loses Fight by Way of Vomit

    This much is certain: It's a sickening way to lose a fight. In another gut-wrenching tale from the hinterlands of regional MMA , two amateur fighters stepped into the cage on Aug...

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  4. For Ben Henderson, Controversial Fights Are Nothing New (But Losing Them Is)

    You didn’t think we were going to get through an entire Benson Henderson fight without a little controversy, did you? Sorry, but that’s just not how he rolls...

    Chad Dundas Written by Chad Dundas about 3 days ago 8,718 reads 35 comments

  5. Korean Zombie Injured, out of UFC Fight Night 53 Bout with Akira Corassani

    "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung is injured again. The fan-favorite featherweight has not fought since an August 2013 bid at Jose Aldo's 145-pound strap, a fight in which he ...

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  6. Why Dana White's Latest Power Play Should Be Cause for Concern

    Mixed martial arts fans collectively cheered on Saturday when UFC president Dana White yanked Howard Hughes as a judge .....

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  7. 1 Sleeper to Watch in Every UFC Weight Class

    Every sport has sleepers. In mixed martial arts, a sport defined by its depth, sleepers exist in the darkest of corners. They are the lurkers in the night. The unseen forgers of violence and beauty...

    Dan Hiergesell Written by Dan Hiergesell about 3 days ago 14,306 reads 19 comments

  8. Can Shayna Baszler Stop Bethe Correia's Horsewoman Vendetta?

    Shayna Baszler is set to make her UFC debut at UFC 177 . She was a member of The Ultimate Fighter 18 cast that put women in the spotlight for a full season...

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  9. UFC Announces Full Main Card for UFC 180 in Mexico City

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  10. Jose Aldo Shoves Chad Mendes at UFC 179 Media Day

    RIO DE JANEIRO -- During UFC 179 media day, Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes had a heated staredown at Maracana Stadium on Tuesday morning...

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  11. Dana White Found to Be in 'Breach' of UFC 'Regulatory Protocol'

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  12. Video: Title Hopeful Loses Championship Bout Via Mid-Fight Vomiting

    “We're waiting for something pretty exciting to happen between both these guys,” says a commentator who's completely unaware of the disgusting turn of events that's going to unfold just a couple minutes later...

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  13. King Mo Says Pro-Wrestling Is Harder Than MMA

    "King Mo" Muhammed Lawal doesn't think that Rampage Jackson's heart is in fighting anymore, especially after the two fought on the Bellator PPV. He also says pro-wrestling is harder than MMA ...

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  14. Joe Riggs on Accidental Shooting: 'I Thought I Was Dead'

    Joe Riggs details what happened when he accidentally shot himself inside his home, revealing that he took the time to say bye to his wife and son while waiting for the ambulance because he knew death was certain...

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  15. Dana White in Breach of UFC Protocol, Forced to Apologize to Ousted Judge

    White stirred up controversy last weekend at the "Bisping vs. Le" event overseas when he bounced judge Howard Hughes, simply because he didn't agree with his scorecards. A move that was found to violate the promotion's rules of self regulation...

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  16. Tyron Woodley Interested in Matt Brown Next

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  17. T.J. Dillashaw: "I Want to Become a Legend"

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  18. Cormier Shows off Training Battle Wounds

    Just filthy training today @akahq. How else do u train for a fight? U fight. Getting ready. The grind doesn't stop with a bloddy nose. Haha. I love my job...

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  19. Why Michael Bisping Should Get Luke Rockhold Next

    Michael Bisping (left) and Luke Rockhold have a legitimate beef and the UFC cannot let that opportunity slip away...

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  20. 5 Reasons to Watch UFC 177

    I get it. UFC 177 on Saturday isn't the best pay-per-view the UFC has ever presented. I think that's obvious. Injuries have ravished the 177th-numbered show from the prelims to the main events...

    Riley Kontek Written by Riley Kontek about 3 days ago 9,002 reads 23 comments

  21. UFC Rankings for Each Weight Division Following UFC Fight Night 48 and 49

    Following UFC Fight Night 48, it didn't look like the UFC rankings would be shaken up too much. Middleweight contender Michael Bisping disposed of unranked former Strikeforce champion Cung Le in the main attraction...

    Sean Smith Written by Sean Smith about 3 days ago 5,026 reads 27 comments

  22. Dillashaw: 'I Don't Know If Barao Had Enough Time to Recover from May's Beating'

    UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw certainly isn't lacking confidence heading into his UFC 177 title defense against Renan Barao ...

    John Heinis Written by John Heinis about 3 days ago 2,060 reads 10 comments

  23. UFC Contender Luke Rockhold Bets His Purse Against Michael Bisping

    Luke Rockhold wants Michael Bisping to put his money where his mouth is, and he is even willing to throw his own money into the fray...

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  24. UFC 177: Renan Barao Driven by Revenge, Redemption

    When a fighter goes more than a decade without experiencing the bitter taste of defeat the way Renan Barao had going into UFC 173 back in May, there is a sense of complacency that can settle in...

    Duane Finley Written by Duane Finley about 3 days ago 7,252 reads 67 comments

  25. Bobby Green Claims Donald Cerrone Is the 'Most Obnoxious As---Le I've Ever Met'

    Bobby Green may be a new name to a lot of UFC fans, but he's already picking up the nuances of being a major player in a competitive division...

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