1. MMA Retrospective: Examining the Career of 'The Axe Murderer,' Wanderlei Silva

    Upon hearing the news that Wanderlei Silva, “The Axe Murderer,” was retiring from MMA , I found myself both sad and glad...

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  2. UFC Fight Night 53 and 54: The 5 Best Fights for This Weekend's Doubleheader

    Ah, the double-fight weekend. It used to be a rare bird, indeed, but these days they are coming fast and furious...

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  3. Donald Cerrone's Stay-Busy Strategy Continues to Pay Off, but for How Long?

    Donald Cerrone closed out his UFC 178 weekend on a fairly cryptic note. After a days-long extravaganza of wakeboarding , leg-kicking and rib-splitting, Cerrone notched ...

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  4. UFC Should Take This Chance to Set Clear Policy on Domestic Violence

    The world of professional sports is marred by a situation that doesn’t involve action within the realm of play. Domestic violence allegations have swarmed the National Football League and other professional organizations...

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  5. Myles Jury Targeting January Bout Against Donald Cerrone, Cerrone Responds

    Myles Jury was last seen inside the UFC Octagon against Takanori Gomi at UFC Fight Night 52, a fight in which "Fury" needed only 90 seconds to defeat the legendary Japanese lightweight via TKO...

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  6. UFC Star Chael Sonnen and WWE Announcer Jim Ross Help Take MMA Back to Its Roots

    Answering a phone call when you aren't sure who or what awaits on the other end can be a dicey proposition in the best of times. When you're Chael Sonnen , and life is a constant roller coaster ride of your own devising, that's especially true...

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  7. B/R Women's MMA Rankings, October 2014

    Women's MMA is growing, and we must keep up with the times. Women are getting more and more opportunities in mixed martial arts and are becoming more prevalent on the big stage...

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  8. UFC Releases Full Backstage Encounter Between Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero

    The backstage encounter between Top 10 UFC middleweights Tim Kennedy and Yoel Romero has been released in its entirety by the UFC...

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  9. 5 Current UFC Fighters Who've Shown the Most Improvement

    Some fighters are shipped to the UFC with "greatness" stamped onto the package. For example, Anderson Silva immediately made his presence known within the first minute of his UFC debut...

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  10. More Than Conor McGregor: Big Fights Keep Coming for MMA's New Irish Contingent

    If, in the calming wake of Conor McGregor's latest and largest step toward fighting superstardom, you thought you were done hearing about Irish MMA fighters for a while, you done thought wrong...

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  11. GSP Refutes Report of His Return to Fighting

    Earlier this week, Renzo Gracie said on "The MMA Hour" that he was certain Georges St-Pierre would return to fighting in the future...

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  12. UFC Fight Night 53 & 54: Who's on the Hot Seat?

    The UFC is approaching another multi -event weekend, as UFC Fight Night 53 and UFC Fight Night 54 will be held in Sweden and Canada, respectively, on Saturday...

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  13. White: UFC Acts Morally First on Domestic Violence Issues

    timate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White , like most sports fans, watched the "horrifying" video of NFL star Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend inside an Atlantic ...

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  14. Meet UFC's Romance Novel Cover Boy

    Elias Theodorou isn't a household name, at least not yet. But he might be familiar if you read Harlequin romance novels...

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  15. Camozzi Announces Release from UFC

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  16. 'Minotauro' Nogueira Promises to Give Frank Mir a Hard Fight

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  17. Lightweights, Beware: Conor McGregor Is Eventually Moving to 155

    Irish superstar Conor McGregor vaulted up to the No. 5 spot in the most recent rankings release from the UFC, which puts him in a prime position to potentially battle for the featherweight title in his next fight...

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  18. Video: Kennedy Goes off on Romero After UFC 178

    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Tim Kennedy was irate after getting stopped in the third round of his middleweight fight against Yoel Romero at the UFC 178 pay-per-view (PPV) event last Saturday night (Sept...

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  19. Is Battleground MMA Worth Buying on PPV?

    The next Battlegrounds MMA show is this Friday night at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show will feature a one-night elimination eight-man tournament, and will cost 19...

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  20. Rick Story Looking to Derail Gunnar Nelson's Rise at UFC Fight Night 53

    Rick Story knows what it feels like to have momentum in the UFC welterweight division. The Washington-born powerhouse rose to prominence in the 170-pound ranks on the strength ...

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  21. UFC Middleweight Cung Le Suspended After Testing Positive for HGH

    Cung Le was uncertain about his future in MMA . The UFC might have just made the decision for him. In a statement released late Wednesday, UFC officials announced that the 42-year-old ...

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  22. Jeremy Stephens vs. Charles Oliveira Slated for TUF 20 Finale Co-Main Event

    This one should be fun. Assuming both fighters make it to fight day, Charles Oliveira and Jeremy Stephens—two of the more exciting featherweights on the UFC roster—will do battle Dec...

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  23. Cat Zingano, Not Gina Carano Was Ronda Rousey's UFC 182 Destiny All Along

    Three days removed from UFC 178 , it feels as though Cat Zingano ’s come-from-behind win over Amanda Nunes has been overshadowed by arguably bigger news. Maybe that’s to be expected...

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  24. Zuffa Statement on Cung Le

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  25. 53-Fight Veteran John Gunderson Withdraws from Bellator 128, Retires F

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