1. Report: Cyborg to Undergo Another Drug Test

    Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino is scheduled to be drug tested on Tuesday, which would be her second random drug test in less than a week, according to California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster...

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  2. Report: Hunt, Miocic Targeted for UFC Fight Night

    A heavyweight fight between Mark Hunt and Stipe Miocic is reportedly going to headline the UFC's debut card in Adelaide, Australia this May...

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  3. Anderson Silva Fails UFC 183 Post-Fight Drug Test for 3 Substances

    UPDATE: Tuesday, February 17 at 6:54pm ET Anderson Silva was issued a temporary suspension during Tuesday's meeting. His case will be heard during a full disciplinary hearing at a future NAC meeting...

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  4. Benson Henderson: Why Moving to Welterweight Would Be a Huge Mistake

    David didn ’t tempt fate after he toppled the almighty Goliath and neither should Benson Henderson ...

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 12 days ago 9,978 reads 47 comments

  5. Silva Failed 2nd Drug Test After UFC 183 Fight

    Anderson Silva failed fight night drug test, per NSAC. Failed Jan. 9, clean on Jan. 19, failed again Jan. 31...

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  6. Video: Rousey Hype Tape Shows She's a Beast

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  7. Reebok's Signing of Paige VanZant Confirms MMA Is About More Than Fighting

    The UFC has continued to join the mainstream sports industry through a number of large-scale moves. Its recent partnership with Reebok has created special sponsorship deals for key fighters on its roster...

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  8. Video: Gus' Mom Wanted to Punch Jones After UFC 165

    After their title fight, Alexander Gustafsson's mom wanted to knock Jon Jones out when she saw him in the hospital...

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  9. Watch: Rousey Trains with BJ Penn Ahead of UFC 184

    The tales of Olympic Judo bronze medalist and current UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey training with men in the gym have always been so epic that it's a ton of fun to watch whenever a bit of video footage emerges of her doing so...

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  10. UFC Fight Night 61: Who's on the Hot Seat in Brazil This Sunday?

    Frank Mir has been on the UFC roster since November 2011. Though, his time with the promotion could soon be coming to an end. At UFC Fight Night 61, Mir will attempt to avoid extending his losing streak to five straight bouts...

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  11. UFC Fight Night 61: 3 Reasons to Watch Mir vs. Silva Fight Card

    This weekend, the UFC makes its return to Brazil with UFC Fight Night 61. Headlined by Frank Mir and Antonio Silva, the card is heavy on local talent but has a lot of competitive fighters competing in its matches...

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  12. Carla Esparza vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk Early Head-to-Toe Breakdown

    UFC 185 will play host to the first UFC title defense for Carla Esparza. The strawweight champion entered The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 as the Invicta FC champion and No. 1 overall seed...

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  13. Brock Lesnar Offered 'All His Help' to CM Punk for UFC Debut

    Long before they ever set foot in the UFC, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar were World Wrestling Entertainment superstars...

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  14. Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva Seeking Fresh Start Against Frank Mir at Fight Night 61

    Mixed martial arts is a sport where growth and the progression of skills is required in order to find continued success. It is also one where the ability to adapt and change can be just as crucial...

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  15. Mark Hunt vs. Stipe Miocic in the Works for Australia Main Event May 10

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  16. Eryk Anders: Former Alabama LB Making Name for Himself in MMA

    Time stands still on the gridiron and deep within the hearts of every Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. It is one of the few places where Father Time has no jurisdiction. It’s a place where past, present and future are all connected...

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  17. Cyborg on Clash with Rousey: It Will Happen

    Before we get to see a fight between Cris "Cyborg" Justino and UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, we'll first get some sweet temptation...

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  18. Gronk: I Prefer Chandler over Jon in Sibling Fight

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  19. Dana White: Anderson Silva's Failed Test Screwed Me Up for a Few Days

    It's fair to say Anderson Silva 's failed test prior to UFC 183 messed with all of our heads a bit. UFC President Dana White is no exception to the rule...

    Kristian Ibarra Written by Kristian Ibarra about 13 days ago 19,018 reads 78 comments

  20. Video: Fighter Suffers Seizure Following KO Loss at Russian MMA Event

    Saturday's OPLOT event in Russia saw a fighter seize up following a KO loss. Watch the highly graphic video here.....

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  21. Royce Gracie: PED Users Getting Caught 'Shows That the System Is Working'

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  22. Punk Believes 'MMA Is Pro Wrestling'

    Well, I've got some bad news for the just-bleeders in our crowd, particularly those who despise pro wrestling...

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  23. UFC Fight Night 60: Matches to Make for the Winners and Losers

    Despite moving up a weight class on short notice, Benson Henderson impressed in his welterweight debut at UFC Fight Night 60...

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  24. Could a Welterweight Run Make Benson Henderson Into—Gasp!—a Fan Favorite?

    A funny thing happened to Benson Henderson during the 19 minutes he spent in the cage Saturday with Brandon Thatch . People started rooting for him...

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  25. Frank Mir vs. Antonio Silva: A Full Head-to-Toe Breakdown

    UFC Fight Night 61 will be headlined by a Top 15 heavyweight battle. No. 8-ranked Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva takes on No. 13-ranked Frank Mir . The two potential contenders are a combined 0-6 with one no-contest in their past seven fights combined...

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