1. Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones: 'I Said Some Things I'm Not Proud Of'

    There is something about Jon Jones that seems to unearth a whole other side to Daniel Cormier . After enduring years of competition as an amateur wrestler, the 35-year-old ...

    Jordy McElroy Written by Jordy McElroy about 7 hours ago 4,998 reads 13 comments

  2. UFC: For Dan Hardy, Sitting Cageside Is Close Enough from Here on out

    There's no shame in being gone and staying gone. That's true of life, but it's particularly true of combat sports. Sometimes you're just done and you have no reason to go back; no reason to even consider it...

    Matthew Ryder Written by Matthew Ryder about 10 hours ago 3,310 reads 16 comments

  3. Fallon Fox: Transgender Fighter's Success Putting Promoters in Awkward Spot

    The controversy surrounding Fallon Fox was one of the biggest MMA -related stories of 2013. Of course, how could it not be? A male-to-female transgender was tearing up the regional ...

    Steven Rondina Written by Steven Rondina about 11 hours ago 6,558 reads 131 comments

  4. Jury, Masvidal, Nurmagomedov: Who Should Donald Cerrone Fight Next?

    A lot of times in mixed martial arts, fights get made not because they are the best match-ups, but because they are the best available match-ups...

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  5. Glover Teixeira Looking to Get Back on Track Against Phil Davis at UFC 179

    A fighter's success is what helps them elevate their profile and earn bigger opportunities, but oftentimes, it is setbacks and adversity show the true measure of who they really are...

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  6. Nude Video of Jon Jones Leaked Online

    UFC light heavyweight champion has acquired a lot of haters with his numerous social media posts of himself talking trash.....

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  7. War Machine Letter from Suicide Attempt: 'I'm a Good Person with a Huge Heart'

    Former UFC and Bellator fighter War Machine tried to commit suicide in his jail cell last week, getting saved at the last minute by a corrections officer...

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  8. Royce Gracie on Eddie Bravo: 'Do This Rubber Guard Stuff and I'll Punch You...

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  9. Eddie Bravo Arrested in the UK, Deported Back to US

    For a foreign Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor to hold a seminar legally in the United Kingdom, he or she must obtain a valid work visa...

    Dustin Filloy Written by Dustin Filloy about 10 hours ago 6,141 reads 17 comments

  10. Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2: A Full Head-to-Toe Breakdown

    UFC 179 plays host to the rematch between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes . Aldo won the first encounter by TKO and then ran out of the cage to celebrate with the feverish Brazilian crowd...

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  11. Maine MMA Fighter Moves to South Carolina to Pursue UFC Dream

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  12. Jessica Aguilar: 'I Did Feel Like I Missed Out' on UFC; but Is 'Living My Dream'

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  13. Aldo vs. Mendes II: Complete Guide to UFC 179

    The UFC is back! After a plethora of fight cards throughout 2014 the UFC gave everyone a few weeks break from action. Now an 11-fight slate brings back MMA action. UFC 179 takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

    Nathan McCarter Written by Nathan McCarter about 15 hours ago 7,697 reads 16 comments

  14. Mendes Could Be Latest American UFC Champ, but Will He Connect with Fans?

    Chad Mendes has to travel to Brazil this week, once more, to face Jose Aldo for the featherweight championship...

    Jeremy Botter Written by Jeremy Botter about 17 hours ago 6,889 reads 40 comments

  15. Silva: It'd Be 'An Honor' to Walk with DMX to Octagon

    Pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd Mayweather has made it a habit to turn his ring entrances into a spectacle almost as grand as his fights...

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  16. Olympic Gold Medalist Cejudo to Make UFC Debut

    Phoenix native and 2008 Olympic wrestling gold medalist Henry Cejudo will make his UFC debut at U.S. Airways Center Dec. 13 at UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos vs. Miocic...

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  17. Read: War Machine's Suicide Letter Released

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  18. Velasquez 'Not Sure' If He's a Role Model

    Cain Velasquez never had designs on becoming a professional athlete growing up. The more he watched television, the more he believed playing in the NFL or becoming a world-class boxer was out of reach...

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  19. Should Dominant Aldo Move Up in Weight?

    As Aldo (24-1) prepares for an eighth 145-pound title defense against Chad Mendes at UFC 179 on Saturday, reasons for him and Barao (32-2) to move up in weight have arguably never been clearer...

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  20. Report: Gustafsson-Evans Targeted for UFC in Sweden

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  21. Page Lands KO of the Year Candidate at Legacy FC 36

    The Angel of Death strengthens his case for another shot in the UFC with his latest finish over Brian Hall to win the Legacy Flyweight Championship belt...

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  22. Cormier Named Permanent Co-Host for UFC Tonight

    Top ranked UFC contender Daniel Cormier is currently preparing for his January 3 showdown with rival Jon Jones with the light heavyweight belt up for grabs, but the former two-time ...

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  23. Report: Gustaffson-Evans Matchup 'In the Works'

    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is working on a light heavyweight showdown that would send Alexander Gustafsson into a headlining battle against Rashad Evans on Jan...

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  24. Video: Bisping, Rockhold Get Heated While Discussing Feud Origin

    How did UFC middleweights Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold become such heated rivals? The upcoming opponents and headliners recently discussed the origin of their feud.....

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  25. Counterpunch with Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold

    As their much anticipated clash nears, Jon Anik hosts a heated exchange in studio between middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold.....

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