1. What the Wil Myers Trade Bonanza Means for the Padres, Rays, and Nationals

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  2. Shields Still Deserves 'Big Game' Moniker

    One of the many things that separates me from the average baseball sportswriter (as opposed to the rare 5 wins above replacement sportswriter) is the awareness of my own bias...

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  3. Showalter Not Sure If Wieters Is Ready for Opening Day

    Buck Showalter thinks Manny Machado will be ready to start the 2015 season. He isn't as certain about Matt Wieters...

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  4. Kenta Maeda Not Posted by Hiroshima Carp: Latest Details and Reaction

    Japanese right-hander Kenta Maeda didn't get his wish, as Hiroshima Carp owner Hajime Matsuda has decided to keep his star pitcher in Nippon Professional Baseball. The Japan Times (h/t SI...

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  5. David Ross Choosing Between Red Sox, Padres, Cubs

    The Red Sox are one of three teams being considered by free agent catcher David Ross, with the Padres and Cubs also in the race according to Rob Bradford...

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  6. Shane Victorino Would Really Love to See Cole Hamels in a Red Sox Uniform

    The Red Sox have added three new starting pitchers. But that's not going to stop the Cole Hamels' conversations.....

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  7. Yankees Give a Stiff-Arm to Veteran Closer Jason Grilli

    The Yankees have not said they are done adding pieces to a revamped bullpen, but it doesn't appear veteran reliever Jason Grilli will be joining the cast...

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  8. Capuano: I Chose Yankees over Japan

    Chris Capuano said he decided to stay in the AL East instead of going to the Far East because he will have a chance to start and received good money.....

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  9. If the Yankees Are Going to Spend, It Shouldn't Be on James Shields

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  10. Manny Ramirez Needs Golf Lessons

    Manny Ramirez might just take the baton from Charles Barkley — or Marshawn Lynch! — as the worst athlete golfer, if David Ortiz 's charity golf tournament is any indication...

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  11. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remaining MLB Hitting Market

    The big takeaway from Major League Baseball's offseason so far is that teams are seeking out offense, yearning to acquire hitters in any way possible, whether via free agency or trade...

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  12. MLB Trade Rumors: Rumblings Around Josh Hamilton, Ian Desmond and More

    At this stage of the MLB offseason, trade gossip usually tends to reserve seats for the regulars circling the block on a close-knit set of customers. That holds true for one of the latest round-up's subjects, whose name everyone knows at this point.

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  13. What Will the Future of Cuban Players in MLB Look Like?

    The short answer is “we have no idea.” It's likely that there will be more freedom of movement for Cuban players and, thus, more of them will be able to come to the United States and ply their trades...

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  14. Playing Fact or Fiction with All of MLB's Hottest Mid-December Buzz

    While there was no shortage of action at MLB 's 2014 winter meetings in San Diego, the moves made there only represent a fraction of what general managers discussed. For the winter meetings are where future transactions' seeds are sowed...

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  15. 2014 MLB Free Agents: Rumors and Predictions for Top Available Players

    While many of the top names from MLB free agency are already off the board, plenty of talent is available for teams that are willing to pay...

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  16. Each MLB Team's Prospect That Will Become Household Name in 2015

    A prospect usually becomes a household name either by making an impact in the major leagues or exceeding expectations and thriving at multiple minor league levels...

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  17. Are the Yankees Headed for a 3rd Straight Year Without a Playoff Appearance?

    For almost two decades, the New York Yankees making the playoffs was more or less a given. That's a reputation and an expectation that materializes when, from 1995 through 2012, a team falls short only one time (in 2008)...

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  18. What Suppressed the MLB Hitting Market Spending This Winter?

    You might have noticed that Major League Baseball teams have been hot after bats this winter and that they've been spending a lot of money on said bats. But not that much, really...

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  19. 3 Available Players Still Within Reach of the Baltimore O's

    The 2014 MLB winter meetings were pretty eventful last week. And it's not as if the weeks surrounding them have been dull, either...

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  20. 7 Available Pitchers Still Within Reach of the Boston Red Sox

    The Red Sox have been one of the most active teams this offseason. Their lineup is set, but it's well-known they could still use rotation help and a bullpen boost...

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  21. Have the Royals Done Enough to Ensure 2014 Run Is More Than a 1-Hit Wonder?

    No longer is the American League Central the worst division in Major League Baseball, and the Kansas City Royals are partly to thank for lighting the fire...

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  22. Giants Wrong to Dismiss Buster Posey as Pablo Sandoval Replacement

    Buster Posey is the starting catcher for the San Francisco Giants —b ut should he be? It seems like an absurd question...

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  23. Video: Samardzija Welcomed Back Before 'Hawks Game

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  24. Miami Marlins: Host of New Players Make Marlins One of MLB's Most Exciting Teams

    The Miami Marlins made big news in late November when they signed Giancarlo Stanton to a record-breaking 13-year, $325 million contract...

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  25. The Royals Don't Look so Bad for Trading Wil Myers Now, Do They?

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