1. Fuld and Gentry Will Be A's Center Field Platoon

    So Fuld/Gentry will play CF, and Melvin says their ability to handle that position well factors into Crisp/LF experiment...

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  2. A's to Move Crisp to LF in 2015

    The idea with # Athletics moving Coco Crisp to LF is to cut down on possibility of injury and keep the leadoff hitter in the lineup...

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  3. Cubs Waiting for Castillo Situation to Play Itself out

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  4. Castillo: Tweak on Tuesday 'Nothing Serious'

    FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox appear to have dodged a setback for outfielder Rusney Castillo at the start of spring training games...

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  5. Who Will Step Up for A's to Replace Josh Donaldson's All-Star Production?

    It will be difficult for anyone on the Oakland A's to adequately replace Josh Donaldson's production, but it can be done—in a few ways as a matter of fact. The 28-year-old third baseman will be sorely missed...

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  6. Venditte Begins Spring by Recording an out with Each Arm

    MESA, Ariz. -- What has become a routine act for Pat Venditte is an astonishing sight for those watching him...

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  7. Fantasy Baseball 2015: Ranking the Top 45 Relief Pitchers

    With the top 150 fantasy baseball players all ordered and ranked on the initial 2015 Big Board , we've been rolling out the individual position rankings. All told, there will be (count 'em) 300 players ranked ...

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  8. Report: Hanrahan Released After 2nd TJ Surgery Needed

    After visiting a specialist on Tuesday, reliever Joel Hanrahan will undergo a second Tommy John surgery, ending his stint with the Tigers . Detroit released him Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press...

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  9. Cobb Named Rays Opening Day Starter

    The Rays named RHP Alex Cobb their opening day starter. Cobb will be followed in the rotation by RHP Chris Archer and LHP Drew Smyly in the April 6-8 opening series vs. Baltimore at the Trop...

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  10. Joel Hanrahan to Have a Second Tommy John Surgery

    The Tigers signed Joel Hanrahan last May, thinking that they could deal with his rehab from Tommy John surgery and reap the rewards of some late season bullpen help. That didn't happen however, as his rehab lasted longer than anticipated...

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  11. Report: Tigers Release Hanrahan After Another TJ Surgery Needed

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  12. Life After Trade: 15 Years Later, Fatherhood Trumps Fame for Ken Griffey Jr.

    Fifteen years ago last month, the telephone rang, general managers Pat Gillick and Jim Bowden conferred, and one of the most monumental deals in baseball history was completed. Ken Griffey Jr...

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  13. Phillies' Howard accentuating the positive

    CLEARWATER, Fla. - When approached at his locker before the final game of the 2014 season, Ryan Howard was a little surprised people thought there was a chance he wouldn't be in a Phillies uniform when the baseball schedule resumed...

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  14. Star-Studded Myers-Kemp-Upton Outfield Could Actually Be Padres' Downfall

    Here's guessing the average baseball fan probably wouldn't have been able to name even one San Diego Padres outfielder last season, much less all three. But things ought to be different now...

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  15. Disappointing MLB Superstars Poised to Rebound in 2015

    It is part of the American fairy tale: picking one's self up off the dirt, dusting off and coming back stronger than ever. And whenever a well-known name can accomplish such a trying feat, it’s all the better for warming our hearts...

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  16. What Big Spring from Kris Bryant Would Mean to Cubs' 2015 Playoff Hopes

    One way or another, Kris Bryant figures to be part of a promising 2015 season for the Chicago Cubs . But given the kind of talent the third base superprospect possesses, you ...

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  17. New York Yankees: What to Expect from Top Prospect Luis Severino in 2015

    Stop me if you've heard this one before: The New York Yankees ' work in the international free-agent pool netted them another top prospect. The system has seen this before—recently, in fact...

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  18. Projecting MLB's 10 Most Dominant Rotations 5 Years in the Future

    We are living, in case you hadn't heard, in the era of the pitcher. Last year, MLB scoring fell to a 31-year low, per Baseball-Reference.com , and the trend shows no sign of abating...

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  19. Andrus: I Took This Offseason More Seriously

    SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Elvis Andrus is an old-timer with the Texas Rangers , even though he is only 26 years old and just getting started on a big contract extension he signed two years ago...

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  20. Projecting the Los Angeles Dodgers' Final 25-Man Roster at the Start of Spring

    With the start of spring training finally here, it’s time to take a look at our expectations for the Los Angeles Dodgers ' upcoming season...

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  21. Wacha Puts Tough Postseason in the Past

    The first two years in the Major Leagues have presented the highest of highs and lowest of lows for Cardinals right-hander Michael Wacha...

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  22. 3 Reasons Joey Votto Will Have a Big Comeback Year in 2015

    The 2014 Cincinnati Reds were loaded with variables, but none bigger than their former MVP Joey Votto. After playing just 62 games last season, Votto uncharacteristically slashed ...

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  23. Black Welcomes Expectations for New-Look Padres

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  24. Cleveland Indians Sell out Home Opener in 11 Minutes

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  25. A-Rod Says He'll Be 'A Little Nervous' in Return

    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Alex Rodriguez predicts he'll be "a little nervous" when he returns to the field Wednesday for his first game in 17 months following a season-long drug suspension...

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