1. Dodgers Trade Scenarios: 3 Potential Deals That Just Make Sense

    The Los Angeles Dodgers made their first big trade of the regular season on Tuesday night, sending veteran third baseman Juan Uribe and injured relief pitcher Chris Withrow to ...

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  2. Juan Uribe Traded to Braves in 6-Player Trade

    The Los Angeles Dodgers may sit atop the National League West, but that's not preventing their front office from exploring trades. Third baseman Juan Uribe , who is in the final year of his current deal, has been traded to the Atlanta Braves ...

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  3. Every MLB Team's Biggest Trade Chip 2 Months from the Deadline

    From Johnny Cueto to Starlin Castro, there are all sorts of prominent big leaguers who could land on the MLB trade block in the next two months...

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  4. MLB Trade Talk: Ranking the Most Valuable Players on the Market

    Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and we're starting to get a sense of which MLB teams may be putting their valuable trade chips on the market as they fall out of contention in their respective leagues...

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  5. Assembling the Perfect Cubs-Mets Blockbuster Trade Package

    Concocting trades is fun, but it isn't easy, even from the outside looking in. There are any number of challenging factors that need to be weighed—from talent and finances to ...

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  6. MLB Trade Talk: Latest Chatter on Top Trade Candidates

    About one-fifth of the way through the 2015 MLB season, there's a general idea of which teams are contenders, pretenders or just plain bad, which also provides us with an idea of which franchises will turn into buyers or sellers in the weeks to come..

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  7. Early Breakdown of the New York Mets' Best Trade Bait

    The 2015 MLB season has reached May, but it's never too early to begin speculation about what kinds of trades the Mets could make to improve the team a little more...

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