1. Moncada Becomes #10 Prospect Once Signed

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    Yesterday, we gave you a little bit of a tease, giving you a glimpse into the making of FanGraphs Top 200 Prospect List...

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  3. Cincinnati Reds: 5 Hyped Prospects to Watch in Spring Training

    The Cincinnati Reds have a bevy of medium/high-risk and high-upside prospects in their farm system. Some of these young players will have a chance to showcase their talents against advanced competition at spring training in Goodyear, Arizona ...

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    Hope. Everyone enters spring training full of it, including —and perhaps especially —rookies looking to make an impression...

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  5. 3 Hyped Red Sox Prospects to Watch in Spring Training

    I've cautioned in the past about the perils of overvaluing prospects. Because of that, there's a nasty misnomer out there that I'm anti-farm system. On the contrary, I completely recognize the worth of having a young stable of up-and-comers...

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  7. MLB's Top 10 Can't-Miss Hitting Prospects for 2015

    Major League Baseball always is in need of good, young hitters, especially considering how much the sport has been controlled by pitching in recent years...

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