Is Rodon the Second Coming of Sale?

By Mike Rosenbaum (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

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    MLB Legacy Pick Ready for Own Path

    by Mike Rosenbaum

    One could say that 2014 first-round draft pick Casey Gillaspie was born to play baseball. The Tampa Bay Rays selected Gillaspie out of Wichita State with the No... Read More »

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    Early Flops of the 2014 MLB Draft Class

    by Mike Rosenbaum

    When a highly touted draft pick gets off to a slow start as a professional, we tend to draw hasty conclusions about his long-term potential or assume that something was missed in the scouting process.... Read More »

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    Early Breakout Stars of 2014 Draft Class

    by Mike Rosenbaum

    While it will be several years until most of the 2014 draft picks are ready for the major leagues, that doesn't mean we can’t get excited about the early returns from some of baseball’s brightest ... Read More »

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    Re-Ranking Top MLB Draft Classes

    by Mike Rosenbaum

    The deadline for signing 2014 draft picks was last Friday, July 18, at 5 p.m. ET. As you probably know by now, the Houston Astros made headlines for all the wrong reasons with their failure to sign ... Read More »

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    Not Signing Aiken Will Haunt Astros

    by Mike Rosenbaum

    The signing deadline for 2014 draft picks officially passed Friday at 5 p.m. ET, and the Houston Astros were not able to sign No. 1 overall pick Brady Aiken, according Jim Callis of MLB ... Read More »