1. Adrian Peterson to be Reinstated: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

    Adrian Peterson is on the path to resuming his football career. The Pro Bowl running back, who missed the final 15 games of the 2014 season and was under an indefinite suspension ...

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  2. Debate: Will Peterson Be a Top-5 RB in 2015?

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  3. NFL Will Appeal, Peterson Will Go on Commissioner Exempt List

    The NFL does not accept Judge David Doty's ruling that the league violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement with its suspension of Adrian Peterson ...

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  4. 5 Hidden Gems the Minnesota Vikings Should Have Noticed at the Combine

    The NFL Scouting Combine produced a number of surprises that teams like the Minnesota Vikings should take notice of, especially if they want to dominate the later rounds of the draft...

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  5. Can Vikings Nab Another 'Freak' from West Virginia?

    There's another wide receiver from a West Virginia college being dubbed "a freak," but if the Vikings have designs on him, they likely will have to get lucky or trade up in the first round of the NFL draft April 30...

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  6. Krammer: Vikings Smart to Avoid Big-Money False Riches of Free Agency

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  7. Minnesota Vikings Stadium Possible Host for Wrestlemania 33?

    After the new Minnesota Vikings ' stadium was approved back in 2012, there was speculation about how plenty of big events other than Vikings games would be held there after its completion...

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  8. Money the Most Overlooked Factor in Adrian Peterson Drama

    Much has been said in recent days and weeks regarding whether running back Adrian Peterson will continue to play for the Vikings if/when he's reinstated...

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  9. Minnesota Vikings: 6 Players Who Can Replace Charlie Johnson This Offseason

    So much for a quiet offseason for the Minnesota Vikings , right? Of all the white noise that blew out of Indianapolis over the last week at the NFL combine, the Vikings managed ...

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  10. When Evaluating Offensive Line Prospects, Vikings Confident in Options

    The Minnesota Vikings are seeking help to bolster the offensive line in 2015 and they could have plenty of options even if they look elsewhere with the No. 11 overall pick.....

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  11. A Three-Step Guide to Surviving the Adrian Peterson Saga

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  12. Tomasson: Adrian Peterson Will Return to Vikings Despite Rift with COO, Governor

    Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson 's future with the team is uncertain at this point. What's the latest on his situation? Will Peterson remain with the Vikings? Watch as Adam Lefkoe and Chris Tomasson of St...

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  13. Vikings Are Among NFL's Analytics 'Skeptics'

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  14. Uncertainty Remains at Signal-Caller for Minnesota Vikings

    When the Minnesota Vikings ended the 2012 season, Christian Ponder was entrenched as the team's starting quarterback even though he was forced to miss the team's playoff game because of injury...

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  15. What Should We Make of Reports Disconnecting Adrian Peterson from Vikings?

    Over the weekend, Bleacher Report surfaced a video suggesting Adrian Peterson — according to an anonymous, high-ranking NFL official — wants to be traded from the Vikings to the Cowboys ...

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  16. Brzezinski in a Dust-Up? That's Not Total Shock

    'm not surprised that Rob Brzezinski, the Vikings ' chief negotiator, got into it with Adrian Peterson 's agent at an Indianapolis restaurant last Friday. Brzezinski can get a little riled up when things aren't going his way...

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  17. Adrian Peterson's Father Denies Report His Son No Longer Wants to Play

    The father of suspended running back Adrian Peterson on Monday denied a CBSSports.com story that Peterson no longer wants to play for the Vikings ...

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  18. Rand: Peterson Is Latest Player to Have Rift with Vikings

    Our first instinct is to dismiss all the recent stories about a rift between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings as no more than posturing on the running back's part as he attempts to gain some leverage...

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  19. Vikings Must Add FS, Draft 'Run-Stopper' Danny Shelton for Ultimate 2015 Defense

    The Minnesota Vikings improved their defense in 2014 by drafting linebacker Anthony Barr and will continue to build in the 2015 offseason...

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  20. Adrian Peterson Won't Rule Out Vikings Return, Dad Says

    The way Adrian Peterson 's dad sees it, there were members of the Vikings organization actively working against his reinstatement. But even so, his son would not rule out a return to the Vikings...

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  21. Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft: 7-Round Predictions, Post-Combine

    With the NFL combine nearly over, it's worth taking a look at how mock draft boards can change and what the Minnesota Vikings might do...

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  22. Mike Zimmer Might Be Vikings' Best Shot with Adrian Peterson

    MINNEAPOLIS -- Last spring, when Adrian Peterson was still stung by the Minnesota Vikings ' decision to fire Leslie Frazier and still unsure about his future with the team.....

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  23. Tom Powers: Adrian Peterson Keeps Making a Bad Situation Worse

    It's becoming increasingly apparent that if you were to put Adrian Peterson 's brain inside a small bird, that bird would fly backward.....

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  24. Vikings Sign Linebacker Brian Peters from Canadian Football League

    The Vikings on Monday signed free-agent linebacker Brian Peters, who played the past two years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League...

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  25. Vikings Insider: Team Planning for Life with or Without Peterson

    Eight years ago, Rick Spielman and the Vikings touched down in Indianapolis for the NFL scouting combine and flew home even more mesmerized by a bull of a running back whose eye-popping ...

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