1. Bradford --> @MilesAustinIII. 27 yards. #MoveTheChains https://t.co/95bDN6alsr

  2. Why Eagles Play Austin Ahead of Other WRs

  3. Miles Austin A Steadying Presence For Eagles

  4. Austin Reels in 39-Yard TD from Bradford

  5. Figuring Out How Austin Fits in with Eagles

  6. Miles Austin's awareness rating in Madden is "I like turtles." https://t.co/Nns6rb1mRg

  7. This is what is going on in Miles Austin's head when he's playing football. https://t.co/9dOvNqshE0

  8. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin can't be gone soon enough, ICYMI: https://t.co/v9TbYfMrlN https://t.co/Mln5FIKmWQ

  9. Early Birds: Miles Austin's playing time; 15 points per game on defense; RBs in the passing game Read more at https://t.co/x1kg5KIK6f

  10. How is Miles Austin still getting on the field for the Eagles? https://t.co/gjdY9eYfR4 https://t.co/wT4FjCVn42

  11. Not a single target after the TD. Miles Austin, meanwhile, still played 31 snaps. https://t.co/gIZtMQ55Wj

  12. #Eagles offense snaps vs. Bucs. Jordan Matthews plays every snap, has only 13 yds. Miles Austin plays a little less: https://t.co/ptOX6iQUNl

  13. This game wouldn't have been complete without a Miles Austin drop. Glad we got it.

  14. There's Miles Austin!

  15. Good news. That was the first pass to Miles Austin. He dropped it, of course. Chip Kelly inexplicably going for FG down 24 points. #Eagles

  16. Silver lining: At least the Eagles haven't targeted Miles Austin yet.

  17. Good news guys, Miles Austin is coming out onto the field with the offense. #Eagles

  18. Why the Eagles play Miles Austin ahead of other receivers https://t.co/49TqKLYfEk via @njdotcom

  19. "Riley Cooper’s snap count tripled Sproles' on Sunday, while Miles Austin’s more than doubled it." Wake-Up Call: https://t.co/l5uOOKjwZW

  20. Miles Austin practicing...#Eagles

  21. They replaced their QB, LG, RG, WR1, RB1 in starting lineup. Also added Ryan Mathews, Miles Austin as contributors https://t.co/jb0nXHuCZi

  22. Re: playing time -- Miles Austin is playing the 2nd most of any WR, and the most of the outside WRs. Health has been a factor, though.

  23. Miles Austin has 12 catches on 354 snaps -- so 1 catch ever 29.5 snaps. Matthews is 10.2 snaps/catch; Huff- 17.7; Agholor-28.6;Cooper -28.5

  24. Shurmur on how Miles Austin is playing: He's competing.

  25. Shurmur on why Miles Austin is on the field: we’ve had some injuries. Working Agholor back, trying to play fast. He’s competing hard.

  26. Shurmur on Miles Austin: I think he's competing hard. There were some plays he'd like to have back.

  27. Signing Miles Austin among 5 worst moves Chip Kelly the general manager has made with #Eagles https://t.co/PpaadZ2sJj

  28. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin can't be gone soon enough https://t.co/v9TbYfMrlN https://t.co/Mln5FIKmWQ

  29. Chip didn't have an issue with Miles Austin on the INT. He focused more on Sanchez: "We probably shouldn't have thrown the ball."

  30. Forty five snaps for Miles Austin. Wow.

  31. If you told me a year ago that Miles Austin and Sam Bradford were key members of #Eagles 2015 offense, I'd be impressed with 4-5.

  32. Eagles Snap Counts: Miles Austin and Riley Cooper are playing a lot and hurting the team https://t.co/sykLqGgKtd https://t.co/8RGyj88yKH

  33. Don't understand why Miles Austin is taking 28 more snaps than Darren Sproles-- especially when offseason emphasis was using Sproles in slot

  34. I don't understand why Miles Austin is still in the NFL. https://t.co/7FuthYnOBW

  35. #Eagles offense snaps vs. Dolphins: Riley Cooper 52 of 96 snaps; Miles Austin 45. Their combined catches: 0. https://t.co/eQPh1KVUhp

  36. My #Eagles Up-Down Drill. Down arrows for Chip Kelly, Miles Austin, Mark Sanchez, Jason Kelce, DeMarco Murray, more: https://t.co/3wAmN7mRRM

  37. Riley Cooper and Miles Austin combined for 97 snaps. Zero catches.

  38. Miles Austin on INT: "It was play action and I was coming to left side. You're supposed to always expect the ball. Their guy made a play."

  39. #Eagles Mark Sanchez says costly interception was a miscommunication. Ditto Miles Austin.


  41. Mark Sanchez getting a lot of heat for that interception. But Miles Austin didn't even try to catch it.

  42. Awful throw, and what exactly is Miles Austin doing there?

  43. Sanchez almost hits Miles Austin for a touchdown. Ruled incomplete