1. Nathan Orf, Brewers Minor League Player, Plays All 9 Positions in One Game

    If the Milwaukee Brewers are looking for versatility, they should call up prospect Nathan Orf as soon as possible. In the Single-A Brevard County Manatees' season finale, manager Joe Ayrault informed Orf that he'd be seeing time all over the field.

    Tristan Thornburgh Written by Tristan Thornburgh about 16 days ago 9,745 reads 8 comments

  2. Minor League Manager Ditches Shoes, Tosses Helmet into Stands During Tantrum

    In the Winston-Salem Dash's (Single-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) final home game of the 2014 season, manager Tommy Thompson made sure the fans left with a great memory...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 22 days ago 7,173 reads 8 comments

  3. Minor League Outfielder Makes Nice Running Catch, Falls Through Outfield Fence

    It looks like someone forgot to lock the fence. Outfielder Michael Earley of the Birmingham Barons (Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox) did a great job of tracking down a fly ball on the run...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 29 days ago 7,950 reads 3 comments

  4. Minor League Manager Joe Mikulik Adds to Legacy After Post-Ejection Disrobing

    Baseball fans don't get to see many managers lose it on the field in the majors anymore, but luckily Joe Mikulik is still working in the minors. Mikulik, 50, has already had his fair share of memorable tantrums on the field...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 30 days ago 20,072 reads 10 comments