1. Asked #Angels GM Billy Eppler if he'd consider adding CF and moving Mike Trout to LF. His reply: "Mike Trout is our center fielder."

  2. Trout Continues to Tear MLB Up with No MVPs to Show

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  4. Continued Snubbing of Trout Is Ted Williams 2.0

  5. Donaldson Edges Trout for AL MVP

  6. Today's MLB Daily Dish: Would you trade Mike Trout if you were the Angels GM? https://t.co/FYD8wgfKPT https://t.co/jnjdqGAmiT

  7. Mike Trout (24) is youngest player to win 4 Silver Sluggers. Number of seasons he's played: 4. #Angels

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  11. #Angels CF Mike Trout wins fourth straight AL Silver Slugger Award.

  12. The Angels will own the web gems in 2016, between Mike Trout and Andrelton Simmons.

  13. The 2020 Angels have $78.1M committed to Pujols, Trout, and Simmons. The 2002 Angels won the World Series with a $61.7M payroll.

  14. Watch: Mike Trout Scales CF Wall to Rob HR

  15. Harden Throws 1st Pitch, Meets Trout

  16. Trout, Pujols Homer as Angels Get Key Win Over Astros

  17. If #Angels sign LF Alex Gordon upgrade at 2B, give Cowart 3B job, with Trout/Calhoun/Simmons, could have one of best defensive teams in MLB

  18. Andrelton Simmons called Mike Trout "a supernatural human being." "It's gonna be exciting for me," he said of joining the Angels.

  19. Trout Reaches 40 HRs for First Time in Career

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  22. Excellent piece on why Mike Trout may not deserve MVP this year, as much as it pains our hearts. https://t.co/W33olcuMM0

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  24. #MikeTrout for MVP! Or...Why We Should Go Crazy If Trout gets Robbed Again https://t.co/t1WD8PnBt6 https://t.co/Bcc9T26hxt

  25. Video: Trout Hits Grand Slam for Career-High 37th HR

  26. Now that all that is out of the way, AL MVP tomorrow. Trout vs Donaldson. I expect Donaldson but you never know.

  27. Today is the day. Trout v Donaldson. 3 pm PT https://t.co/pG9uATIdb8

  28. 2015 AL MVP: The case for Angels center fielder Mike Trout https://t.co/lp0AzzzAe1 via @cbssports https://t.co/3DjMwdLMrH

  29. A look at Mike Trout's adjustments in 2015, from @pedromoura, as we await the MVP results. https://t.co/RlEYCIyXy7

  30. Mike Trout likely to add his name to this list today. Announcement around 3:45 PT https://t.co/0dULPC07hj

  31. And soon...Mike Trout https://t.co/iXQTUYRaXP

  32. Imagine the kind of year #Angels CF Mike Trout would have had if he didn't go .218/.352/.337 with 1 HR, 7s RBI during injury slowed August?

  33. Trout went .367/.462/.861 with 12 HRs, 24 RBIs in July before injuring his left wrist in late July while diving for ball in OF. #Angels

  34. Josh Donaldson wins AL MVP. #Angels CF Mike Trout is second.

  35. #Angels Mike Trout joins the late Yogi Berra as only players to finish in Top 2 of A.L. MVP voting in four consecutive seasons.

  36. So #Angels CF Mike Trout has one MVP and three second-place MVP finishes in four years. Not bad at all.

  37. No surprise. Josh Donaldson wins the AL MVP. Mike Trout gets 2nd again. He got 7 first place votes. Donaldson got 23.

  38. That rough August, while Donaldson was tearing it up and TOR rolled, is what cost Mike Trout the MVP. Still had phenomenal overall year.

  39. Full story on Mike Trout finishing 2nd again. https://t.co/i2yJ4cbLgb

  40. Blue Jays' Josh Donaldson wins AL MVP over Angels' Mike Trout https://t.co/Q2hmaN9VnY

  41. Josh Donaldson is a great ballplayer. More than deserving of being #ALMVP. Mike Trout not diminished in the least. #BlueJays #Angels #MLB

  42. One of Trout's 7 first place votes came from @pedromoura. 4 of 7 from AL West markets. https://t.co/RkervvvsjT

  43. Players to finish as MVP runner-up at least 3 times Stan Musial (4x) Ted Williams (4x) Albert Pujols (4x) Mickey Mantle (3x) Mike Trout (3x)

  44. Not my MVP: Josh Donaldson wins AL MVP, Mike Trout runner-up. #Angels https://t.co/bGULoJ2uy3 https://t.co/nF8Pali2sQ

  45. AL MVP winner is #BlueJays Donaldson, by a considerable margin over #Angels Trout

  46. Of the 4 years, I think this was the closest the MVP case has been for Trout. Could have gone either way. Should have won in 12,14, not 13

  47. So in my book, Mike Trout should have 2.5 MVPs.

  48. Mike Trout is just the fourth player in MLB history to finish top 2 in MVP voting for four straight seasons. The... https://t.co/Eg3Q0LYwGk

  49. Mike Trout is AL MVP