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Is Trout Ready to Be Face of MLB?

By Zachary D. Rymer (Photo: Kelly L. Cox/USA Today)

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    Comparing Today's MLB Stars to Legends

    by Zachary D. Rymer

    If we had any sense of fairness, we would only ever look at contemporary baseball superstars in their own light. It's not like great ballplayers come off an assembly line, after all... Read More »

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    Takeaways from MLB Awards Week

    by Jason Catania

    Major League Baseball's awards week is over. But just because all of the hardware has been handed out doesn't mean there's nothing left to discuss about the honors... Read More »

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    Trout Finally Wins His Deserved MVP

    by Zachary D. Rymer

    Mike Trout is the most valuable player in the American League . Like, for real this time. Trout has been the class of the Junior Circuit since his call-up in 2012, but now he has an award that ... Read More »

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    Nike Designs MVP Cleats for Trout

    by Tyler Brooke

    Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout is only 23 years old, but he just became the fifth-youngest player to win an MVP award, as Major League Baseball announced... Read More »

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    Kershaw, Trout Win 2014 MVPs

    by Tyler Conway

    For two straight years, the analytics community was left murmuring to themselves as Miguel Cabrera eclipsed Mike Trout in the American League MVP voting. There won't be any such complaints this seaso... Read More »