1. Mike Scioscia gives @Target a Black Friday pre-shopping speech! https://t.co/VKXu0rIJKs

  2. Mike Scioscia reportedly won't opt out of his deal, plans to manage the Angels in 2016. http://t.co/W7jxmmZe2t http://t.co/RZ4JbQgqzc

  3. Manager Scioscia "inspired" by team, but #Angels eliminated on last day of season: http://t.co/inEnbqBHc2 http://t.co/fnOVnky3Na

  4. #Angels announcement of press conference says Eppler will joined by owner Arte Moreno, president John Carpino, manager Mike Scioscia.

  5. #Angels give Billy Eppler 4-year contract. That guarantees him 1 more year than Mike Scioscia.

  6. Mike Scioscia not ready to comment on whether he'll be back with Angels http://t.co/MlkJLryOyV

  7. Flawed as they might have been, Mike Scioscia called his 2015 Angels "an inspiring group." From the finale ... http://t.co/s1fWrrKnQ4

  8. Billy Eppler called the dynamic with Dipoto and Scioscia "a non-issue, probably because of where I worked."

  9. Scioscia: "I'm coming back."

  10. Mike Scioscia confirms he will return as the Angels’ manager in 2016.

  11. Angels Mike Scioscia: "I'm coming back." Won't exercise opt out.

  12. Scioscia: "I'm coming back."

  13. Arte Moreno says Mike Scioscia is definitely coming back as #Angels MGR next year. Talked with him today.

  14. Angels manager Mike Scioscia says he will return in 2016 http://t.co/ElfAWc1HAo

  15. Scioscia to return, thinks he'll mesh with Eppler http://t.co/FDZ0A8l1Iv of course Moreno, not DiPoto, ordered Hatcher axe

  16. Mike Scioscia will return as Angels manager in 2016 http://t.co/9oa5ZysKG7

  17. Billy Eppler has no fear stepping into Scioscia-Moreno fray that Dipoto left. He worked for George Steinbrenner. http://t.co/ab7J6LAO1A

  18. Scioscia, on returning next year and meshing with the new GM, by @_dadler: http://t.co/m4LZ8fzUEH

  19. Accept it & get over it: Mike Scioscia isn't opting out and will never be fired http://t.co/xNb0Tz4rR9 http://t.co/OaijNi6AqU

  20. "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes, and Mike Scioscia managing the Angels." http://t.co/YmUwMSyLTq

  21. Tim Teufel on how the Mets can beat Kershaw and Greinke: “It’s one hit – a Mike Scioscia hit,”

  22. The #Mariners' next manager will be their ninth since Mike Scioscia became #Angels' manager

  23. But it won't be Mike Scioscia, right? https://t.co/U0fZn8QX4e

  24. Eppler said he and Scioscia have been in constant communication, stressed this was a decision they made together.

  25. Angels GM Billy Eppler said Mike Scioscia was involved in decisions. "It feels very much like we're in lock step."

  26. Eppler estimated that he and Scioscia have spent 14 hours on the phone this last week. “It’s awesome. We’re having a lot of fun.” Aight.

  27. Mike Butcher talks about the Angels' decision to let him go. Sounds like it wasn't Eppler or Scioscia's call. http://t.co/9KXU8k8pIg

  28. Check out a great read that features one of Mike Scioscia's managerial successes during his tenure with the #Angels. https://t.co/27kUcKygdQ

  29. To those asking about Mike Scioscia: Not a fit under current Dodgers management.

  30. Hey, Mike Scioscia...Dodgers let Don Mattingly go, need a new manager *HINT HINT* #Justsayin https://t.co/Gz1mXo2g02

  31. Scott Servais has butted heads with Mike Scioscia in the past. Was not expected to remain with #Angels.

  32. Scott Servais to be named #Mariners MGR, with some background on why he and Scioscia didn't always see eye to eye. https://t.co/1qPI2f3aOW

  33. After butting heads with Scioscia in Anaheim, Dipoto said trust between GM and skipper paramount. He obviously has that with Servais.

  34. Wait, does Scioscia know about this? https://t.co/p06AJRGWNZ

  35. If Royals win World Series, Ned Yost will have more postseason wins than Dusty Baker, Joe Girardi, Mike Matheny and Mike Scioscia.

  36. Special pod guest @sarahcolonna dishes on Joe Buck anger, Twitter meanies & "Scioscia Face" https://t.co/pUySpWlU9F https://t.co/f5NUnnoL5t

  37. Mike "that's a brilliant mother******* observation" Scioscia https://t.co/sBqgYA5NZo https://t.co/W7xeTKZIn4

  38. Ned Yost about to have more postseason wins than Dusty Baker, Joe Girardi, Mike Matheny and Mike Scioscia.

  39. Yes, as some asked, Mike Scioscia was part of the interview process, along with Marcel Lachemann, Billy Eppler, occasionally John Carpino.