1. Lorenzo Neal, Dave Binn, Junior Seau, Rodney Harrison, Brian Roche, LT, Philip Rivers, Mike Scifres, Lew Bush, etc. https://t.co/5NDOwxBl0C

  2. Buzz: Owners Want LA Plan Involving Chargers, Rams

  3. Stevie Johnson drops what would have been a first down. Mike Scifres out for first punt of game.

  4. Captains for TONIGHT are Woodhead, Scifres, Butler, Reyes and Green. Arizona wins toss and will receive. Defense up first.

  5. Chargers captains: Donald Butler, Ladarius Green, Danny Woodhead, Mike Scifres and Kendall Reyes. Chargers kicking off to begin game.

  6. i feel like Mike Scifres is always gimpy.

  7. 45-yard field goal good from Scifres and Chargers lead 3-0 with 8 minutes left in first quarter.

  8. He's actually MORE valuable than Scifres. That seems like an awful idea. https://t.co/cCS5ERMGcW

  9. Screw 'em. Let Scifres kick. https://t.co/PgfdjFN3yS

  10. Remember: We have Mike Scifres.

  11. That was Mike Scifres' first punt in 11 #Chargers possessions.

  12. What a bomb by Scifres. 68 yards in the air!

  13. What a punt by Mike Scifres

  14. Great punt by Mike Scifres -- 68 yards -- to flip field position

  15. Wow, a 65-yard punt by Mike Scifres. That's flipping field position. #Vikings OFF on the field for drive No. 2. #skol

  16. Another reminder Mike Scifres is a weapon - this punt gets down at the seven yard line.

  17. Mike Scifres is amazing. That is why we punt that ball in these situations.

  18. Ugh. A rare shank by Scifres lands out of bounds at the MIN-33. A 22 yard punt.

  19. Mike Scifres had best punt of year earlier today, booming one 68 yards. He just had his worst: 21 yards.

  20. Mike Scifres visibly upset after that punt, which rolled ahead for 40 yards. Threw helmet to ground near sideline kicking net.

  21. Mike Scifres has not had a fantastic first four games. Not terrible. Not his usual. Some shanks, less hang time.

  22. Help us wish Mike Scifres a happy birthday! #WinAsOne http://t.co/wN2cUNSIRI

  23. Field-position a problem for Chargers. Punter Mike Scifres: “It starts with me." http://t.co/scVhMRrUxw http://t.co/RCxGTNRJ5h

  24. 58 yards on the punt by Scifres, who has eclipsed 50 yards on all three punts.

  25. Trainers looking at Mike Scifres.

  26. Chargers punt for first time since their opening possession of game. Mike Scifres down with injury after it.

  27. Your annual Mike Scifres lower body injury a #SDvsGB

  28. Mike Scifres walks off under own power.

  29. Nice punt rush there by @jrjanis. No flag for roughing kicker because ref said he was blocked into Scifres.

  30. Mike Scifres is limping off the field after the punt.

  31. Chargers punter Mike Scifres limps off of the field after being hit on the last punt. Josh Lambo serves as the backup punter.

  32. Mike Scifres is limping on Chargers sideline, favoring kicking leg. Taking practice punts into net now to determine whether he can continue.

  33. Mike Scifres hunches over and limps back to sideline after punt into end zone. Clearly in pain. Staying in game. K Josh Lambo his backup.

  34. Gates, Rivers, Scifres and Floyd deserve better than this.

  35. Scifres remains one of the NFL's greatest wasted talents.

  36. JUST A GUESS: Throwing Scifres on IR because why risk him getting hurt again https://t.co/XnNgFLlWk3

  37. McCoy praises kicking game. Says Lambo, Scifres were "bright spot"

  38. Coach McCoy says the bright spot of yesterday was the kicking game. Says Scifres had his best game of the year.

  39. Mike McCoy says the one positive from yesterday was the kicking game. Cites Lambo's FG (Chargers only points) and Scifres best game of yr

  40. Mike McCoy singled out Mike Scifres for "having his best game of the year." Josh Lambo, Darrell Stuckey also highlights in kicking game.