1. Can Mike McCoy make important changes? Probably not. Hasn't yet. It'll be up to John Spanos to decide that's not OK: https://t.co/GDjVdJVrkQ

  2. Buzz: Owners Want LA Plan Involving Chargers, Rams

  3. Carolina DC Sean McDermott will be a hot head coaching candidate. And Mike McCoy could further bolster his chances: https://t.co/MNYw6xO4xj

  4. Who cares how Mike McCoy acts at a press conference – except that it aligns with how he coaches football: https://t.co/GDjVdJDQti

  5. Back to the Bears: Don't be surprised if Mike McCoy becomes the OC there next year and Dennis Allen the DC. That's not bad.

  6. Mike McCoy is a joke. https://t.co/gB0MsqE3Wb

  7. Mike McCoy walked out of press conference today. But for the Chargers, the answer is still Javontee Herndon: https://t.co/gyOkVCEToc

  8. Mike McCoy is live at the podium. https://t.co/v1PktIQglM https://t.co/pMMNUJusqd

  9. Mike McCoy said it was "awesome" to see Malcom Floyd practice today. "He was out there, doing a good job."

  10. Squadcast: Mike McCoy Needs To Learn How To Have Fun https://t.co/asJ9e73DBY https://t.co/48ONz53qhk

  11. Adam Gase, former Broncos colleague, calling some of Mike McCoy's favorite plays. And Chargers defense can't stop them.

  12. Here is Mike McCoy's opening statement to the media on Monday: https://t.co/xxW2e3EU0I

  13. Chargers are getting blown out at home by the Chiefs. Already lost at home to the Raiders. How hot is Mike McCoy's seat?

  14. Mike McCoy: "The run game is nowhere where we want it to be. ... We'll explore all options moving forward."

  15. Mike McCoy has done a remarkable job for weeks saying the #Chargers don't have the personnel to succeed without actually saying that.

  16. Chargers head coach Mike McCoy says his team did not quit in 33-3 loss to the Chiefs. It was bad technique and a... https://t.co/7u6Vbio3qx

  17. Mike McCoy says the Chargers did not quit yesterday

  18. Mike McCoy says the one positive from yesterday was the kicking game. Cites Lambo's FG (Chargers only points) and Scifres best game of yr

  19. Mike McCoy singled out Mike Scifres for "having his best game of the year." Josh Lambo, Darrell Stuckey also highlights in kicking game.

  20. Mike McCoy: "The players did not quit" during 33-3 loss to Chiefs.

  21. Mike McCoy: "Looking at the tape, I talked about the week of practice. The quality of football didn't carry over into the game."

  22. Mike McCoy is live at the podium https://t.co/v1PktIQglM https://t.co/QrK81FhRvO

  23. To the 3 ppl who objected to use of "coward" in this column https://t.co/lBusRYnPN1 I'm clearly saying Mike McCoy coaches scared. That's all

  24. Chargers coach Mike McCoy on talk of being fired: 'I'm going to keep fighting my (rear end) off' https://t.co/2WerBCh7WU

  25. Weekly Fire Mike McCoy Thread https://t.co/dIOaS4hWMX

  26. "I understand. You have a job. I'm going to keep fighting my a-- off." – Mike McCoy, when told I'd be writing this: https://t.co/lBusRYFrbB

  27. Chargers head coach Mike McCoy said his team obviously played poor, and he was... https://t.co/ds5SOborsb https://t.co/bDAChwLrJq

  28. Mike McCoy: "That was the last thing I thought (would happen) after the way we practiced." SD was coming off bye. He liked energy leading up

  29. Mike McCoy: "Obviously, that was a bad day of Chargers football out there in all three phases. ... It was very poor. ... Very disappointed."

  30. "That was a bad day of Chargers football out there...Very poor" - Mike McCoy

  31. Mike McCoy using those timeouts today.

  32. I wish I could get Mike McCoy to admit he didn't call TO before Chiefs 3rd down with 1:37 to go was he knew his defense wouldn't get a stop.

  33. Dangit. If Andy Reid coached like Mike McCoy, this game would be tied. https://t.co/dng7GTD0Tw

  34. Mike McCoy says Chargers are 'salty,' ready to get things going again https://t.co/7agrBc7ISX

  35. Head Coach Mike McCoy on the Bolts' "salty" attitude, and why it could help them get back on track. https://t.co/UrCEWWdnxv

  36. Chargers coach Mike McCoy said TE Sean McGrath, a former #Chiefs fan fav, still has trademark beard. "Thick and ready to roll," McCoy said.

  37. Mike McCoy optimistic Malcom Floyd to play again this year. Adds if Floyd was asked, he'd say could've played last Sunday. Not cleared yet.

  38. this week's coaches on the hot seat: #Chargers' Mike McCoy jumps to the top (bottom?) of the list: https://t.co/l8Zheo1LtZ #NFL

  39. At 2-7, Mike McCoy was asked if the Chargers are closer to being pretty good or pretty... https://t.co/cA3xtCRRFZ https://t.co/nEcOTfhpwS

  40. Mike McCoy said Malcom Floyd is "working extremely hard" to play again this season. Chargers WR suffered torn labrum vs. Bears in Week 9.