1. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy: Chances of WR Davante Adams (ankle) playing Sunday are 'slight.' More from @ByRyanWood http://t.co/GA4OcuOcdz

  2. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy says WR Davante Adams has "slight" hope for playing, Morgan Burnett "definitely closer." http://t.co/Dj6aipG1k5

  3. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy would not say where the team is practicing tomorrow but I believe James Jones said it was at @SJSUSpartanFB

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  7. Mike McCarthy on Aaron Rodgers: “I don’t know how much better he can play, frankly. But you never know with Aaron.” #49ers

  8. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy said WR Davante Adams won't practice today, but he will be rehabbing sprained ankle.

  9. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Davante Adams (ankle) won't practice today.

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  13. Mike McCarthy: Quarless will be "challenged" this week. He has a knee sprain.

  14. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy here. On Quarless: Definitely challenged this week. Knee sprain. "Don't think he'll play this week."

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  17. Mike McCarthy: Morgan Burnett felt something in his calf at practice yesterday. We'll see how he gets through today.

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  19. #Packers RG T.J. Lang fined for doing "what he was coached to do," Mike McCarthy says. http://t.co/rmqRH26aoa

  20. Mike McCarthy: T.J. Lang did 'exactly what he was taught to do' on penalty http://t.co/QsskcmJyxo

  21. Mike McCarthy: T.J. Lang did 'exactly what he was taught to do' on penalty http://t.co/9O5tfvdnzc

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