1. Mike McCarthy calls out officials for OPI call against James Jones https://t.co/CpzgoXSpuZ

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  6. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy's press conference coming up at 5 p.m. You can see a summary of it here: https://t.co/9dgjaqWeWO

  7. Mike McCarthy: I would say David (Bakhtiari) avoided a serious injury. Don't have any medical updates, but the way he was moving around.

  8. Mike McCarthy on temptation for #Packers to panic: "I'll never panic. That's not the way you play the game, that's not the way you coach."

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  10. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy vows "I'll never panic" despite team's three-game losing streak. https://t.co/ci9ufvCOfT

  11. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy said WR Jared Abbrederis would be out several weeks. Didn't specify why, but he has a rib injury.

  12. Mike McCarthy, on the Vikings' offense: "I really like their receivers." Vikings might have the upper hand at that spot. Times have changed.

  13. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy will be speaking shortly. You can see a summary of his comments here: https://t.co/9dgjaqWeWO

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  16. Mike McCarthy on Lacy: "I thought Eddie looked good yesterday, had one of his better practices."

  17. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy when he saw sparse media gathering for this morning's presser: "Everybody must be watching the Tritons."

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  20. #Packers defense answers Mike McCarthy's challenge, shuts down Peterson, #Vikings https://t.co/DN049gK3wE https://t.co/VlFCae3hPp

  21. Mike McCarthy: Biggest challenge on the Thursday night turnaround is the health of the team.

  22. Mike McCarthy: Today is a combination of a Wednesday and Thursday (practice), but it's abbreviated.

  23. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy on facing #Bears Thursday: "We need to play a lot better than we did in Week 1 in Chicago."

  24. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy calls Thursday's Brett Favre/Ron Wolf/ Bart Starr ceremony "once in a lifetime."

  25. Mike McCarthy on #Bears/#Packers/Thanksgiving night/Lambeau/Favre ceremony: "Let's be honest, this is a once in a lifetime event."

  26. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy on how to prepare for injury-plagued #Bears: "Well, that's our business. That's what every coach goes through."

  27. "The locker room gravitates to him," said Mike McCarthy of Julius Peppers. "He's been a tremendous asset to our program." #Bears #Packers

  28. Aaron Rodgers is "sore" after Sunday's game, Mike McCarthy says https://t.co/HGjxsmdcd1 https://t.co/6jPgAQeMRy

  29. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy says QB Aaron Rodgers is "sore" after Sunday's game in Minnesota, but nothing severe. https://t.co/fGAGmsg4mK

  30. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Eddie Lacy played well: "More importantly, he was given more opportunities. That's what RBs need."

  31. Packers coach Mike McCarthy optimistic about Eddie Lacy return https://t.co/4l01MEIQAE https://t.co/7fWXoGgCR1

  32. Mike McCarthy: 'So far, so good' on Eddie Lacy playing Sunday vs. Vikings https://t.co/DyPPYrhcnU

  33. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he thought RB Eddie Lacy had one of his best practices Thursday. He'll be good to go Sunday.

  34. Mike McCarthy: 'No concern' about Aaron Rodgers' availability for Vikings https://t.co/HF8LCE9gep

  35. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy walked WR Ty Montgomery (ankle) over to trainer Bryan "Flea" Engel, then the rookie left practice.

  36. Mike McCarthy: 'No concern' about Aaron Rodgers' availability for Vikings https://t.co/yzLYHhTzaj

  37. R-E-L-A-X: Mike McCarthy has 'no concern' about Aaron Rodgers for Sunday vs. Vikings https://t.co/rJf2XrdtPb

  38. #Packers coach Mike McCarthy said at his press conference he has “no concern” over Aaron Rodgers (shoulder) and his availability for Sunday