1. Mike Leach inserted the phrase "Luke Falk chose not to play today," in his answer about why injuries weren't an excuse. Egads.

  2. Mike Leach has the secret to success in family Thanksgiving football games! https://t.co/VssDpKHAex https://t.co/h8XbvOdQEd

  3. 1. Thank you for the explanation. 2. Mike Leach is a classy guy. https://t.co/KbtXXkONJ6

  4. #AZCardinals LS Mike Leach clarified what happened on the PAT miscommunication in the 1st quarter Saturday night: http://t.co/NneVIyczPq

  5. #AZCardinals name team captains: OFF: Carson Palmer, Jared Veldheer DEF: Patrick Peterson, Calais Campbell ST: Justin Bethel, Mike Leach

  6. So Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury went all Mike Leach in his post-game comments after big win at Arkansas on Saturday. #OldSchool #ILikeIt

  7. Mike Leach isnt exactly Bill Parcells on the defensive side of the ball https://t.co/anEfkWyHJq

  8. Mike Leach keeps a Viking axe by his bed. Honestly, we're just surprised it's not a sword: http://t.co/NPJp5RLinQ http://t.co/tre86U1ly2

  9. Mike Leach is alive

  10. WOW Mike Leach takes down the Ducks. How the mighty have fallen

  11. Mike Leach was deadpan hilarious on that @Pac12Networks postgame interview after his biggest #wazzu win, at the Duckies

  12. Stonefaced Mike Leach after his #wazzu Cougs win in 2OT at Duckies: "It was easier than we made it" #crackup

  13. One Wazzu assistant wanted to go for two. Mike Leach wasn't having ANY of it: http://t.co/mVgUVsvuNe http://t.co/Ch6an9sZwu

  14. Don't mess with Mike Leach when he's in the zone. Even if you're his assistant coach and REALLY want to go for 2: http://t.co/QNBVk4VSFE

  15. Our annual rules for Thanksgiving touch football--including a play drawn up Washington State coach Mike Leach. https://t.co/4Umqhc6hsN

  16. Mike Leach would be emphatically pointing to the big screen right now.

  17. I know a school like USC would probably never hire Mike Leach, but I think he'd have that program back to glory in two years ... or less.

  18. Settle for a tie? You don't know Mike Leach. Down 3, the @WSUCougars toss this TD with 3 seconds to go to beat UCLA https://t.co/FO8CU4dyBt

  19. Mike Leach ended his presser yesterday praising Neil Young and disparaging disco: https://t.co/sG90YzKxfd https://t.co/oYaF4q5Cke

  20. Alabama wins time of possession 39:37 - 20:33. But remember, Mike Leach says that's meaningless.

  21. Mike Leach was clearly in a swashbucklin' mood after beating Arizona State: https://t.co/XFkkm8gHXE https://t.co/pEyTczibp4

  22. Shhhhh don't tell anyone but the Mike Leach experiment is starting to work in Wazzu. They're 6-3 and could have easily beat Stanford

  23. Washington State just went ahead of Arizona State. If WSU wins, it'll be bowl eligible. Another miracle coaching job by Mike Leach.

  24. Mike Leach said Arizona State should be investigated for stealing signals https://t.co/JkdRjbfpsF https://t.co/2SAdL3DDAv

  25. Mike Leach should still have to do the postgame sideline interview.

  26. Mike Leach remains a national treasure.

  27. Mike Leach 

  28. Mike Leach seems disgusted to be winning a defensive battle. Haha.

  29. Drew Butler's punt gets blocked. Penalty on Mike Leach declined. Ravens ball on the 1. BAL TD.