1. As others have pointed out, #Packers DE Mike Daniels (ankle) has returned. I have yet to take an adequate photo of him, however.

  2. New from JS: Mike Daniels, Packers far apart on new contract http://t.co/KssS0Jupij #Packers

  3. Packers and Mike Daniels Reportedly Break Off Negotiations http://t.co/DS4pbxpojm #packers

  4. At @CheeseheadTV: Packers and Mike Daniels Reportedly Break Off Negotiations http://t.co/V2ogxi9Izl #Packers

  5. Mike Daniels, Packers Far Apart On Contract http://t.co/P8WVQ1FnMH

  6. Report: Mike Daniels, Packers far apart in contract talks http://t.co/NQNy4JsP8a

  7. Mike Daniels reportedly seeks Corey Liuget-type money on a new deal with the Packers. Story: http://t.co/hJY7VVNZ6T http://t.co/8QCJs5P9YI

  8. All the #Packers preferred defensive players -- Clay Matthews, Mike Daniels & Nick Perry included -- are available for 1st time in preseason

  9. On DL, #Packers will have DE Mike Daniels but won't have Datone Jones (knee).

  10. Return of Clay Matthews, Mike Daniels fails to boost defense, plus a breakdown of the rest of the #Packers' D http://t.co/4SbnfAnMtH

  11. Only would-be starters on #Packers defense for #Saints' TD drive were Mike Daniels at DE and Nick Perry/Mike Neal at OLB.

  12. The Packers appear to be going with five defensive linemen for now: Mike Daniels, B.J. Raji, Mike Pennel, Josh... http://t.co/Xwz91ZzyFS

  13. Mike Daniels on Bears fans' hostility: "I welcome it with open arms. Please. Please boo me, give me the middle finger, whatever. I love it."

  14. More Mike Daniels on hostility during #Packers road games: "I love hostile environments. Embrace the fact that everybody hates you."

  15. #Packers missing 2 regular D linemen this week, but Mike Daniels isn't accepting excuses. "We have more than enough." http://t.co/l8GaOUurTq

  16. Mike Daniels and the #Packers' D-line won't accept any excuses with Guion and Jones out http://t.co/9dJXCqr45I http://t.co/zsEeWVPlBI

  17. Uh, Mike Daniels just ate Jamaal Charles.

  18. A @PFF grade every #Packers fan can enjoy: DE Mike Daniels given a +5.7 overall, +4.3 as pass rusher. Two sacks, 4 hurries. Huge night.

  19. Mike Daniels shedding Jordan Devey's block, oh word

  20. Mike Daniels is an angry man.

  21. Mike Daniels has the SD interior backing up on nearly every play

  22. Fourth and inches from midfield and Mike Daniels lunges across the line of scrimmage for an encroachment penalty. That's huge.

  23. Mike Daniels has been doing so many good things ... but that wasn't one of them. Too eager on 4th-and-inches, and Chargers get first down.

  24. Mike Daniels did not play above the officiating there.

  25. #Packers DE Mike Daniels on stopping Adrian Peterson: "We just had to bring the fire to him. Only way you're going to stop a guy like that."

  26. Mike Daniels is going to be a very rich man.

  27. Mike Daniels sacks Bridgewater with Mike Harris still blocking him

  28. Make that money, Mike Daniels.

  29. Adrian Peterson has come up jawing at Packers defenders twice on this drive; once at Mike Daniels, another time at Mike Neal.

  30. Datone Jones is starting in the base defense over Letroy Guion. He joins B.J. Raji and Mike Daniels along the D-Line.

  31. #Packers are basically playing a 3-3-5 nickel right now with Datone Jones, B.J. Raji and Mike Daniels up front.

  32. Yes the outside linebackers have struggled, but so have B.J. Raji and Mike Daniels. Raji breaks down the problems: https://t.co/S7uq5ggQMx

  33. Mike Daniels is going to get paid this offseason.

  34. Good lord, Mike Daniels. Destroyed that run play.

  35. Nice response by the #Packers on defense. Three-and-out that featured a pressure by Mike Daniels and a forceful tackle from Julius Peppers.

  36. The #Packers and DE Mike Daniels are discussing a contract extension, but the two sides aren't close. Read here: https://t.co/8oRSJuISaM

  37. #Packers have made little or no progress after months of contract talks with DL Mike Daniels ... https://t.co/hJodiOd212

  38. New from JS: Packers' Mike Daniels waiting for payday https://t.co/5xcnQhhw2r #Packers