1. Michigan Paying Jim Harbaugh $5M a Year Is the Steal of the Season

    Jim Harbaugh was introduced Tuesday as the head football coach at Michigan, returning to his alma mater after mutually parting ways with the San Francisco 49ers. And he's giving the Wolverines a hometown discount...

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  2. Biggest Takeaways from Jim Harbaugh's Introductory Press Conference at Michigan

    The University of Michigan made one of the biggest hirings in school history official on Tuesday as it was announced at a press conference that Jim Harbaugh is the Wolverines' new head football coach...

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  3. College Is the Perfect Place for New Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

    In the end, how things developed behind closed doors weren't all that important—at least not in this case. Michigan got its guy. Whether it was his first choice or fifth, whether family influenced him or not , Jim Harbaugh came home...

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  4. Live: Jim Harbaugh Introduced as U-M Head Coach

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  5. Watch: 'Harbaugh Coming Home' Hype Video

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  6. Debate: Grade the Harbaugh Hire

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  7. Recruits Continue to Rejoice over Harbaugh News

    Days after Brady Hoke was fired as Michigan's coach, the program's firmest 2015 commit stuck to his word...

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  8. Albom Welcomes Home Harbaugh with Letter

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  9. Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyer Is the Rivalry That the Big Ten Needs

    Jim Harbaugh ’s return to Michigan comes as a shock to many in the NFL who expected Oakland, New York (Jets) and Miami to vie for his services...

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  10. Tom Brady: U-M Hiring Harbaugh Would Be 'Phenomenal'

    We're likely fewer than 24 hours away from Jim Harbaugh being introduced as Michigan's next football coach...

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  11. MSU's Cook: Jim Harbaugh Is What UM Program Needs

    Dallas – The news that Jim Harbaugh will be the next coach at Michigan got very little reaction from Michigan State players and coaches on Monday...

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  12. How Quickly Can Jim Harbaugh Get Michigan to the College Football Playoff?

    According to the University of Michigan Football's official Twitter account , Jim Harbaugh will be the next head coach of the Michigan Wolverines...

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  13. Michigan Might Be Harbaugh's Easiest Fix Yet

    Now that Jim Harbaugh will reportedly take the job as the next head coach at Michigan, everyone will write and tweet about how he'll be one of the best recruiters in the country.....

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  14. Monday Michigan Recruiting Roundup: Jim Harbaugh is coming

    The return of the MRR updates you on the latest in Michigan football recruiting. In this edition, we look at the effect that the all-but-certain hiring of Jim Harbaugh has on recruiting moving forward...

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  15. 5-Star Says Harbaugh to Michigan Would Reignite His Interest in Wolverines

    ANN ARBOR -- Hours after Michigan fired Brady Hoke on Dec. 2, the program lost its top-rated 2015 commitment when five-star tight end Chris Clark re-opened up his recruitment...

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  16. Jim Harbaugh Is the 1 Man Who Can Save Michigan Football

    At a critical moment for Michigan football—with hope seeping out of the program little by little—the Wolverines discovered an industrial patch. In Jim Harbaugh , there is life...

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  17. Michigan Football: Players to Watch in High School All-American Game

    Thanks to continuous slides in the wrong direction, Michigan ended up losing eight high-end pieces to its 2015 class...

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  18. Harbaugh's Ability to Develop Talent, Squeeze Most out Players Sets Him Apart

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