1. Harbaugh's Ability to Develop Talent, Squeeze Most out Players Sets Him Apart

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  2. It's Now or Never for Jim Harbaugh to Coach Michigan

    Michigan fans are giddy with anticipation that Jim Harbaugh will soon be their next head coach. National sentiment held that Harbaugh would never leave the NFL, but the buzz ...

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  3. Jim Harbaugh: Michigan Desperately Wants Him, but Is the Feeling Mutual?

    The Michigan Wolverines have won more games than any other team in college football history, but they have fallen out of prominence recently...

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  4. If Jim Harbaugh Turns Michigan Down, Where Should Wolverines Go Next?

    Everyone’s thinking about what could be if—and ultimately when, depending on whom you ask— Jim Harbaugh decides to leave the San Francisco 49ers for Michigan...

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  5. Hiring Harbaugh Would Boost Michigan's Profile, Sales

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  6. From War Paint to Shakespeare, Harbaugh's Competitive Antics Memorable...

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  7. Inside the Pocket: Jim Harbaugh Bound to Disappoint Michigan

    As we enter Day 77 of Jim Harbaugh Watch, it appears we are on a freight train heading toward a railroad switch at well over 100 miles per hour...

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  8. Jim Harbaugh on UM: 'What Will Happen Will Happen'

    San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh keeps coming up with new ways to refresh his response to questions about his coaching future, particularly in terms of Michigan...

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  9. John Harbaugh Talks Jim Harbaugh's Future

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  10. Forbes: Michigan Football the Third-Most Valuable Team in America

    In case anyone was wondering about whether or not Michigan could afford to offer the moon to Jim Harbaugh to run its football program, think again...

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  11. Michigan Football: Holiday Wish List for the Wolverines

    Michigan fans are sulking at home while rivals Michigan State and Ohio State are both Top 10 teams in major postseason bowls. It’ll be a long offseason in Ann Arbor as the team searches for both a new coach and a permanent athletic director...

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  12. Michigan Football: What Could Have Been for Wolverines in 2014

    A lot of things were supposed to happen in 2014 for Michigan—but very few, if any, came to fruition for Brady Hoke ’s once-again-lowly Wolverines...

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  13. Jim Harbaugh Would Need Years to Turn Michigan into National Title Contender

    Jim Harbaugh might be the best man for the job, but that doesn't mean the Michigan Wolverines would transform overnight upon his arrival...

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  14. Michigan Football: Who Will Be Wolverines' Leaders on the Field in 2015?

    Michigan’s cream must rise to the top—either that, or it'll have another laughable football season in 2015. With a new coach and new direction, the Wolverines' only choice is to start over...

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  15. Video: Michigan Fan Creates Jim Harbaugh Hype Video

    Reports are swirling around the college football world that Michigan has made an offer to Jim Harbaugh to become the Wolverines' next head football coach...

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  16. Column: Jim Harbaugh Has a Little Crazy in Him, so Does Michigan

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  17. Michigan RB Drake Johnson Undergoes Surgery

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  18. Why Michigan's Next Coach Should Keep Greg Mattison

    Michigan is currently waiting to see whether its massive offer to San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is enough to lure him back to Ann Arbor...

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  19. Fan's “Sometimes You Have to Go Back…To Michigan” Harbaugh Video

    Jim Harbaugh Michigan highlights with a Matthew McConaughey voiceover apparently equals one awesome hype video. .....

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  20. B/R Radio: Did Harbaugh Leak U-M Contract Details?

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  21. Schefter Not Convinced U-M Will Land Harbaugh

    Adam Schefter, ESPN's NFL “insider” and Michigan alumnus, still does not think Jim Harbaugh will wind up coaching at Michigan even after reportedly being offered the richest deal in college football coaching...

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  22. Michigan Declines Comment on Harbaugh Reports

    Michigan officials would not comment Wednesday night on various media reports the school has made 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh a six-year offer for as much as $49 million, to be its new football coach...

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  23. Harbaugh Took Less Than Michigan Offered in 2011

    For those who believe 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wouldn't use his alma mater as leverage for his next job, here's perhaps conclusive evidence that he would...

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  24. Jim Harbaugh Is 'Absolutely' Worth $49M to the Michigan Wolverines

    According to Arizona CBS affiliate reporter Joe Pequeno and NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport , Jim Harbaugh was offered just under $50 million by the Michigan Wolverines to become their new head coach...

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  25. Report: U-M Offering Harbaugh 6-Yr/$49M Deal

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