1. What a Sports Star's Diet Looks Like

    As sports fans who don't need to stick to a strict diet each and every day, we're often found stuffing our faces—and bellies—with junk food and beer anytime we watch our favorite teams...

    Nick Dimengo Written by Nick Dimengo about 12 days ago 24,437 reads 14 comments

  2. Michael Phelps: Latest Details, Comments on Possible USA Swimming Reinstatement

    Michael Phelps was stripped of a vital part of his comeback when USA Swimming decided to ban him from the 2015 world championships, but it turns out the 29-year-old superstar could potentially be part of the festivities in July and August after all..

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 27 days ago 5,267 reads 1 comments