1. Michael Oher beaten badly by Bruce Irvin. Just the third sack of the season for Cam Newton.

  2. Irvin blew right by Michael Oher of Blind Side fame there.

  3. Bruce Irvin got around LT Michael Oher with relative ease for that sack, forcing a Carolina punt.

  4. Bruce Irvin beats LT Michael Oher for 3rd-down sack of Cam Newton to put thudding end to 1st Panthers drive. #Seahawks

  5. Brice Irvin beats Michael Oher to sack Cam Newton on Newton's Blind... well, you know.

  6. Seattle's Bruce Irvin runs right by #Panthers LT Michael Oher for sack.

  7. All the #BlindSide tweets after Bruce Irvin blows by Michael Oher to sack Cam Newton. #Seahawks #Panthers

  8. Bennett blows up Oher and a pulling Turner to throw Stewart for a loss.

  9. Panthers overload right side again with Oher flanking Remmers. Tolbert picks up the first.

  10. Eagles decline holding call on Oher. Nortman out to punt to SProles.

  11. Panthers' possession begins with a holding call on Oher.

  12. Panthers' line still Oher-Scott-Velasco-Turner-Remmers.

  13. Rivera mostly pleased with how makeshift offensive line performed. Real good game for Oher, Velasco and Silatolu.

  14. Michael Oher's protection of Panthers' blind side limits Blind Side mentions. @josephperson: https://t.co/ncBvdOBUyv https://t.co/pfQyvrvqur

  15. Three consecutive penalties. Oher false start. Then back-to-back neutral zone infractions on Washington.

  16. Oher holding.

  17. With most of the starters sitting out some of the 4th yesterday, only two remain at 100 percent snaps for the year: Oher & Remmers.

  18. Oher's HS hoops coach in Memphis had to break up his 1-on-1 games w/ Hardy b/c they were too physical. Can't wait to watch that matchup.

  19. Panthers' Michael Oher vs. Cowboys Greg Hardy? That dates to high school. @josephperson: https://t.co/9SGICd9PNZ https://t.co/ZIuJcNYi1x

  20. Michael Oher ready to renew rivalry with former high school & college teammate Greg Hardy. https://t.co/1EimtxKZCR https://t.co/oMK2jFjbVC

  21. Michael Oher & Greg Hardy, once teammates @ 2 schools & 2 sports, face off Thurs. in Dallas. https://t.co/1EimtxtoLj https://t.co/EKAjb2X1c3

  22. Michael Oher says he stays in good touch with Greg Hardy although he did not want to discuss Hardy's off-the-field issues.

  23. Panthers OT Michael Oher doesn't think Dallas DE Greg Hardy would try to intentionally hurt Cam Newton on... https://t.co/AGwXhlSwfK

  24. Michael Oher on playing hoops w/ Greg Hardy in HS: "We both thought we were going to the NBA."

  25. Michael Oher flagged for holding.

  26. Michael Oher happy to be out of spotlight. Why that's a good thing for Panthers, Cam Newton. https://t.co/0689rjTRxH https://t.co/pSOMiPBeis

  27. Panthers cover: Michael Oher goes from Blind Side to silent movie, and that's a good thing. @APSE_sportmedia https://t.co/8XyqEeLNYg

  28. Ron Rivera thought he would get to meet Sandra Bullock after Panthers signed Michael Oher. Except … Oher has never met Sandra Bullock.

  29. Michael Oher had plenty of fame. But no one's talking about him now; that's a good thing. https://t.co/0689rjTRxH https://t.co/CAmfmSS2wU

  30. Panthers tackle Michael Oher on his dancing quarterback. https://t.co/ZIYOkuEls6 https://t.co/Ys8HreP6ea

  31. AM repost: Michael Oher says he wasn't "the guy for the job" with Titans. Better fit in CAR. https://t.co/z6fdnpvNuG https://t.co/Nwr6ns6vyX

  32. ICYMI Michael Oher blindsiding critics that said #Panthers erred in signing him https://t.co/svMNRGCGl3

  33. #Panthers OT Michael Oher on his season with #Titans: "I wasn't their kind of guy." https://t.co/z6fdnpNoTg https://t.co/L6XnrJNgyj

  34. Panthers OT Michael Oher on season with Titans: "I wasn't their kind of guy." @josephperson https://t.co/L5tAP0ChAm https://t.co/re7vUQhTYH

  35. Michael Oher blindsiding critics that said #Panthers erred in signing him https://t.co/svMNRGCGl3

  36. Michael Oher has been a great fit in Carolina after it didn't work in Tennessee. He faces his former team Sunday: https://t.co/mLdkNIrbwa

  37. Rivera on former Titan Michael Oher: "He's brought stability. And a toughness."