1. Michael Mauti, who was in the Superdome the night of Steve Gleason's famous blocked punt, shared Katrina memories: http://t.co/VIRRp5lz3D

  2. Great effort play by Michael Mauti on kick coverage, Blocked initially, got of it and may have prevented a big return. #Vikings

  3. #Vikings LB snaps at DAL: Kendricks (27), Watts (23), Barr (17), Robinson (17), Hodges (13), Cole (11), Greenway (8), Peters (5), Mauti (3)

  4. Earlier this month, @Audiesel1 and @Michael_Mauti went to work at @ExtermeSandbox. WATCH: http://t.co/PE3SUAiYX0 http://t.co/jAynLnn3Xy

  5. Mike Mauti is one of my “5 Players Playing For Their Job Tonight” (http://t.co/UEYZ46c31L) Penalties aren’t going to help his case. #Vikings

  6. Mike Mauti making the game tape late in this one. He might need it. #Vikings

  7. Michael Mauti helping his roster chances with blocked punt

  8. #Vikings block Brett Kern's punt. Michael Mauti blocked it and recovered it.

  9. #Vikings block Brett Kern's punt. Michael Mauti blocked it and recovered it.

  10. Mike Mauti doing everything he can to make the roster, blocks a punt and recovers it. #Vikings

  11. Michael Mauti makes a good final impression, blocking and recovering a punt. Could be one of those plays that helps keep him on the roster.

  12. Well that didn't go well. The #Vikings Mauti blocks and recovers the #Titans punt.

  13. Well, if Mauti's last big play for Vikings was blocked punt and recovery, that's just the way I want to remember him here.

  14. I want to put LB Mike Mauti on final 53 but would have 8 LBs. Tricky spot. #Vikings

  15. Sounds like Michael Mauti will make the Vikings' final roster.

  16. Now the #Vikings changed their mind on Michael Mauti, according to a league source. They're releasing him.

  17. #Vikings have released linebacker Michael Mauti, source says.

  18. Michael Mauti had worry about his prospects when I talked to him Thursday night. Was hoping his blocked punt would help him. It didn't.

  19. Yankey, Mauti and Fruechte among those let go by #Vikings at deadline. Official list should be coming this evening http://t.co/ZNw9Tjfq20

  20. Right now, I have the #Vikings at 56 w/o Thompson and Mauti QB 3, RB 3, FB 1, WR 6, TE 4, OL 10, DE 6, DT 5, LB 6, CB 5, S 4, ST 3

  21. Vikings had to keep Heinicke to save him from poaching. Which meant some depth had to go...mauti was it.

  22. Only mildly surprising #Vikings cut to me: LB Michael Mauti. Special teamer/energy guy.

  23. The Saints have claimed former #Vikings linebacker Michael Mauti, per source.

  24. Michael Mauti is a New Orleans native, so he's returning home.

  25. Michael Mauti headed home to New Orleans after the Saints claimed him.

  26. LB Michael Mauti's agent confirms he's heading to New Orleans after being waived by #Vikings yesterday

  27. #Vikings weren't awarded with a player claim. Mauti was the only player claimed among the cuts.

  28. #Saints added 2 players via waivers: #Vikings LB Michael Mauti and #Seahawks DE Obum Gwacham, per ESPN's Field... http://t.co/ED1N7DKZFd

  29. Off of NFL's official transaction list, #Vikings claim nobody off waivers and Michael Mauti (New Orleans) is only #Vikings player claimed.

  30. Per @christomasson , Michael Mauti was only Vikings player claimed off waivers from yesterday (New Orleans)

  31. LB Mike Mauti the only player the #Vikings waived yesterday that was claimed by another team. OL Tyrus Thompson cleared waivers, now on IR.

  32. Michael Mauti was the only player the #Vikings waived that was claimed by another team (Saints).

  33. #Vikings not awarded any players on waivers. Mauti only player waived to join new team (Saints). Yankey, 2014 fifth-rounder, unclaimed.

  34. LB Michael Mauti claimed on waivers by Saints from #Vikings and three committed so far to Minnesota practice squad. http://t.co/70r3vYTOHS

  35. #Vikings begin filling out practice squad, Saints claim Michael Mauti http://t.co/Sh2noAU4Yj

  36. Vikings GM Rick Spielman interview, talking cuts,Zimmer, Mauti, Teddy and more: http://t.co/w7AvIgMNQF

  37. Episode 004: Saying Good-bye to Michael Mauti | View from the Cheap Seats - A Minnesota Vikings Podcast http://t.co/qmHuI7Uuzt

  38. Good for Michael Mauti in his chance with the Saints. Former #Vikings LB blocks punt and gets TD. Former teammates excited.