1. Saints Acquire TE Michael Hoomanawanui From Patriots http://t.co/dd28hSF4wJ http://t.co/CFsdKqtEBp

  2. Hoomanawanui Addition Has Afforded Payton New Wrinkles

  3. Michael Hoomanawanui Catches Touchdown

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  5. Report: Pats Trade TE Hoomanawanui to Saints

  6. Report: Patriots trade Michael Hoomanawanui to New Orleans for Akiem Hicks https://t.co/r4RbGCGAbw via @projo

  7. Fully updated blog -- Source: Saints trade Akiem Hicks for New England tight end Michael Hoomanawanui http://t.co/gKA8c8hsnG

  8. The Patriots have reportedly traded TE Michael Hoomanawanui to the Saints. http://t.co/SZuYZzimKU http://t.co/1aIv3sxZkq

  9. Source: #Patriots trade TE Michael Hoomanawanui to the #Saints

  10. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  11. It Is What It Is >> Pats reportedly trade Michael Hoomanawanui to Saints, cut Kenbrell Thompkins, 2 others http://t.co/ZZF5B8ysW7 via @WEEI

  12. Hoomanawanui may have had his best game of his career vs. Saints in 2013: four catches, 57 yards.

  13. Saints trade Akiem Hicks for Patriots TE Michael Hoomanawanui, reports say http://t.co/gwY9t2MxMv via @nolanews

  14. Saints trade Akiem Hicks to Patriots for Michael Hoomanawanui http://t.co/thmam5RPpi

  15. TRADE: #Saints get TE Michael Hoomanawanui, #Patriots get Akiem Hicks. Click for more: http://t.co/dd28hSF4wJ #NFL http://t.co/TT7SAA4lw2

  16. Saints trade Akiem Hicks for Patriots TE Michael Hoomanawanui, source confirms http://t.co/gwY9t2MxMv

  17. TRADE: #Saints acquire TE Michael Hoomanawanui from #Patriots for DE Akiem Hicks. More: http://t.co/dd28hSF4wJ #NFL http://t.co/myLO11hXYz

  18. The Patriots receive DE Akiem Hicks from the Saints in exchange for Michael Hoomanawanui. http://t.co/SZuYZzimKU http://t.co/E4mJAo1gNQ

  19. Both Hoomanawanui and Akiem Hicks will be unrestricted free agents after this season.

  20. As first reported by @BenVolin, the Patriots have traded TE Michael Hoomanawanui to the Saints today.

  21. Michael Hoomanawanui was dependable, durable player whose role was lessened after signing of Scott Chandler and trade for Michael Williams.

  22. News story on #Saints trading DE Akiem Hicks for #Patriots TE Michael Hoomanawanui http://t.co/LdG9hFT1FR

  23. #Saints trade DE Akiem Hicks to Patriots for TE Michael Hoomanawanui http://t.co/9vO0oFJ1kg http://t.co/QoE142vVQh

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  25. ICYMI: Saints trade Akiem Hicks for Patriots TE Michael Hoomanawanui, source says http://t.co/gwY9t2MxMv via @nolanews

  26. . @LarryHolder just called Hoomanawanui "the tight end." I laughed.

  27. Payton specifically mentioned goal line and short yardage when talking about the vision for Hoomanawanui

  28. Payton said Hoomanawanui will get in this morning, only possible flight left 30 minutes after the trade.

  29. Payton says Hoomanawanui is versatile. Felt rare for Saints to get this far into season without a third tight end.

  30. Payton says there's "a chance" Hoomanawanui will be ready for Sunday; if not, then Week 5. He took the first available flight.

  31. Payton on Hoomanawanui: “There’s a chance he’d be up this weekend, and if not, definitely up next weekend."

  32. More on Saints' perspective of Hoomanawanui/Hicks trade, with Sean Payton saying joint practices a factor. https://t.co/x5uYzb0v8f

  33. Plenty of Michael Hoomanawanui boosters in Patriots locker room. https://t.co/FRhMyVpp2j

  34. #Patriots officially announce the trade of TE Michael Hoomanawanui to the #Saints for DE Akiem Hicks. Bye-bye, 4TE offense.

  35. ‘Vision is very clear’ for new Saints tight end Michael Hoomanawanui https://t.co/OZ021kbIi1

  36. Saints trade DT Hicks to Patriots for TE Hoomanawanui http://t.co/7dYZ5oTmcZ

  37. Payton says it's probably too early to expect Michael Hoomanawanui to play on Sunday. Next week more realistic.

  38. Bill Belichick says Patriots weren't necessarily looking to trade TE Michael Hoomanawanui, but to get something, have to give something up.

  39. It Is What It Is >> Belichick closes the book on Michael Hoomanawanui: ‘We won a lot of games with him’ http://t.co/sPfWc4gX5A via @WEEI

  40. For the Saints: Morgan, Grayson, Wilson, Gwacham, Evans, Eulls, Hoomanawanui inactive.

  41. Bill Belichick closes the book on Michael Hoomanawanui: ‘We won a lot of games with him’+http://t.co/sPfWc4gX5A

  42. What you might have missed over the Patriots' bye weekend (Brady, Hicks, Hoomanawanui, Edelman, Martin etc.). http://t.co/CrbT7b0GS9

  43. New Saints TE Michael Hoomanawanui is working to get up to speed, hopes to play this week http://t.co/y3fCBqwVc7

  44. Austin Johnson being inactive suggests Michael Hoomanawanui will play fullback role, perhaps?

  45. Mike Hoomanawanui makes his #Saints debut as tight end on 1st series.