1. 15 Ks for #Mets, 3 by Cuddyer, who won't hit if Flores gets on.

  2. Cuddyer Has Surgery for Core Muscle Injury

  3. Michael Cuddyer: "The greatest retaliation is winning the game."

  4. Wilmer battles, walks with two outs. Kirk pinch hits for Cuddyer. #Mets 4, #Royals 4, top 13

  5. Cuddyer will not strike out for a fourth time tonight. Nieuwenhuis up after the walk to Flores.

  6. I suppose, considering Cueto's reverse splits, it speaks volumes that Conforto starts at DH over Cuddyer.

  7. Michael Cuddyer last night became the first player ever to pinch-hit in a World Series game and wind up striking out three times.

  8. "We are not going to give up. We are going to continue to battle." - @mcuddy23 says the team is excited to play here https://t.co/ahfUtpCceF

  9. "We are excited to see him pitch on this stage and we are confident in him." - @mcuddy23 on @Noahsyndergaard. #LGM https://t.co/0hDWsvaRaU

  10. Was at Citifield today as Collins, Noah, Cuddyer spoke then walked around Citi--wanted to see calm BEDFORE frenzy-Tom night will be awesome

  11. Michael Cuddyer Says Mets Are Ready For This Moment https://t.co/w4hA0CAZ77 #Mets

  12. One big plus for Juan Uribe: He is not Michael Cuddyer.

  13. "It definitely wakes everybody up." Cuddyer on Syndergaard's up and in first pitch.

  14. #Mets Conforto was 3-for-17 with one HR against lefties in regular season, platooning with Cuddyer some

  15. Likely so. You have Conforto, Grandy, Lagares & Cuddyer as returning OFers. Need 1 more via free agency likely. https://t.co/eEHxSrqTpB

  16. As much as we we cite contracts coming off books (Colon, Parnell, Gee, etc.), Cuddyer raise & arb raises for Harvey, Familia, Duda eat a lot

  17. I'd shop him for more contact in the lineup. Find a stop gap LH 1B to platoon with Cuddyer until Dom Smith https://t.co/MPxXElDwl4

  18. "We know what we have to do. The guys are loose and ready to go." - @mcuddy23 on the team. #LGM #WorldSeries https://t.co/plEeSUIZzK

  19. "Right now our focus is on winning tonight." - @mcuddy23 #LGM #WorldSeries https://t.co/uBbxHb1Afv

  20. "Hopefully," Michael Cuddyer says before World Series Game 5. "we can rewrite history." #Mets

  21. If you recall, Michael Cuddyer signed quickly with Mets last November because he had 1-year, $15.3M qualifying-offer deadline from Rockies.

  22. They already have a $12M platoon player in Cuddyer. Do you think they'll add a $7M bench player too? in Uribe https://t.co/kbNoqb9SK7

  23. They'll (likely) shed Colon and Murphy. $12.5M for Cuddyer is brutal. Harvey and Familia will get bumps. What is deGrom's status?

  24. Can't see that. Reyes is at least in the lineup. Cuddyer is not https://t.co/Kg5FYrG5Ji

  25. Even Michael Cuddyer, who took a "discount" to sign with the Mets, still got more money overall than with Rockies (2-$21M vs. 1-$15.3M).

  26. Mets have LH hitters Conforto, Granderson & righty hitters Cuddyer and Lagares. Fifth ideally is LH because he's sharing time with Lagares.

  27. Look at OFers Mets have signed in recent years: Cuddyer, Mayberry, Chris Young, Scott Hairston. ... None more than 2 years. That's their MO.

  28. Of course, if the Mets were willing to give up a draft pick to sign Michael Cuddyer, why wouldn’t they for Colby Rasmus, or anyone else?

  29. Speaking of Cuddyer, he made my list of the 10 worst free agent deals currently on the books https://t.co/wLGBfqojXT https://t.co/nvCflmELYt

  30. Because you have 2 lefties (Conforto & Grandy) and 2 righties (Lagares and Cuddyer) and Lagares needs the platoon. https://t.co/eLnnvMgPpZ

  31. Michael Cuddyer underwent surgery Thursday for a core muscle injury. The surgery was performed at the Vincera... https://t.co/pTYhQXYac4

  32. Michael Cuddyer underwent "core muscle" surgery Thursday according to the Mets. That is usually slang for sports hernia.

  33. More medical news for a #Mets team that said earlier this week it had no injuries. Cuddyer underwent surgery today for a core muscle injury.

  34. Cuddyer undergoes core muscle surgery https://t.co/0U1iGDzfa2

  35. Michael Cuddyer had surgery for a core muscle injury on Thursday. So, there's that. #Mets

  36. Terry Collins said there were no injury concerns headed into the off-season. But Lagares has seen a doc, Grandy+Cuddyer had surgery. #Mets

  37. Michael Cuddyer undergoes surgery for a core muscle injury https://t.co/UWDP7dmpKz https://t.co/mfEM2nvnqH

  38. Cuddyer undergoes surgery on core muscle https://t.co/fKnXe7PW47

  39. Michael Cuddyer undergoes surgery for core injury https://t.co/bxjjYLSUAX #NYM #Mets

  40. Now on https://t.co/U9EZbu3DuI: Surgery for Cuddyer, but not needed for Lagares https://t.co/9xsVyaAwDH #Mets