1. Michael Brockers: Rams 'knew' Seahawks would give Marshawn Lynch the ball at the end http://t.co/LekFGQX9z9

  2. Lamarcus Joyner was next with 61 snaps then Aaron Donald (60). CB Marcus Roberson (59), Quinn and Long (54 each) and Brockers (44).

  3. Michael Brockers on knowing Seattle's last play: "Who are they going to go to? They kind of know what happens you don't give Lynch the ball"

  4. Rams D-tackles were dominant against Seattle: Brockers led all tacklers w/13, Donald tied for 2nd w/11 (w/LB Alec Ogletree).

  5. This is per coaches' review of game film. D-tackle is not really a "stat" position making Brockers, Donald totals even more impressive.

  6. Monday Wrap-Up: Fisher Press Conference and Donald, Brockers Show Out RECAP: http://t.co/CE7VgkYjC5 http://t.co/SvoWtMBzE0

  7. Rams DT Michael Brockers joins PFT Live now. Sirius 213, XM 202.

  8. Rams DT Michael Brockers tells PFT Live that he knew based on the formation that a Marshawn Lynch run was coming on fourth and one.

  9. Rams DT Michael Brockers on the Seahawks: "We tried to take away the run and make them pass, and they played right into our hands."

  10. Rams DT Michael Brockers knew game-deciding play was going to be a run http://t.co/Zu5S4j0dMW

  11. Brockers: "We feel like this is our year." #YearOfTheRam Press Conference: http://t.co/Ep0XNNhoxY http://t.co/S1YRIA2jmn

  12. Michael Brockers lets it go so he doesn't get lost on Rams' D-line http://t.co/WY1OTdPg9C

  13. #Rams DT Michael Brockers lets it go so he doesn't get lost on Rams' dominant D-line... http://t.co/CVcnC81sGf

  14. Also from earlier: DT Michael Brockers lets it go so he doesn't get lost on Rams' D-line... http://t.co/CVcnC7JROH

  15. This is good stuff. Brockers plays the role of yeoman. https://t.co/DsX0FxWWzQ

  16. Brockers showed some ability to pursue/chase the backside of plays. Led to 13 tackles (coaches film). Huge.

  17. Aaron Donald's insane Week 1 overshadowed a brilliant performance from Michael Brockers.

  18. Brockers with a huge first down run stop. Changes this series.

  19. Gah. Tru almost had the pick. Great series. 1st down stop by Brockers was key.

  20. Another productive day for DT Michael Brockers with 9 tackles, including 1 tackle for loss and 1 QB hit.

  21. Michael Brockers has a league-leading 5 tackles on runs in which there were 5 yards or less to go and no 1st down was converted, per @pfref

  22. Good stop by Brockers on 3rd-and-goal from the 2 to force PIT into a field-goal try.

  23. Brockers' tackle of Bell for 1-yard loss on third-and-goal saves TD. Steelers settle for FG and 3-0 lead w/drive that chews up 7:32 of clock

  24. Rams had eight men on the blitz look, but Brockers jumped.

  25. Michael Brockers gets in for a sack on 3rd down, a 3-yard loss. Good play by the big D-tackle.

  26. Among the Rams getting some or most of today off: Laurinaitis, Kendricks, Brockers, Quinn, Gurley.

  27. Rams off practice field afte Tues bye week practice. Several players basically given day off including Laurinaitis, Gurley, Quinn, Brockers.

  28. There’s #ClampSeason. Nice PBU for Jenkins. And Brockers gets a QB hit there.

  29. Brockers is back on the field, by the way.

  30. DT Michael Brockers shaken up after a short run on 2nd down.

  31. Brockers shaken up for Rams

  32. Michael Brockers: "It hurts. Everyone is out here playing hard." Press Conference: https://t.co/yUQhaPXmYT https://t.co/vc3x4w483a

  33. Brockers gets a QB hit on Hill on 3rd-and-3, Vikings line up to punt.

  34. Rams knew SF would never pass in the situation. 3rd down Brockers absolutely destroys the center https://t.co/QbYf9pyMXd